Stretching and Flexbility work [ENG SUB] Гибкость /S Bondarenko/S Karelin (Weightlifting & CrossFit)

Stretching and Flexbility work [ENG SUB] Гибкость /S Bondarenko/S Karelin (Weightlifting & CrossFit)

Today we are going to do a stretching complex
which is easy to learn even for novice lifters and which suits weightlifter’s needs very
well, especially heavyweight ones. Set your legs wider please. Exercise one – I show you the direction
and you stretch there with both arms, pause in the maximum stretched position for 2-3
sec. 3 times to left leg, 3 times to right leg
and 3 times in the middle. Keep the leg straight and do not bend your
knee. Sergey shows very good stretching for 135
(300lbs) lifter. It can be also useful to have a spotter pushing
you slightly from behind. You shall control the pain point and indicate
when I should stop. – I used to reach the floor in this exercise
when I was training more. Now let us do 3 more rounds of the same. Now connect the legs together. – Looks like I cannot connect my thighs. Stretch forward and grasp your toes for like
5 reps. Now more complicated complex – bend one
leg and leave the other straight and stretch to the front leg with two arms. Now switch to another leg, grasp the knee
and try to reach the bent knee with your forehead. Let us do 3 rounds and then switch legs. The stretching is a very important part of
the work. I would recommend solid stretching (like 40
min) once a week and 10 min stretching each training day. Stretching is very good in enhancing your
recovery and shall not be neglected. Now connect your soles together and try to
reach the floor with both knees. I used to be in funny situation when I was
stretching in taekwondo gym. The guy of 90 kg (200 lbs) asked me to sit
like that and jumped on my knees with his feet. They like “cold” stretching, without any
preparation. I could not even say a word before he jumped. Then he asked me to put my leg on his shoulder,
he stood up and started to swing my leg like that. I am glad that I did not hurt anything there,
that showed me that my stretching was very good. Ok, let us continue. Look how well-stretched is Sergey for his
weight, given his strong legs (300kg 5RM squats). Now try to reach your feet with your forehead. Feel the stretching in upper back and neck. Relax now. Take a habit to get absolutely relaxed after
every exercise. Now take one leg with both hands and try to
put the feet behind your head – you won’t do it but try as much as you can. Our goal is to put both feet there in month
and to walk with your arms strictly to the shower (kidding). – After 200kg snatch? Of course, that does not count without it. Do you get tired from this position? – No, I am alright. Let us switch to shoulders. Raise your hands, head up. Now try to drag athletes arm to you so that
he stretches his shoulders. No lower one arm, elbow up and wrist down,
and now help athlete to set the wrist elbow. Then repeat with another arm. Do not forget to relax after each new exercise. Now lay down on your back. The complex is just example, there could be
other exercises, but they should follow the similar order. Now bend your knees, arms along the body,
shoulder blades on floor. Then arch your back as strong as you can and
raise your pelvis, keep the tension for few second and then relax. Repeat it few times
These exercises are good for your progress – better flexibility gets
you better form, and stretching helps recovery. – Watch our video on recovery – it is mentioned
there that stretching is one of the most effective ways of recovery among the ones not involving
medicine. As the sport is all about two pillars – stress
and recovery, this fact is very important. Make another rep and it is enough. Now we will do the exercise called “candle”
in Russia, leave your upper back and shoulder blades on floor and try to set your legs vertical. Supporting your pelvis with arms. – Looks hard, my hips are really heavy. This is specific to heavyweight lifters, as
holding big muscle mass is not easy. Try to recover from this position slowly. – My butt is really heavy (laughing). Sure, as for the thing between waist and heels,
Mr. Bondarenko has everything alright. One more time and enough. Do not forget about individual approach – if
one exercise goes not that well, change it or skip, stretching shall not be something
that you do close to failure. Now we are trying the “bridge” stand on
your palms and feet, stand still for 5 second and then relax. How about we get 16 kg (35 lbs) kettlebell
on your belly? Ok, now relax a little and we are going to
proceed with the final part of the stretching. Set your palms close to your ears, not on
your head or neck! Now pin your shoulder blades together, look
forward and try to raise your legs. Let us do few reps of this, relaxing after
every rep for a moment. One more time. Good job. Do not forget to relax after every repetition. Now try to reach your socks with your hands
and arch your back. Now try to swing a
little bit. I see it goes hard, let us just try to arch,
without swings. Can you hear his breath? Definitely stretching is not easy! Let us repeat it for 3 seconds and then relax. Final set, let’s go. Now set the arms in the same position, arch
3 times, without pause and then spread all your limbs as starfish and freeze for 5 seconds. We will do 3 sets of those. This exercise is very good for back muscles,
it forces good blood circulation which is good for back health. Do not rush to stand up however. Do everything cautiously and slowly after
the stretching. The exercise is finished for today. There are many others stretching exercise,
and we hope we show them to you one day. – Do not forget to subscribe and if you like
this video we are going to do more issues on stretching.

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