Hi it’s Tracy welcome back to my channel
and today I just wanted to have a heart-to-heart with you because there is
a problem that I see with women all over the world
and all ages all sizes and it is a problem that absolutely can be solved so
I want to help you today so if you’re new to my channel hello I’m Tracy and I
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notify you every single time I have a brand new video so here’s the problem
that I see and that is with women giving up on themselves you know how many times
have you started an exercise program or started a nutrition program wanting to
lose weight wanting to get in shape wanting to get fit wanting to feel
confident all of those things and then you stop right and I’m raising my hand
because that absolutely was me too now you might be looking at me being like
how the hell can this little blonde girl know anything about me and my life of my
body and I totally understand that but I want you to just hear where I’m coming
from I started out my career as a dancer and so I had to always wear a black
leotard and pink tights and that was it for many many years in my life so I
decided that I was fat because I wasn’t as thin as the other dancers I wasn’t
willing to do what some of the things that the other dancers were willing to
do to be really teeny-tiny you know I was in the ballet world and you have to
be it’s part of your job requirement super super thin so yes I had a weight
problem because I had a really terrible sense of my self worth of my self esteem
and my body image and that’s why it’s my mission today you know to really help
women to help them break free from those chains of having terrible body image of
constantly dieting I’m doing crazy things like I used to do you know crazy
diets crazy plans appetite suppressants all of those things in order for me to
be skinny because that’s what I thought would make me happy so it’s really my
mission to help women just like you to really break free from that and so I get
the opportunity to talk to women from all over the world and here’s the common
theme that I see it’s that while I’ve tried X before I’ve tried this or I’ve
tried everything before and it hasn’t worked so then they create a story that
it’s not the plan that didn’t work it’s that they didn’t work and that’s what’s
really sad because then what happens you attach to this story because you believe
it as being true you believe that it’s not possible for you to lose weight you
believe that the only way for you to lose weight is to be on a restrictive
diet that’s what I used to believe too know you believe that you can you know
no amount of working out is gonna make any difference in your life and so then
what do you do you just give up on yourself so I you know I really hope
that I can make a difference for you today
do not give up on yourself I like to think of it as like dating right
he’s always mr. wrong until he’s mr. right, right? But you know I hope some of
you might but I really hope that you don’t create the story that it’s you you
are the problem you know you want to give yourself it’s
the same principles in love and business and relationships and your health and
your wellness it’s about really sticking true to yourself giving yourself love
giving yourself positive messages and really staying on path so do not give up
on yourself do not you know think that oh nothing is going to work because then
you’re starting in the game right or in the relationship in this relationship
with your body that you’re starting having a belief that it’s not going to
work and so that’s going to keep you stuck
whether you know whether you’re aware of it or not if your subconscious belief is
this isn’t gonna work for me then guess what your body absorbs that message and
then guess what it’s not going to work for you I see this all the time with my
clients you know clients that come and they start working with me with a really
negative body image and they’re constantly speaking these messages to
themselves right and that that’s what I used to do I used to always tell myself
I’m fat I’m fat I’m fat so I was several sizes larger you know my waist and the
clothes that I wear in my 20s are significantly larger than what I wear
now but even more important than that I freaking hated myself I really didn’t
like my body and I felt like a fraud because I would have this kind of happy
face but on the inside I did not like what I saw in the mirror I didn’t like
how I felt and so that was my belief and that’s what I was constantly reinforcing
and it wasn’t until I was willing to take a deeper look and
to really say hey what kind of life do you want to live what kind of woman do
you want to be what kind of example do you want to be to other women in the
world and when I started doing that deep work guess what my body then changed and
that’s why I’m so passionate about helping women so being really mindful of
you know are you giving up before you even start and are you having the
messages that you’re telling yourself really making it so much harder for you
to get results look no one’s gonna change their body overnight period end
of story and if anyone is telling you like you know in just two days you can
like like whatever they’re gonna tell you I get it I understand that there’s a
lot of crap out there but here’s what I know works sending yourself positive
messages on a daily basis surrounding yourself with other people that are
going to lift you up getting the support that you know that you need right
whether that comes from you know a nutritionist of coach you know a friend
that’s gone through it whatever right and and sticking with your plan
consistency those are the things that really work so if you’re looking for a
magic pill that’s your magic pill you know please don’t don’t give up on
yourself and it just breaks my heart when I hear women do that to themselves
so I just wanted to speak with you to connect with you today I hope that this
helps you if it does please do me a favor and just leave me a comment down
below you know I never want my videos my content of anywhere whether it’s here on
Facebook or in any of my programs to be pep talks I want it to be implementable
for you to start using to start being in that inquiry and then also start going
into the action so I’d love to hear from you what is the action step that you’re
going to take or what was your biggest takeaway what I mean by takeaways like
what was your biggest AHA in this conversation so really look forward to
hearing from you I’ll see you next time okay bye

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  1. Thank you Tracy for such a motivating talk. This is just what I needed today because I was overweight and in 4yrs I lost about 23kilos and still thriving to lose more as I have a bad lower back problem for which I underwent surgery last year in Dec. You really helped me wanna push harder because only this morning I thought of giving it all up and start binge eating because of frustration. Thank you so much.

  2. So true my issue is not that i give up totally, but staying consistently to ANY program😟! I run well then let life get in the way or get lazy. I wish i could just Love working out but i don't and that's where i fall off. I have enjoyed aqua aerobic and that because it less strenuous on my body. Since I do suffer with arthritis in the hip. But I love your exercises because they're short and effective I just need to stay consistent. Thank you for your sincerity and honesty and helping us women breakthrough this barrier.

  3. Any youtubers want to support one another? I'm new to YouTube and recently started my channel. I would love to see it grow and help others grow theirs! Please comment and subscribe so I know you subscribed and I willvreturn the favor☺️☺️

  4. YOU are SOOOO encouraging Tracy! I don't know how i would ever stay on track without your genuine encouragement and honesty. You have been such a large support for me during my health and weight loss journey. You are absolutely my body goals and teach me to love the skin im in. You are beautiful inside and out and your workouts really make me feel the burn, especially your amazing arm workouts!

  5. I'm so glad you care about all of us. I love the bat wing exercise 1, &2 but I noticed that I can really feel them in my neck and I think it's because I'm in a wheelchair, Is there away to modify them so I don't feel it so much in my neck. Also was wondering if you could do a whole segment on total body work out for people like me in wheelchairs or sitting exercising. You see in odor for me to walk again I need to loss weight so I can have surgery.I have the use of my legs but I can not stand for even a short time. I can walk around but to quick locations, like the next room or the bathroom so most of my time is spent in the chair. Thanks hope you can help. Dawn

  6. So glad to see a fitness/wellness coach who is able to relate to EVERY woman no matter the size, race, nationality, etc. Love your channel – you realistically speak to your followers and clients – no BS, no pipe dreams, just REAL talk. It is that honesty that is missed in the fitness world. It shows that you really care. Thanks for the heart to heart and sharing your story too!

  7. .I've never done anything right with my body OR my diet, I either abused food or avoided it! in my 40's I'm more balanced and I'm learning so much about my health + looking and feeling better than I ever have..
    Thank you for the encouragement Tracy!

  8. Tracy, your video was truly an eye opener for me. I did not realize just how much I had given up on myself. After listening to you, I realized this just what I do. After going to weight loss clinics and doctors just keep telling me that I'm doing the right things, like eating and exercising, that they think it is my hormones. So now I'm on a hormone compound and they tell me it could be up to a year before I see any changes. UGHHHH. It's so hard not to be down and out and want to give up. But your message has given me just the encouragement that I needed to not give up. Thank you for all the hard work that you do to help others.

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