The Great Debate: Cardio Vs. Weight Training For Fat Loss - What To Do?

The Great Debate: Cardio Vs. Weight Training For Fat Loss – What To Do?

what's up what's up what's up what's up everybody hey guys welcome to today's broadcast I am so happy to have you here with me for today's live class I got to tell you I I really love doing these I love doing these I've gotten so much great feedback from you guys as far as you feeling like you're learning something and that I'm really like enriching your Fitness life and your life outside of the gym and really that's what it's all about for me and so I want to welcome you to today's live coaching class the debate the great debate should you be doing cardio or should you be doing weight training when it comes to fat loss and which one is more important and will get you the best results possible for those of you that are joining me for the very first time I want to welcome you here to my channel my name is Roxy buckles and I'm a fitness professional that has been in this game for over 21 years a long time been training since 97 and what I get to do now is I think to help women from around the globe to really just take control of their lives take control the health take control their body take control their Fitness take control their mindset and to really elevate to elevate themselves through the vehicle of fitness and if this is your first time here make sure that you subscribe to my channel right now and guys even if you are subscribed make sure that you click the bell notifications because YouTube will not show you any videos unless you want to be notified so get all my notifications for my lives for my pre-recorded videos and everything so I'm super excited and I kind of just want to jump right in but before I do I want to know that I have folks so go ahead I can see my comments types say hello or something like that I want folks to definitely getting in the room say hello to me and if you have questions please type them into the comments because I will see them and at the end I will address all of the questions that you have so you know if anything comes up then let Roxanne know because you know I'm here to inspire you link so let's jump into the presentation all right so here we go guys we're talking about the debate cardio versus weight for fat loss now if today's agenda I want to give you some pointers about the most about the best ways to approach your training so that you can just get the most out of your fat loss efforts in the gym I want to clarify for you what what's the most crucial part of training let me do that again cuz I don't even know what the hell I wrote to see right here I want to clarify what the most crucial part of training is that will get you the best hands-down results whether you know you should be doing and what you should be doing and how and to give you some tips and tools that you can apply right away to your programming now listen here you know I got to pay the bills honey alright and I got to reach my audience and change lives so I got a couple of free offers for you guys to check out all right if you're 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steps and I have programs for every budget now ladies so come on and talk to me because you know you you might actually find something that you can both afford and something will really help you so rostered / clarity call i'll put all the links in the eye circle at the end of this video when it's in the replay and in the description and in the comments too so now watch how before we jump in I've got to tell you guys what's been going on with me so for those of you that are not watching my vlog my blog post because I do have log videos where I just talked to the camera and tell y'all what Roxy has been doing okay and you you kind of get a little bit of a personal connection with me I've always been the type of person where I love to show my life I love to show what I'm doing because I lead by example I walk the walk I talked to talk and so right now oh my god guys I am like okay I'm fitness that I'll just put that out there I know some of you were looking at these pictures and you're like oh my god she looks so great I want to look like that that's great let's get you here honey okay but I know myself I have been eating like I don't care that I have a good I have been drinking wine as though Jesus has turned every body of water on the planet to Merlot okay we gots to clean that up honey and I haven't been doing my cardio either so imagine this guys this is what I'm trying to get y'all to to be able to have a body where you can have a relaxed life and actually still look like this okay honey I'm turning I'm turning 40 this year next month okay okay honey and I'm at the age where I can look perpetually 30 to 35 for the rest of my life you know black don't crack but you got to take care of it now so I'm taking you guys on that journey of how I'm doing this how I'm cleaning it up Harden is redoing everything come by my Instagram okay you can find yet I am Roxie Beckles and that's Roxxxy with an IE not with a why thank you very much I am Roxie buckles follow me there cuz I'll be posting and doing all kinds of stuff on my stories and on my feet but best way best way to keep on track with how I'm doing and all of this stuff it's the come on over to my email list Rockstar Fitness comm / email list Rockstar / email list and you'll be able to follow through with my personal progress journaling my thoughts you know my diet my workouts I'm gonna be posting all that for you guys to stay inspired on your own journey alright now that we've gotten that out of the way honey it's time to go ahead and jump right into this so the great debates the great debate cardio versus weight for fat loss ladies take your pen out because y'all gonna want to make some notes here okay and before I begin let me go ahead and see that we're all good in the comments and all that other stuff I want to just make sure that we are all on the same page here are we good alright type in the comments guys that you're here I love to see who's joining me let me know your names because I see so many of you with your you know your comments and stuff like that I love to put like you know who's on live and all that other so connect let me I don't bite I don't bite everybody I just bite the guy I'm dating but that's a whole other thing but anyway hi the great debate cordova vs weight for fat loss so first thing i'm gonna say you guys before we get into this conversation number one point blank you can't ever you cannot ever in your life never ever ever out train your diet that's just it right there okay before we begin you can never out train your diet write that down so a caloric deficit is needed quite blank the end end of story guys its physiology it is science that is the way it works you can do all the cardio you want you do all the weight training but your diet isn't where it needs to be honey kiss it all goodbye for some of you now let me talk about this that might mean that you might have to have a big deficit if your metabolism is slower alright so when you're talking about you know calories and stuff like that for some of you if you're if you're already trying to lose fat and you're not seeing your body respond you're not seeing your measurements and stuff like that lower your calories a bit more so if you're eating 1500 calories a day try 14 1300 if you're eating already you know 1400 Trott try 13 to 1,200 1,100 now here's the thing I don't like people like really starving themselves so if you're eating if you have to eat less than 1,100 calories and you're not like 3 foot 2 inches tall then you really need to look at the totality of your programming and what's going on a lot of times you think that you're eating a certain amount of calories and the truth of the matter is is that you are actually snacking on stuff you're adding stuff to your diet so your calories are actually higher than you think they actually are okay for some of you I've talked about having to just take a diet break because your metabolism is just so tanked that you need to fill up again you know and to really get your body back into some homeostasis so that way you can start to lose weight again so what what roadway you need to take right now I really can't tell you that because we are not working together and I haven't talked to you and you're just listening to this video here but those are some things to consider because at the end of the day you have to be in a caloric deficit I was in a really great conversation with a friend of mine who's a top level pro bodybuilder some of you who are in the bodybuilding world wouldn't know who she is but I'm gonna keep her anonymous but she said something really profound today she's like you know you have to embrace the suck in this process you have to embrace the suck and the suck is the fact that you are going to be hungry the suck is is that you're gonna have to get up and do your do your cardio if you have to the suck is is that you're gonna have to get up and wait train and do it when you don't feel like it the suck is is that you're gonna have to stop the mindless snacking and actually stick to a diet or at least track your macros to make sure you are maintaining the deficit that you need to maintain to see the fat loss you want to see so guys I know there's a lot of folks out there on Instagram on Facebook on YouTube on Twitter whatever the heck you follow that say that you don't have to starve for yourself you don't have to be hungry you can just lose weight and feel amazing that is true to an extent but you're kind of be hungry and they're gonna be times we're gonna be tired too because that's just what the body is so you have to be willing to embrace the suck and do what the heck you have to do to see the results that you want to see now getting back to the fact that I said that you're you cannot train your diet no matter how hard you train our car to yourself to death nothing is going to change without the diet without the diet nothing works okay nothing you know as far as fat loss will work and it goes back to seeing I am right and looking at my notes right now what I really put a big asterisk is is that make sure that you are adamant about the tracking and here's the thing before I get into the rest of the conversation about cardio and training specifically what I want to see to you in this process is this people have the wrong idea mindset around fat loss you know this is that law should be a temporary a temporary period a temporary cycle because eventually you're going to want to get off of that fat loss cycle and maintain the changes that you want to that you've achieved right I mean that's that's the goal that's the idea so you want to see the dieting face the fat loss phase the weight loss phase as the discipline in action and establishing new habits that will help you to maintain the changes that you make in look that you you know make and to keep them in the long run because whatever it is that you do to have that you had that you do to lose the weight it's what you have to do to maintain it so that's why going to extremes and stuff like that is not good you know at least when you reach your goal weight you can redo your your calories and figure out how much you need to specifically maintain that exact weight once you're done but the discipline it takes a get there the getting on a meal plan the changing your eating habits the drinking your water but going to the gym the stop complaining about the stuff that you know you need to change that discipline has to be in action ladies and your fat loss fees look at it as with just that I am establishing my foundation that it will help me to maintain the body that I have forever if you do that ladies you'll never rebound you'll never you'll never like see the weight starting to creep back up again that's the trick I've been blessed absolutely blessed to work with hundreds and hundreds upon hundreds of women from around the globe I mean guys I've been at this for so long I stopped counting how many clients I've helped throughout the years but the one thing I do know is that I can go on any of my my former clients pages on Instagram on Facebook or wherever and I can see that they've maintained the changes that we've made and that they've gotten better you know some of them may have me you know especially like with competitors some of them may have moved on to other coaches and stuff and and they've been able to take the foundation that we had and you know throw it up to the next level I you know I have no problem with that you know sometimes people need something different anyone do something new totally cool my clients who are non competitors they see them maintaining those changes in ladies it's because of the discipline so have that as a part of what you do don't forget to type your questions into the box and comments please and I will go ahead and get back to you during the chat sorry and if you're watching the replay it'll be in the comments where I'll see your questions right now subscribe to this video guys like this video right now like it like it like it like it like it because the more you like it the more YouTube will show it to people you know you don't have to buy anything from me right now in order to help the cause you know and then by you liking you know by you subscribing you know keep notifications that tells you but YouTube that this is useful content that other people need to see and that's a huge contributor to my business and my brand in my voice and what I want to share with you guys so go ahead and do that for me right now if you haven't already so let's get into the next thing all right so now that I talked about diet let's go ahead and ask the question about weight training and what's better okay the first thing I'm going to talk about let's let's try to learn it on cardio for a second okay now here's the thing you can lose weight without cardio I'm gonna say that again because some of y'all y'all didn't hear me you can lose weight without cardio but guess what is the driving factor your diet G's your diet okay so your diet is the driving factor there so you don't necessarily need cardio you know to lose weight is it one way to do it yes it doesn't have its role yes it does okay so cardio is not though the magic pill that so many of you think that it is it is simply not okay what it is is it's the icing on the cake it's a tool in the toolbox now the truth is that most of you many of you do need to do some cardio in order to see quicker results okay so I'm not saying that cardio is totally not needed at Tardeo is useless I'm just saying that it's not a necessary part of fat loss like your diet is the fat loss okay and your weight training actually plays a greater role at the end of the day so some of you though who have slower metabolisms or different you know your body just needs something different y'all need to do your cardio so we're going to talk about how to do it smarter though because what I see with a lot of women is that they become these cardio bunnies you know it's like okay I want to lose weight let me get on the cardio for like two hours what the hell are you doing for two hours every single day if you have to do cardio every day for two hours or you know whatever honey you need to step up ninety minutes too much unless you're in conscious breath too much an hour you know maybe an hour's good it's okay you know and and I should say even ninety minutes can be good if you are like someone like me who takes dance classes like I just had a jazz class today jazz a jazz like dance class today and honey I was sweating oh Lord I haven't taken classes this is why I don't have a camera on right now y'all do not want to see my hair right now my face is cute my lipstick is always poppin but my hair just sweated her out but that was a 90-minute class and dance classes tend to run that long you know any mean if you're in a spin class main classes are forty-five to sixty minutes that's fine if you want to go out and run and do an hour of cardio or whatever because you like it because it feels good that's fine but is it necessary for those of you who don't like to do cardio and you're trying to add at least a little bit of it to do what you have to do 20-30 minutes 35 minutes fine you can still do what you have to do if you stay on your diet so overdoing cardio is just as bad as doing any at all if you need it alright so keep that keep that keep that keep that now the thing about cardio where a lot of you are going wrong though is that you are overdoing it okay as far as not only the duration but you're not even like you're not like challenging yourself okay type in the comments right now or in the chat like if you use a heart rate monitor I want to see I want to see who you are if you honestly use a heart rate monitor say me me me me me type it up in there me me me me I use a heart rate monitor okay because you thing about cardio that I want you guys to focus on is not the duration of it I want you to focus on the intensity I want you to focus on pushing yourself my clients are all instructed to buy and use heart rate monitors in their training and then I'll tell them all right you're gonna do you're gonna show up at 30 minutes 35 minutes steady-state cardio any machine of choice keeping your heart rate above 80 percent you have the tangible numbers there you know what I mean and if you're pushing the intensity that's what's gonna really do a better job than doing hours upon hours of cardio so I want you to shift your mindset so that way you are focusing on first establishing that base for conditioning heart rate you know and and heart and lung conditioning think of your cardio just in the way that you would think of your weight training like your weights you look at as building muscle right building tissue getting stronger but you only look at cardio as a means of burn fat honey your heart your lungs are two of the most important muscles in your body if they do not work effectively then guess what you ain't gonna see any results in your training and guess what you might even you know have all kinds of pulmonary and you know heart disease and all that other stuff down the line so look at your cardio not just as the basis to burn calories but how can you make your heart and lungs stronger you wear a heartrate monitor and you push yourself alright now the thing about things that one of the things I want to say a out training in general is that you hear a lot of people say you know I want to do efficient workouts I want my bushes to be the last thing you want is your body to be efficient you want the most inefficient body you want that money to be like an SUV like a sports car that just Rotom it just like it devours everything it like it all the food you give it it just burns it through it and then it goes into your fat stores and just burns through that to inefficient body wearing a heart rate monitor pushing the intensity makes an inefficient body now here's some other things that I want you to do step by step so here's where I want you to take out your pen and I want you to start writing this down these are the actionable tools for your cardio by the way if you hear any noises in the background it's like I don't know my neighbors are doing something and its really annoying who me you feel I might give me two seconds let me just close this window you guys okay I hear this noise scraping it's driving me freakin nuts okay so making the body and efficient and how to structure a car do so little asterisk and you know it's how to structure my cardio so we want to start off with steady-state cardio which is supplying okay and I want you to go ahead and wear your heart rate monitor and when you're first starting off with this stuff I would say to push for weeks all right just four weeks lead to very paralyzed approach to training with my clients four weeks I want you to focus on doing 30 to 35 minutes of cardio now you can do this before or after all right weights or at a separate time whatever it is the most effective way for you to actually get it done all right I'm the type of person like I sometimes have to do my cardio first because if I wait till after my weights honey I'm I'm ready to go or I actually love doing my cardio in separate sessions from my weights completely okay so I want you to take four weeks and I want you to push yourself keeping that heart rate between 80 to 85 percent no I can bet some of you are not doing that right now and when you try that your heart is gonna jump the heck out of your chest and it's gonna feel hard it's gonna feel a lot harder than you trying to do 45 50 60 65 92 hours on a machine alright because if you can do that long you're not pushing your heartrate that hard intensity in efficiency is what we're looking for now after you do that after you've established your base and you've done that for weeks what I want you to do is start moving into higher intensity training so you're going to start adding intervals and you're gonna start adding hit now there is a little bit of a difference I think I might have done a video on this I'm not sure I think I do have an article on my website after the broadcast is done I'll put all pertinent links in the description so you can check that out at that time but intervals okay regular intervals would be like one minute on one minute off okay and it all has to do with energy systems in the body science science science I'm not gonna talk about right now it's so much to talk about I'll do that on another video okay one minute on women it off really simple or you can go on like the hill program on the elliptical or treadmill or step mills one of my favorites and do like you know some kind of regular interval like that hit training ideally if you're really doing hit you can't really do it for more than 20 minutes because it taxes the system that much and I want you to go balls to the wall with intensity for 20 minutes doing on the treadmill or if you can't run do it on the bike or the road machine 20 seconds 20 seconds full-out intensity speed sprint okay like boom alright and it feels like you're gonna die okay that's how it should feel like you're gonna die this skill in nine field ten she'd feel like a mine at ten and then you're gonna back off for about ten seconds and then you're gonna keep doing that back and forth 20 balls-to-the-wall ten recover do that for the 20 minute duration honey not only you can feel like you're about to die but your body is going to be more inefficient and it's gonna run through those calories that you've eat and it's gonna run through your fat stores and the beautiful thing about focusing on in on intensity in this way is that you get that quote unquote after burn now there's some there's some science out there that says that the after burn you know the the epoch the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption if you want to get really Turney Oh okay they say that it's not as big as the fitness industry makes it which is fine but the point of the matter is is that any little bit of help that we can get you want to use you want to use it because apparently what happens with this you know after burns just call it that for simplicity sake is that for about 24 to 36 hours after your workout your metabolism is further elevated and it has a cumulative effect as well so it builds you know so you want to do that now in setup don't do hit everyday unless you want to really tax out your central nervous system and really like tie yourself out and over train three times a week of that 20 minutes of hit and let's say the other two to three days a week you do that high-intensity steady state or intervals your body is gonna start responding when it comes to cardio and that's the way that I want you guys to start focusing on that end of the work okay so go ahead type your questions in about cardio and all that stuff guys if you you know do hit you do any of this stuff go ahead and share it let me know sit in the chat and I'll see it ask your questions and at the end I see I got some questions in here I'll go ahead and tackle them at the end so now list it the focus on to your weight training okay so weight training is definitely a part a crucial part of the fat loss process now here's the thing that I want you to keep in mind write this down whatever builds muscle in the face of fat loss whatever builds muscle in the face of fat loss keeps it so how you train when you're not focusing on that loss let's say when you're focusing on building the body or just even maintaining that intensity you have to keep it in order to keep muscle on alright so you train heavy train happy to keep muscle don't just think about oh I want to lose weight so I'm gonna train super light no keep training heavy now here's the thing even though you're training heavy I want having to be a relative term so that means that you're going to be training over various rep ranges and that's really pretty essential in the process so in that respect you can still go high repetition you can still do fifth 20 25 30 reps some of my clients complain about doing hon 100 reps for 4 sets in their in their walking lunges do you guys I don't know what you're complaining about I'm just being sure I laugh at that where they tell me that but anyway I'm just demonstrating that you can do high repetition training and still see results but it's about heavy being a relative term so having at 8 repetitions is not the same as heavy at 15 when you get to the end of that rep guys whatever number you said on your program you've got to feel like boom I'm burnt out man I'm tired man I worked it you know so you want to get to that point of control failure so train over various rep ranges you know and and see how your body does with that focus every single workout on raising the bar in the gym by continuous continuously challenging yourself to set new PRS you know from week to week if you can't set new personal records that's fine some day some weeks you'll be able to knock it out of the park some weeks you won't be able to and that's fine as long as you're always looking to steady progress that is the most important part when it does come to your weight training in the gym now the ways that I want you to shift focus to being completely in efficient when it comes to your weight training is this now some of so many of you need to mix it up a bit in your training and not always do the same kind of work out all the time straight sets three by 15 you know 4 by 10 you know 8 rep 8 repetitions 4 or 4 sets y'all need to step outside of the box and really push yourself in a way for your body to want to adapt you guys you know what here's the here's a secret behind training your body is designed to adapt to the stimuli you give it honey that's what it wants to do so if you are always thinking about raising the bar in the weight room raising the bar in your cardio what do you think is gonna happen to your body your body is gonna be like man this this garlic crazy I need to keep up I need to put on warm muscle I need to lose this weight I need to lose this fat I need to do what I have to do to keep up with this intensity that she's throwing at me that's why I keep on emphasizing this now how do you produce that in the weight room okay not only am i telling you to change your rep ranges but look at including metabolic conditioning circuits which is basically that's like the hit of weight training ok metabolic conditioning circuits are fantastic utilize techniques such as pyramids drop sets ladders and stuff like that things that are gonna make you step outside of the box so you got super sets you know we got giant sets things are gonna make you like really push in a way that makes your body have to meet that challenge meet that expectation minimize your rest periods in the gym so that way we're not sitting there for hours and hours trying to workout guys look I tell my clients get in and out of dang gym within an hour maybe sometimes if you do your cardio and your weights 90 minutes tops you know everything all together get in get out even with myself I showed you guys my my progress photos my starting photos from today I mean I get in and out of that gym in an hour I'm done okay I look at the time and I have to get out by this time I got to get it all done get it in so when you bring that kind of discipline you guys that's what really has a huge impact on changing the body now the last thing that I want to say with both of these things whether it's cardio or weight training is that the most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that recovery is crucial for fat loss recovery is crucial for weight for you know putting muscle on it's crucial for increasing strength but it's also crucial for fat loss so don't overtrain guys I know you want to get to that goal but you gotta take care of yourself it's about balance that's what we talked about on my channel and on my you know my blog everywhere it's about balance okay ballads and making this fit into your lifestyle and making the process enjoyable even as you embrace the suck as we got earlier but like I just like I hear about women training seven days like honey how are you doing that forever you know five to six days a week in the gym is great you guys 5 to 6 days great but make sure that you add that extra day of rest in there if you have less time to train in the gym let's say you some of you can only get to the gym 3 to 4 days a week I got a client who gets in there like 2 to 3 days you know because our schedule is that crazy but we're still seeing some progress you know because the diet is coming together and she's still training into what she has to do and that's fine as long as you stick to your diet which is going to drive your fat loss okay ladies when you rest when you recover you allow your body to rebuild tissue which is important rebuilding muscle tissue replenishing you know carbohydrate stores and a bunch of other things that you don't even think about because there's such there in the hormonal level there on the central nervous system level okay but when you're freaking adrenals are burning out and your thyroid is screaming at you because you're training seven days a week honey you're gonna be forced to rest so you want to prevent that before it actually happens okay so to answer your questions and to wrap things up both cardio and weights do play an equally crucial role in this process but at the end of the day it's going to be your diet that is the driving factor to change so I really hope that today's class has hit that you know nail on the head for you in and has really just giving you that extra little bit to think about as you go into your gym and you do your workouts now I'm gonna go ahead and shift gears over here and take a look at the comments I did see like a couple of questions I need a Mac first of all we had Chelsea says hi hi Chelsea I need a yg amber six-figure days thank you so much you guys for joining in and saying hello I got a question in here I got a comment from Anita that said I'm hungry and tired yeah you know embrace this suck Anita I don't know where you are when it comes to your program but you know embrace the suck because you're gonna be hungry and tired in the process but if you are exhausted and famished then you need to look what you're doing right now and see if you can do things a little bit better okay you guys the only absolute in this game is that there are no absolutes so you're gonna have to change and tweak things as your body responds okay yg says I dislike cardio I know listen I don't really like cardio either yg but like what I when I need to get myself in the best shape that I want to get to and if I want to expedite the process and I just suck it up and I just do it but I find ways to do it that are enjoyable to me like sometimes I can just mind-numbingly sit on a machine and just do my cardio in the gym but sometimes I really need stimulation I have to get out and go for a run I've got to go out and climb stairs we have with Culver City stairs we have a Santa Monica stairs over here in LA I'll go out and I'll do that sometimes for me a lot of times that's even taking a dance class or two I like jaws I like ballet so you know getting in sometimes I'll take spin so however you can get it in to be enjoyable for you is what you need to do remember there are no absolutes in this game and you want to do things that are going to encourage you to keep doing it so you can reach your goals let's see we have embraces that you like the video thank you so much guys if you're just joining me now make sure you like this video like it like it like it so you to youtube shares it and subscribe if you aren't already um so why do you ask what's the best heart rate monitor you know I don't endorse brands yg there are so many on the market right now I would say to just go ahead and do your research some of my clients do use a Fitbit they use the Fitbit they use the Apple watch and other things I've in the past have been really behind polar I love pull our heart rate monitors for myself personally and the reason why I like it is because it the chest drop can pick up on like almost any machine in the gym and it's really really easy to use and now they have the ones that have bluetooth so if you have some apps and stuff like that that connect to heartrate you can actually do that so it's great I have I forgot the model that I have but you know I like polar as a brand but guys I'm not endorsing them they didn't pay me for that or anything like okay amber asked I love training heavy but I've gotten lazy with cardio yeah so amber if your goal is to lose some fat if you want to get leaner if that is something that you want to do then add it in you don't have to go balls to the wall out the gate you can start off super duper easy you can start off doing just let's say like I don't know 20 minutes to start off and then ease your way up that's kind of what I'm doing now with myself you know I showed you guys my pictures earlier my starting point those were literally from today I am doing about 20 minute run like a 20 minute run outside my you know my neighborhood and I'm not even going that fast guys like I'm going so slow I am like at 18 minute mile pace it's so slow but I don't care honey I'm getting much I'm getting my jog on I have not run in a long time and then like I'll just go to the gym later on do my weight training and then I'll take dance classes so that's the way that I get it in so you just do it the way that you like start off small when I get better at the 20 minutes the first thing I'm gonna do before adding more duration is to try to cut down my running time so instead of doing 18 minute mile to get back to them down to a 15 minute mile they know 12 minutes hen I used to run pretty fast but I just haven't run distance in a while but you see how like I'm talking about increasing intensity not not necessarily duration after I've increased the intensity and I feel like my times are getting faster then I'll look at the as my arms are getting faster I'll probably try to run the same amount of time like 20 minutes how much can I get in that how far of a distance can I go then from there I can say alright you know what I'm gonna bump up my workouts now to 30 minutes of cardio so you just start off small and to see how your body responds and kind of go from there okay alright guys let me just see if we have any more questions in this mix here before I close out with some closing statements and thoughts and stuff like that our heart rate monitor the heart rates on the machines accurate if you're wearing a chest strap yeah they are pretty accurate I find that they tend to be a little bit less accurate if you're trying to sit there and hold on to the Machine while you are doing that so I always see guys invest in a heart rate monitor that does have a chest strap if you are looking to use it with a machine and usually the polar brand is the one that has the chest strap and you can actually buy test straps without buying the watch so if you wanted to just buy that just to work with the machines in your gym that is one option how many grams of protein to build muscle oh why gee that's such another that's a whole other conversation because this is such a controversial topic about protein and most people in the fitness industry are over prescribing protein like and Leigh Norton do a research on Lane Norton because he talks about this to a great degree actually you wrote this like whole thing on this and it's somewhere on the internet and you can see it but generally speaking like the general rule for anyone who's pretty active you can do 1 pound 1 1 1 gram per pound of body weight and even that's you know being a little advantageous I like that number when I'm when I'm working with clients I it's I usually just do simply 1 times you know body weight to figure out how much they need and then just go up or down from there depending on their bodies and how their body's responding so that's the brief summary there but go ahead and take a look like I said Google Lane Norton protein requirements and he wrote like a whole like I think he really a whole dissertation study something like that cuz the man you know he's always if you don't know Lane if you guys don't know dr. Lane Norton you look him up it's been around the industry for a long time and that man is science to the wazoo so he's got some great stuff on that I'll do a video on it later but I just need to just look up at the current research and and just look up a couple other things that I want to clarify first before presenting that to you guys is that I like to make sure that my information is accurate and up-to-date so you guys this was a great presentation this is a great class and I really appreciate you guys coming last week I was sick so I wasn't able to come here and work with you guys but I will be here on Wednesday again this week to make up for that class we missed on Monday last Monday and Wednesday I'm going to be talking about how to survive the summer with your diet intact oh my gosh like who would have thought that you can actually go on vacation you can do what you have to do you can enjoy your barbecues your parties or this or that and still see your goals become your reality so I'm going to give you some actual actionable tips about exactly how you can do that to make sure that you definitely definitely come back your Wednesday okay Wednesday 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time there is a playlist my live class playlist where you can set the reminder because I put it on there so you can set the reminder and guys I actually have all the classes for the entire month of July list it there so you can go ahead and get your reminders and set yourself up with that and make sure that you do not miss a single thing if you enjoyed today's discussion you guys you know how you can reach me honey let me help you let me help you stop trying to figure this stuff out on your own you've been already looking around watching every YouTube video you can find reading every article that you can find driving yourself absolutely nuts trying to do it that you don't gather as much free information as you can but there's something that goes for working with someone whom you like who you know whom you trust and who wants to get to know you and what you need and cares about you in that same exact way you know the word coach is thrown around so flippantly nowadays I freaking hate it you know when I started my business back in 2009 is when I started my actual you know calm I start taking on my first coaching clients online there nobody was doing this stuff you guys like maybe just a handful of people in the bodybuilding world we're doing it and it was super archaic like you know like Word documents and spreadsheets and stuff and so I started my company back in 2009 online coaching and I had to explain to people how this stuff works nowadays everybody and their grandmother calls himself a coach and I kind of hate the word because of that because nobody is actually coaching G is about taking someone and allowing them to see what their true potential is and to plant that seed within them and to help them to foster it and grow in in immeasurable ways coaching is about getting in and helping folks with the mental aspects of what it is they're trying to do and the goals that they're trying to accomplish coaching is about helping them to shift their mindset to elevate higher on so many levels to transform not only physically but mentally emotionally and more and that's the type of way that I approach my work my coaching program so it's not just a diet and training program it's so much more it's journaling it's meditation it's talking to me it's talking with our other group of rockstars and getting full support and so I want to be able to offer that to you if you feel like you know what Roxy you may actually be someone that can help me and that I really like her and I want to talk to her it costs you nothing to talk with me I open up my schedule to talk with you for 30 minutes totally free okay one-hour consultations with me a paid consultation with me where I'm going over your stuff and it's just a one-off deal is two hundred and fifty dollars per hour guys and I've earned that kind of you know ability to command that rate so I'm offering you 30 minutes for free to just talk to me about your goals and to see if I can't help you and if I can you know then I'll offer you the opportunity to work with me in one of my many programs now I have programs for different budgets so even if you are like you know you like Roxy I don't have a whole lot of money but this is what I have come and talked to me I might actually have something for you and if you're the type of woman right now looks like hey look Rox I can invest whatever it is that you that you got I got it my finances good my career's good I'm glad I'm on track what you got coming talk to me – okay so Rox your fitness complex clarity called you do not have to be a competitor competitors mounted committers are like usually my clients are 30s 40s 50s I do work with women in their 20s too so if you're in your 20s you wanna work at Roxy come on girl let's do it all right I got something for you ladies and any gentlemen that are here watching this on my youtube I have like 97% $2.99 sometimes 100% depends on the day in the month of women in my audience so I always say ladies but guys if watching this thank you so much for joining me as well subscribe thumbs up get on my email list and you know have a fantastic rest of your week and hopefully I will see y'all on Monday because that would be great have a good one guys thank you for joining me bye bye

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