The popular СrossFit exercise THRUSTER is an auxiliary exercise in Weightlifting

The popular СrossFit exercise THRUSTER is an auxiliary exercise in Weightlifting

Hello, everyone! My name is Oleksiy Torokhtiy. In this video, I continue a series of episodes about my road to 200 with extra kilos. In the previous training, I lifted 210 kg. It was a jerk and front squat. I feel that the body is tired, my shoulders and lower back are tight. So, today I will do a light recovering session. For this, I will use thrusters or clusters.
I always get confused with them. In my professional activity, I never used this exercise. I took them from the CrossFit. I think it’s a good exercise if you do it up to 50-60% from the best PR jerk. For the warm-up, I will show you the elbow rotation. This exercise is very good for clean warm-up. If you feel that your muscles are tight and it is hard to rotate your elbows before the jerk, you can use it as well. For this purpose take a 15-20 kg bar. From the position when we are ready to the jerk, get your elbows back and forth. It is desirable that the elbows
look ahead for three hours, and back for nine hours. Of course, it is very hard to repeat in life. If you do this exercise for the first time, it would be good for someone to help you, just support the bar that you avoid the wrong movement. You need to rotate the elbows, but at the same time ensure that the height of the bar remains standard: do not lower it down and up. Basically, we work out elbow rotation only
when we do clean. For two sets with 10 reps, you work out
the whole training. Accordingly, you work out this element with an elbow, which is very important for clean. more thoroughly and with a certain focus right here. I advise to use it. In the push press, we do a short dip, drive the bar, fix it with our hands, pressing it. In this example, we have a short dip,
and there is work with vibration, when the bar bends and then jumps up. There’s no such effect here, or not to that extent. Here you need to sit in full amplitude and throw the bar out of the deep squat position. For example, if this part (full dip) is weak, it will be very difficult for you to keep it, stand up and extend the bar overhead. You’ll work only with your hand. For weightlifting in this exercise, it is very important to complete with the hand. It is meant not to do the whole work, not to do the press, but only to complete. If you practice this exercise for weightlifting, I recommend pausing for a couple of seconds overhead, so that this movement is close to classical movement: jerk from the racks or clean&jerk. Next, the wrist position in the overhead. If the bar is slightly in front, not vertically above the head, this very often results in the athlete incorrectly
holding the bar. The wrist takes this position. When we put the bar overhead, the hands automatically unfold and the wrist takes the correct position. The wrist position is more a matter of shoulders. If you turn on your shoulders correctly,
take the right position, automatically your wrists take the right position. Next, receiving or dropping the bar. From the top point, we have to drop the bar on the chest, make a front squat, and then drive the bar back. When the bar starts moving down, we start making our feet “soft”. During the catch position, we do not resist, but together with the bar, we begin to go down. At the same time we keep the back straight. Don’t bend your back, keep it straight. Start slowing down the whole movement, amortize closer to the bottom point. As to weight and percentage, to perform this exercise, I recommend 40-60% of your PR in the jerk. This is the optimal weight at which I can control the position of the feet. I control when I lower the body into deep squat position and when I get up I stand on a full foot. When I add more weight, I feel like
I’m starting to shift on the toes. During the dip, I begin to move my body forward that when I get up I direct the bar forward,
not backward. A number of lifts and sets. As for me, I do from 20 to 100 kg
with a step of 20 kg each, 2 sets and 6 reps each. In general, it is enough. For today work with the bar is enough. Now a short cool down and then stretching class. The second part of this video will be devoted to stretching and rehabilitation after serious training. Our guest today is the trainer with 20 years of experience – Anita Lutsenko. I am the presenter and coach of the world version of “The biggest loser” or Ukrainian version “Zvazheni ta shaslivi”. where people lose about 100 kg in a few months and also stretch. They feel very bad and hurt. Accordingly, if my weight is 110 kg minus 100, it turns out at the end of training should be 10 kg. What are we going to do today? We’re going to stretch today. I want to look at your back, massive legs, shoulders and what we can do about it.

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