THE POWER of WATERMELON and Ginger for Health !! Best Healthy Food

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  1. Watermelon is good. Just make sure it is juicy on the inside. Some of them are ripened off the vine. They can be dry and cracked inside.

  2. There is a better way she could get the watermelon meet out w/o a nife. With just a spoon . Much simpler and no risk of getting cut by the nife folks

  3. Nous devons jamais au plus jamais dépassé 3 grammes de gingembre pour un verre à café, normalement quand nous préparons un jus naturel à base de pastèque et gingembre il suffit 3 grammes de gingembre pour 250 g de pastèque , car cette quantité est largement suffisante pour 1 personne sportive, ce jus est bon pour la sexualité il vous rend viril et en même temps il est bon contre le reflux gastro œsophagien

  4. Yeah so you juiced the watermelon and ginger with a little lime, now what??? what's it for? Next time say something pertaining to the topic. Speak of the health benefits when making a video like this!!

  5. So what is the power in it? I think the lemon should be blended with the ginger and watermelon for maximum benefit.