The Weight Loss Transformation Blue Print (Mental Fitness Ep:1)

The Weight Loss Transformation Blue Print (Mental Fitness Ep:1)

real quick before we jump into this video I want you to text bricks 2 3 8 4 7 0 to become a member of the bricks Fitness insiders I have exclusive content exclusive offers I'm on a mission to transform 1,000 lives and it's going to happen through the bricks Fitness insiders so text bricks two three eight four seven zero and I'll see you on the inside what up squad thanks for clicking on today's video matter-of-fact congratulations on clicking today's video because what I'm hoping to achieve with this video is the separation of the tire kickers from the people who are really serious if you're here for entertainment click off yeah we're gonna have fun but um my goal with this video is to lay the blueprint for you guys actually believe that anyone can transform their body it takes transforming the mind and this is the first video of an installment of a series of videos that's going to help you reprogram your mental that way the physical aspects of weight loss transformation will be a breeze it's going to be a breeze but first and foremost if you are not subscribed to the channel click the subscription button click the subscription button and also turn on the post notification shout out to the set of notification squad I love you guys we're gonna keep this moving I'm gonna start this video by first acknowledging the Brick Squad know my man Frankie Augusto he hit me up on Instagram by the way if you're a member of the Brick Squad and you have an amazing inspirational story please DME so I can share so I can celebrate you guys on this channel because this is what this is what it's all about right here my man Frankie he hit me up amazing transformation amazing guy he's from Orlando Florida shout-out to you Frankie let's keep this thing rolling so look we're getting into the summer body series I introduced the summer body series about one or two videos ago and if you want more information on the summer body series I want you to go to Brick's right now and sign up for the the insider newsletter that way you can stay in touch because I honestly I'm not gonna give everything away on YouTube right because there's a lot of people on YouTube who are just not serious and again I want to reach the people who are serious so if you are serious if you really want resources that's gonna help you transform your body transform your mind transform your life go to Brick's Fitness comm and sign up for the insider newsletter that way you know everything that's going on all the products all the services all the promotions all the sales all the live Q&A is because I'm gonna I'm gonna be doing live Q&A for the insiders only so sign up make sure you don't miss the notifications there my personal summer body journey I just want to let you guys know like update you on where I'm where I'm I am currently so I started the season so so far I think I've lost about 12 pounds of body fat this is where I am currently I don't have a before picture but this is where I'm trying to go alright so this is my this is my goal for the summer body series this is where I am currently and let's jump right into it with this video guys my goal is to give you guys the blueprint the blueprint for weight loss transformation and the biggest aspect that will set you up for success with weight loss transformation is your mindset and I want to give you guys some thinking tools I want to give you guys some some some resources that's going to allow you to start that minstrel transformation again so that the physical transformation will be a breeze there will be nothing the hardest part is to change is to train your mind right so I'm gonna start this series it's going to be mental fitness and I'm going to go into detail about each one of these concepts right and probably more than I'm even mentioning in this video I'm gonna go in detail I'm gonna make videos on separate on each of these topics so this series I don't know how long the series is going to be it's probably it's probably going to be about 20 videos but by the end of this series you'll have every tool you'll need in order to transform your mind again making body transformation super easy and this is the this is the direction I want to take this channel I want to focus more on the mindset stuff I'm gonna be making of course tips videos and exercise videos of course I'm going to incorporate all that stuff but I want to go real heavy with the mindset part of this topic right because that's really where the magic happens that's where the transformation happens it happens mentally is it happens when you calibrate your mind and you start focusing on the right things that will allow you to set yourself up for success and get out of your own way we have to get out of our own ways anyway I want to talk a little bit about where I was in this picture right to give you guys some background so in this picture I was about 350 pounds give or take I had issues with honesty you know I wasn't an honest person you know I had no purpose I was very selfish I was living in survival mode I didn't believe in myself I was looking for outside validation you know look look into my eyes man I was sad I was sad and I had reached a place where I had enough enough was enough and we all have to reach that breaking point you know we all have to reach that breaking point and it didn't start you know success weight loss success happen for me once I decided to change the way that I think the way that I move the way that I carry myself the way that I see the world that there was a mental transformation that had to happen first and let me not say the transformation had to happen first but the decision transform the way that I think was the the most important step that I took right because your body is easy to transform your body the mechanics are easy we all know what the mechanics are to get this done right but in order to execute long enough right so to be consistent enough to redirect the value right to put the value and prioritize let me say it like that too in order to prioritize our efforts in our time and in the find the consistency and to continue to find the motivation you have to bow your mind to the right frequency in order to make to make consistency possible to make transformation impossible so the first thing I want to talk about is forming a vision now a lot of this stuff is gonna sound real woowoo or whimsical or like kind of like out there but I want you guys to stay with me on this because um I have I have a valid point with all of this and you have to open your mind you have to open your mind and I'm gonna say this again you have to open your mind you have to get rid of everything that you that you think is true in your head right now not everything but you have to re approach or recalibrate your view on the world and again I say all that to say as you're looking at this video please try to have an open mind because I'm going to be speaking on a lot of topics that you may not be familiar with or that you may not be comfortable with but just just roll with me on this now the importance of forming a vision now a vision creates creates the energy that will make transformation possible right you have to you have to be able to see it clearly when you close your eyes you want to have your your body your life what does it look like what will it feel like like for instance my vision was I wanted to look like the rock you know that was that's what I wanted and when I closed my eyes this is what I would see I would see my face on that body and I believed it I believed it was possible listen that's very important you have to believe that it's possible if you're if you're setting out to achieve something that you have doubts about that you really don't know if it's something that you can achieve then most likely you're not going to be able to achieve it so the vision you the vision you form you have to have confidence that you're able to achieve it and sometimes you may have to lie to yourself honestly at first I didn't believe that I was able to achieve this guy's body because look at me look what I looked like did you think that this body right could turn into this body and not saying I have the ROC's body but you know I was able to do my thing man you know coming from here to here bro I had to believe in myself I had to believe in myself in the way that I started to believe in myself is that I would brainwash myself I brainwashed myself I put it in my background of my of my MacBook I put it on the background of my phone and yet listen and I'm not a graphic designer guys obviously but you guys get what I'm trying to say you I I think engulfed my body in the vision I mean I know I'm sorry I am Golf in my mind you know I trained it I everywhere I turned I put posters up on my wall I put it on like I said on my the background on my phone the background on my computer I made sure everywhere I looked this vision was in my face unless let's not forget the non-physical realities in your vision right so you wanna you want to have the physical goal right you want to look like the rock I did right but let's not let's not forget about the non physical attributes that we're trying to achieve we want to be confident you know we want to we want to have energy we want to be able to attract you know our soulmate picture how good it's gonna feel to be able to run up a flight of stairs and not get tired picture how good it's gonna feel to walk into you know a cop a corporate meeting with a tailored suit on and everyone looking you know is looking at you like man this guy's really in shape or this girl you know really takes care of her body like really envision how that's gonna feel you know because you want to burn that stuff and see your subconscious because that's the stuff that's gonna give you the energy that vision of your body that vision of how you're gonna feel that's gonna energize you when things get hard because it's gonna get hard but we'll get into that a little bit later now what's your why this is a very important piece right here your purpose what are you doing it why are you doing this why are you trying to lose weight while you're trying why are you trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle what are the reasons right they say when the Y is clear the how is easy your Y is what's gonna fuel you this is what's gonna you know keep you going like I mentioned before so it's SuperDuper important so for instance my Y this is this is my wife this is where this started ass my children I wanted to be a good example for my kids I thought about how selfish it was for me to not prioritize my health I thought about how selfish it was for me to overeat and not exercise and destroy my health possibly shortening my life I had to think about my kids I had to think about the example that I was setting for them that I want my son and daughter to have eating habits and to treat their body like I was treating mine hell no and I had to focus on that I had to focus on I had to think about the example that I was setting for them and where that would would take their life in their body you know I can't I couldn't preach one thing and then live another so this was one of the things that was that drove me this was my why this was my purpose this is why I was able to find consistency and I want you to find that thing for you it may not be your kids you may not have kids it may be something else but you need to look inward and figure out what that thing is that's going to drive you that's going to keep you going another big part of my motivation now is the evolution right and I know this sounds sounds kind of silly but I want to help contribute to the evolution of our species right now I feel like we have a long way to go as human beings when it comes to how we take care of our bodies and how we prioritize our health and I want to contribute that's a part of my mission that is my wife that is my purpose is I want to contribute to the evolution of health and fitness and how people take care of their bodies I want to be the reason why we as a species eventually get better at taking care of ourselves next thing I want to talk about is goals right you have to in order to have the blueprint to achieve body transformation you have to be clear on your goals now when I first started my goal my goal is change so so initially my goal was to just look good and in a wife-beater right in the tanktop that was a goal and I mention that because I want your goal is to evolve you you may want to you you want to have your big goals and then you want to have the smaller more I hate the term of realistic but you want to have the smaller more attainable goals so let's specifically let's talk about SMART goals and again this is an overview of all the all of this stuff I'm just introducing these concepts to you guys I'm gonna do separate videos on each of these topics and more now SMART goals are specific measurable achievable Eva Bowl realistic and timely goals and again I'm gonna do a whole video on SMART goals I want to move on now habits the blueprint to body transformation includes well I should say a big part of that blueprint is understanding habits and understanding how the habits you have right now have built the Hat built the body right the habits that you have right now built the body that you currently have and in order to change your body you're gonna have to change your habits right and this is uh this is something that makes a lot of sense to me right then the invisible architecture of daily life we repeat about 40 percent of our behaviors daily so our habits shape our existence in our future right our habits are the invisible architects of our life of our body the things you do every single day your your rituals from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep the the activity the actions the things you do every day is what builds your body in your life and I want you to be mindful of that because in order to change your body or in order to change your life you have to change your habits you have to change the things you do every single day and this is something that I came up with right and I'm gonna expand on this a little bit more this was just a concept that came to me while I was making a video a few weeks ago the formula for habit change which is will power management pace accountability liability consistency and curiosity again I'll go into this a little bit more in detail in a separate video the next thing I want to talk about is learning you have to become a student again you have to become a student a student of fitness you have to become a student of nutrition but most importantly you have to become a student of yourself self-awareness is super important I didn't make a slide about self-awareness but self-awareness is super duper important but back to the fitness education you you want to have to you're gonna have to want to learn about you you you're almost gonna have to become an expert on nutrition all exercise you're gonna have to totally immerse yourself in in books and magazines and videos educating yourself about the process because the more you know right education erases ignorance and the more you know the more confidence you have and confidence is absolutely everything straight up so the next thing I want to talk about and the blueprint is controlling your environment and this is super important there's a lot of things in this process that will be out of your control and for some of us our environments at home may be out of our control but you want to be mindful of your environment because you can control that you can't control your urges sometimes you can't control your genetics this is a lot of aspects that you can't control right but which we can control is which we bring into your home and you want to make your home a safe haven you know you you want to make a home you want to make your home and uh what's the word I'm looking for you want to make your home a sanctuary that supports your goals right you don't want to have for instance you're trying to you're trying to transform your body would it make sense for you for your cupboard to look like this for your pantry to be filled with honey buns and pop-tarts that doesn't make sense it doesn't make sense not saying that you can't partake in some of this stuff once in a while yes and and my man got the he definitely has his multivitamins in there right amongst amongst all the snack the the snack junk foods but yes I'm not saying to cut stuff like this out of your diet 100 100 percent but in the beginning stages while you're trying to change your habits and change your relationship with foods you don't want to have this stuff accessible controlling your your environment is super important and especially at home now this is what you want your fridge to look like alright so if your fridge don't look like this if you have a bunch of crap in your fridge I want you to get rid of it because you can't transform your body if this is the stuff that you have access to in your home again I'm a I'm a big fan of balance I think everyone should have balance I'm not saying you shouldn't eat any of this stuff but I just think it's a great idea to not have it in your house the next thing I want to talk about is to create an action plan you want to you want to have some tangible steps in mind you don't want to say you know speak real generally like yeah I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do that like no I want you to write that down write it down make a plan there's something powerful about writing something down and executing on it and having a plan and this is a sample write this would and it may look different for you make it calendar write down what your actions are for the day we plan out your workouts plan out your meal prepping time and I didn't make the slide about meal prepping but that's something else that definitely has to go into the blueprint for body transformation now do you have two meal prep absolutely not but I think it will support it will set you up for success to be prepared preparation is key when it comes to body transformation when it comes to making any sort of significant change in your life planning right strategically planning and having action items on every single day your habits the things that you know your workouts like I was saying you want to have all that stuff scheduled out you want to know exactly what your plan is and it may not be and not that it may not be it shouldn't be in written in stone either you want to stay flexible but you want to have something down on paper on your calendar to make sure that you are on track write that in the next and final step and this blueprint is to get up off your ass stop making excuses and I'm not gonna go into a rant because I kind of this video got a little bit longer than I wanted it to get up off your ass right now stop overthinking it and just put some action into play right now to start where you can start with what you know start with what you have don't overthink it action exercise is simply movement right and if you just start by going for two walks a week and cutting cutting back you're the size of your meals by a quarter that's somewhere to start and it's realistic right so you want to have that back to what I was talking about you want to have realistic goals all right realistic yes we all want to look like the rock but you can't go from looking like you know Tom Arnold I don't know that's the first overweight guy that popped into my head you can't go from being obese to looking like The Rock overnight it doesn't happen like that it just doesn't happen like that so make your first make your first goal something that's attainable you want to get momentum going right you you you want to break this thing down into digestible pieces that way you you you gain your confidence as you go you you learn new things you gain new utilities as you go but if you set this massive goal to lose 500 pounds or you mean lose a hundred pounds and get six-pack abs in six weeks like no that's not realistic that no that's not gonna inspire action consistent action that's going to take you to where you want to go so momentum is a real thing set realistic goals and as you reach those goals set more goals right and next thing you know you'll look up a year year and a half from now and you look like the Rob straight up or look like whoever you want to look like or have the body that you want I appreciate you guys for looking at this video guys this is just the beginning this is the first installment of this series I am going to be like I said going into detail making separate videos about each one of these concepts squad I love you and as always I'm just trying to share the Wellness so get well and get money you

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  1. Thank you brother, Everytime I see your videos I got forced to become a better person, I have been struggling with selfness for a while and your this video made me think about my daughter, wife and my real priorities. Thank you. You should do live life couching where people could interact with you because your guidance are beyond fitness.

  2. Family no offense you're pretty buff but you need to start working on your neck because it's way too skinny unproportionate it looks funny because your muscles are big but your neck is really really skinny I'm not trying to be facetious it's just something I've noticed try starting a neck routine

  3. Brix..this is what I needed. I am a high school teacher and I try to always pass living a healthy in nutrion and fitness. They have noticed I fell off when I have "fast food breakfast on my desk and they are quick to say "uhh why you have that?". I have been saying for the last month I am getting "back on my grind" but I have made excuses as to why I couldn't get back to gym or get back on my OMAD. You spoke personally to me too get my "MENTAL FITNESS" together and build a healthier life. I thank you for this video. My mental fitness just kicked "back into" high gear! As the kids say..Point Blank Period!! INSPIRE-ON!

  4. Yo bro, what you preached is real tawk as they say today?. I was always healthy but I was in a unhealthy marriage for nearly 20 yrs. in 2009 I gained about 120 lbs in a short amount of time. I was depressed, started drinking again and eating like CRAP?. At 350 my grandma passed away I had a chance to make peace with her before she passed?. At that meeting my Mom, that I hadn’t seen in a while told me I looked like a wilderbeast??????. That crap hurt and I wondered why she was calling me that, I hadn’t looked ar myself in the mirror!!!!!!NOBODY TOLD ME NUTTIN. I was FATT with 2 t’s?????. That was in 2013, shortly after I looked in that horrible mirror and had to come to terms the damages I had done. Sadly I separated and got divorced in 2014 and began to focus on my health by walking and eating healthy, it has been a long journey, I lost 60 lbs within 5 months then I went back on the road driving trucks again. I watched your videos at this time to keep me focused but I became stagnant as that lifestyle can be difficult. I’m down to 285 now and off the road with a local job and ready to get back in the saddle. Thanks bro for your dedication and exposure of your life whether it be positive or negative. I wanna look like you bro and I will get there!!!!!!!??????????????????. God bless you to continue to help millions bro. A fight worth fighting, for life, health, wealth and future???????. THANKS TO YOU AND UR FAMILY BRO✌?

  5. Damn now thats motivation boi! Thanks BRIX #1. I needed to hear that!! I fell off the wagon. But I'm getting back on? "Marathon not a race"

  6. Thank you for sharing…I know my issue is mental discipline and will power. I need to develop those muscles first. You gave some great tips and I will utilize them today! Peace and blessings!

  7. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time. I salute you and you give me motivation. How do you feel about the Keto lifestyle for fat loss?

  8. Brix, just wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration, motivation, and information you've given me over my journey. Like you I started at 350ish pounds while standing around 6 foot 3 or 4. I was 32 years old and I hated who I was becoming physically. I went from being the guy people would describe as being "huge" in a muscular way with a lil bit of belly like when I was playing football in high school and college, to "a beast" when I was in the army and lost that belly and some, but not all, of that muscle, to just "the fat guy, but he carries it pretty well."

    I always ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and as much as I wanted. And that was that. But then I started to notice I got tired doing things I never used too. I had to hold my breath to tie my shoes. I was still strong, but I could tell I wasn't as strong as I was. Nowhere near. Then I decided to change.

    From Christmas 2018 to now, May 20th, ive gone from that 350 down to about 280. I'm down from 4x shirts and 3x shorts to 2x shirts and 1x shorts. I'm getting close to my college ball days in strength but weighing less than I was when I was 22.

    People ask me how I'm doing it. I just say I eat less, drink water all the time, and go to the gym 4 to 5 days a week, either after work or in the afternoons on my days off. With 3 of those being lifting days doing total body, and the other 1 or 2 doing steady state cardio and core work. I meal prep more, grilled chicken with rice and broccoli is my go to. Munching on baby carrots for a snack. Replacing meals with a salad somedays. And replacing my meal when I get home from work and the gym (I work nights at a steel mill as an electrician, 12 hour shifts) with a high protein meal replacement shake. I usually come home hungry but the shake tastes good and it fills me up enough where can go to bed without making a pizza or eating leftovers.

    Still eating what I want but I do it in moderation. I still eat a pizza sometimes at work, but instead of a thick crust, 3 meat pizza with ranch dressing drizzled on every slice, I eat a thin crust with crushed red peppers. That's a difference between a 3000 calorie lunch to about a 1000. Not to mention cutting out the Pepsi or Mountain Dew I had with it.

    It's been hard, and I've had moments and days I wanted to give up, or say screw it I can workout tomorrow, or that an extra helping wont hurt. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't slip up a few times, but once you see what you can do, it's so easy. I'm so much happier now and I still got 30 pounds to go for my goal of a 100 pounds. Thanks again for everything you do.

  9. Im inspired all over again like i haven't watched all of your videos before. But this one got me like the first one

  10. I'm 48, and I've already had high school classmates who have either passed away from heart attacks & strokes, or who've developed chronic health conditions like diabetes. The slow death of a constant, "feel good" diet begins to really reveal itself somewhere during your 40's…

    To anyone reading this, just remember that's it's all fun & games until you get sick. After which, the mere act of staying alive can become a real struggle?

    I take really good care of my vessel ??? Great physical appearance is merely a byproduct of a health conscious diet & fitness routine. Put your health first, and the looks stuff will naturally fall into place?

    Great post, Brix? By the way…greetings, from The Bay Area, California ???

  11. me again – right – we are so small – then the ego gets so big – yet we all travel out of that nut sack and into that wormhole than we pretend earth is the last rock we settle

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