The Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine teams up with WeatherTech

The Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine teams up with WeatherTech

((David MacNeil)) Unfortunately, my golden retriever Scout came down with ah, he collapsed in early July. The diagnosis was
magio sarcoma, but I’m like no-no-no, I’m not putting this dog down because I
walked in and he’s… Scout is sitting there with wagging his tail at me he’s
like, “Hey Dad, you know I’m glad to see ya!” The next morning we jumped in the car at
6:00 a.m. drove up to University of Wisconsin-Madison Veterinary School of
Medicine, walked in as an emergency room patient – no appointment, and we were
treated so well from the very minute we walked in the door. ((Ruthanne Chun)) Scout is a lucky dog
in so many ways that he did have people who said we’re gonna take the risk we’re
gonna fight this as aggressively as we possibly can and that allowed us to come
up with as many options as we could think of, to say, “How can we really
effectively manage him?” ((Mark Markel)) The hope obviously was that Scout was going to do well and continue to improve and that’s happened and so it’s been a really exciting venture. ((Chun)) We are so lucky here at the University of Wisconsin that we’ve got a
team that works not only with the folks right here in veterinary medicine but
also across campus. And Scout benefited from that. ((Markel)) When you benefit someone’s pet and actually most the time is their family member, that they really want to
do whatever they can to give back is we were just fortunate in the sense that
David not only really appreciated what we were able to do for scallop but David
had the capacity and the willingness to take it to a level that nobody’s ever
seen before. ((MacNeil)) So it’s a win for peopleit’s a win for the dogs, it’s a win for the university, it’s a win for the students… and so far, it’s a win for Scout. ((Chun)) And I think Scout, if he could talk, would say he’s got a pretty good quality of life.
He’s a happy guy and he, I think experiences gratitude and appreciation
for every day that he has because he’s, he seems to make the most of it.

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  1. Read about this on yahoo today…the owner is sponsoring a super bowl ad to thank the medical team. ❤️❤️❤️ scout😘😘😘

  2. LUCKY DOG!!!!Bravo! Scout!!!! Good Boy! On Wisconsin! Fight! Fight! Fight !!! Go Bucky!!!! Thank You David MacNeil, Founder and CEO at WeatherTech!!!!!! WARF helps steward the cycle of research, discovery, commercialization and investment for the University of Wisconsin. Copyright © 2020 WARF

  3. My golden died of cardiac hemangiosarcoma when he was 7. So glad there’s treatment for the devastating diagnosis now. How wonderful!! Scott is a lucky dog.

  4. Beautiful story. We had a Border Collie that we took to UC Davis many years ago and they saved her life and gave us 6 more years. So grateful for these people and their passion and excellence to treat our fur babies. Thank you to all the veterinarians.

  5. My dog died from the same.. no one diagnosed it.. now I realize it had been going on for months… happy Scout was fortunate to be diagnosed…

  6. Boy did I cry-ugly cry- when I saw this. Then I watched both videos here on YouTube. Our beloved 11 yr old Golden just died last year in Sept. from a heart attack. He looked so much like Scout…but just a few weeks before his death we had found out our old Border Collie had Hemangiosarcoma. The primary tumor was his right kidney, but it had spread to his heart, lungs, spleen, pancreas, liver, sternum and even one of his hind legs. We tried 1 dose of chemo, but he didn't tolerate it well at all, so we decided to stop and focus on keeping him comfortable since we'd agreed in the beginning we wanted his quality of life to be our guide. Sadly, just 6 short weeks after losing our Golden, we had to make that dreaded decision no pet parent wants to think about. I was devastated. Scout was lucky to have parents that could afford his treatment from start to finish. I know the diagnostics alone were pretty costly, at least in our case, because of his symptoms. God bless these people, and Scout!!

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