The YoYo Fitness Test

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  1. King McCaw no surprise he had the biggest heart , fucking legend and will be remembered like the other greats 100 years from now.

  2. who's the bloke running the test ?? i remember him from Southern Cross Uni in lismore i think.. Any idea??

  3. There is no worse pain than extreme fatigue when you reach high levels on things like this and the beep test. It's even worse when those around you seem to be doing okay and there is a pressure to keep going.

  4. diggin how the last two guys standing are currently the two all blacks with the most tests. goes to show hard work does it.

  5. @titaniclinkinpark its 3 beats per run. beep test doesnt have recovery time at all, unlike yoyo with 5 seconds recovery before the 3rd beep sounds and then u have to run again.

  6. Yeah, when I was a kid I got to level 10 or something and everyone thought it was a big feat of some kind. It was ridiculous.

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