#@THEGYM: Tech Gym For Millennials

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  1. Finally, a state-of-the-art fitness facility  that cater to millennials. Yes, we have WiFi. Visit us at http://www.hashtagatthegym.com #Gym   #atthegym  

  2. The phrase WiFi in itself doesn't designate high speed. What good is a gym for "selfies" and catering to the "millennials" if it's ISP backbone is TWC Business Crap Class internet. #TimeWarnerSucks

  3. I do feel a little sorry for the gyms as ultimately if they don't provide such nonsense (yes I know this is a ridiculous extreme), then they will go out of business. Gyms which stick to the older style have seen a bit of a boost but they are populated by a niche crowd. Luckily it's a loyal crowd.

  4. I can see this happening so all I have to ask is what happened to going to the gym for just a workout? Focusing on results, not on social media.

  5. Fuck phone. Fuck wifi. Fuck TV. Fuck everything else. Don't need these tech. Don't waste my time. I want to focus on my workout. I am still stuck in the 80's without those tech shitty. Fuck off modern idiots!

  6. Yeah people do this to often now and it pisses me off when i go to the gym to workout for real and someone is just there sitting at a machine or bench i need to use doing nothing but checking their phone

  7. This is accurately true. Thats why I cancelled my gym membership and joined kickboxing. Take out your phone and master will round house kick that sh** off your hands

  8. Heck yeah! I've been waiting for your videos to have the views they deserve since "Smoke the Wii"!
    Awesome to see some positive feedback for you. <3

  9. "Browse Netflix to find the perfect movie to watch TV to" Hahaha
    This video is genius. Let me go to the Gym and tweet about this!

  10. Haha this hit me right in the funny bone. Nice stuff. Its over a year old, are there newer stuff. Binge time! If you get a second, check out my channel.

  11. Nice Content.Just subscribed to your channel, would you mind subscribing back to mine when you get a chance?

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