This Plank Will Fire Up Your Abs!

This Plank Will Fire Up Your Abs!

– Hey, what’s up? Today I wanna show you one exercise that trains your core,
your abs, your serratus, your obliques, and it is very
friendly to your lower back. Sounds too good to be
true, but this is legit. Now, this exercise is so called a plank. You’ve been doing plank, or you’ve been seeing other people do
plank, even including me, but this version is just
different level of plank, right? So this is how you do plank. So all you do is just get
yourself in your plank. So from here, you’re gonna
push your shoulders forward and round your back and
try to squeeze your glutes. Okay, by doing this you’re
actually using more ab muscles, because when the moment
you round your back, you’re using a serratus, especially pushing your shoulder forward is known as protraction, make it protract. This piece of muscle
here is what helps you to stabilize the shoulder
when you do a shoulder press. Right, so this is trains the serratus, and the moment you suck in your stomach, you round your back, you’re
actually activating your core. So when you round your back, you’re also using a lot of muscles,
the rectus abdominis, also known as the six pack abs. So when you do the plank
and you round your back, make sure you suck in your stomach, round your back and hold, right. If you can push your glutes
forward would be great, right? Because when you push your glutes forward, you’re actually activating
more ab muscle, right? The common mistakes is like this, right? People tend to collapse their legs. Don’t collapse your legs, legs straight push your hips forward, round
your back and hold here. Well, is this wrong? Not really, this is actually even harder because you’re actually
challenging yourself with more than you will I say (chuckling). Now this is advanced, can
even go as far as this, this is even harder, if
you’re damn fit you can. Do this. So how long should you
hold for this plank? I would say hold for at least 30 seconds to a minute and then take a quick break, take about 15 seconds to 30 seconds break. Yes, it’s that short because
your core and your abs muscles known as the slow twitch endurance muscles that deserve lesser rest
compared to other muscle groups. So give it a shot, do
about four or five sets or you can even go up to 10 sets. This is truly something that works for me, especially when days where I
don’t feel like doing crunches. Give it a shot. Comment below, let me
know and keep training. Peace.

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  1. Great video! It took me years to figure out how to engage my abs well. Thinking about spinal flexion helps a lot πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  2. Plz do hit cardio working..for fat burning.. Within 30 minute…love from bangladesh 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Jordan ! Hi i m from india following u r channel from last 5 yrs, my acl is partially tear can u suggest me some excerise according to that for weight lost and tummy fat

  4. Nice illustrations. U know what? am still doing your 4 min full body workout! Coz of that my chest, shoulder, abs and glutes improved!! I was able to see a growth in them 😁

  5. You are teacher of my body but i teach you best Life of human beings i teach you best religion of the world

    Are you ready?

  6. I lost a plank competition last weekendπŸ˜‚Because the emcee said my post is wrong…Thank you so much for this video!!!!!!

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