Tight  and Toned Tummy Yoga

Tight and Toned Tummy Yoga

olá everyone this is Kirby again with absolute yoga Academy today we're filming out of the beautiful Barcelona Spain so let's go ahead and get started tight and toned tummy yoga in this video I'm going to show you some yoga moves for a toned and tightened tummy let's get started in an easy spinal twist to warm things up start off by lying down on our backs on the mat your knees into your chest and just gently give yourself a hug and rock side to side massaging out the lower back moving with our breath let's keep your right knee into your chest and move your left leg straight out onto the mat now bringing your right knee across your body towards the left side and stretching out your right arm and taking your gaze to the right a couple of deep cleansing breaths here a gentle twist for the spine and one last deep breath here good and then coming back to Center for the other side this time hug your knee on the left side and it stays in while your right leg goes and stretches out onto the mat bringing your left knee towards the right side now and your left arm stretching out taking the gaze to the left breathing nice and easy maybe take note to see if that feels good which side feels better left or right a good time to scan your body and see how it's feeling today good and coming back to Center let's take your arms out like wings on the mat gaze is a gentle one to the sky now take your legs straight up so that your torso and legs make a 90 degree angle gentle bend in the knees if needed good now bring your shins parallel to the mat and take a deep inhale and then on your exhale let's weigh your legs to the right keeping the legs together over your legs about three inches away from the mat really working into those obliques here good and then coming back to Center let's sway the legs the left this time legs are nice and strong hovering above the mat here and breathing right so inhale and coming back to Center and then on to the other side be sure to keep the upper back on the mat nice good and coming back to Center just to the left here hovering over the mat good and then coming back to Center for our last set let's take the legs over to the right this time working the sides of the body here and then to the left great job now come back to Center and give yourself a nice big hug as always remember you can increase the number of repetitions if you would like a more difficult practice thank you so much for joining us a special thanks to yoga room Barcelona for allowing us to film in this beautiful space so please check it out if you're in town and don't forget to thumbs up if you like see you next time Oh

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