Tim McGraw Shows His Nashville Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

Tim McGraw Shows His Nashville Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

– [Interviewer] Hey Tim, ya in there? – Hey guys. (upbeat guitar music)
(bell dings) We’re gonna check out the gym and see what’s in the fridge today, how ’bout that? Come on in. ♪ Highway won’t hold you tonight ♪ ♪ The highway don’t know you’re alive ♪ (deep bass music) – Hey guys, this is our
gym here in Nashville. I was gonna run you through a few things that I like to do. – [Interviewer] How do you warm up? – This is an anterior posterior stretch that I like to start out with just about every day. This is a really good stretch that you start on your toes and come up like that, and then you roll it backwards and lift your toes. – [Interviewer] How often do you work out? – Try to work out every day. I don’t really plan on days off, although I’ve learned a little bit more moderation as I’ve gotten older, ’cause it takes a little
more time to recover. I’m start with a push-up and it goes into an up-dog, down dog, and then a lunge with a twist. You start here, do a push-up into this position, and into this position. Foot up by your hand and twist. – [Interviewer] What’s your favorite part of working out? – Probably my favorite
part of the workout, is I start every morning out, with either a 30 minute, or sometimes an hour
walk on the treadmill. At 52 years old, you gotta do the things that you gotta do to get your body warmed up and going, so you don’t pull
anything or hurt anything or injure yourself. And the last thing I wanna do, is injure myself in a
way that I can’t perform or I can’t continue to work out. – [Interviewer] How do
you work out on the road? – When I’m on the road, it’s a little different, because I’ll get up every morning, I have a gym on the road that’s a trailer that I carry with me and then there’s some breakfast, and right before lunch, we usually go into the stadium and run the stadium steps. We come out and we do our outdoor, our version of crossfit, which is usually centered around their battle ropes. And we set up like four or five different workouts, like push, pull, upper body, lower body, kinda things. – [Interviewer] How many people join you? – Well, sometimes it
starts with about 10 of us, and by the time we’re finished, it may be down to two or three. And that’s the key to anything. I think workin’ out is
finding what works for you and finding somethin’ that motivates you and finding somethin’ that’s well within your
limits that you can do. And then, constantly pushing yourself a little bit. – [Interviewer] Does working out help your performances? – All the exercise I do, I’ve really noticed a big difference in my workout routines and I’ve noticed a big difference in my stage performance. Sort of subconsciously, when I first started
working with Roger Yuan, and we were doing a lot
of animalistic moves or animal moves, I would find myself starting to do those on the stage. Droppin’ into a pistol. – [Interviwer] Can you show us your move? – I can’t do it. I can’t do it unless I’m on stage. It’s funny, unless the adrenaline’s going, ’cause I don’t wanna bust my ass in front of everybody. – [Interviewer] What do you do on the TRX? – You should do some
pull-ups with this thing or some back work with this, the TRX bands. You do a lot of these kinda things, where you alternate up and low. And then, I like to do the one-legged squats with these. – [Interviewer] Does that help with your pistol squats? – Yeah, they do help with the pistol squats, for sure. And those are really good and there’s also a thing
you could do with these, where you take a dumbbell
and you just do this. And then you switch sides. Well, I’m out of breath (laughs). – [Interviewer] Do you do anything special for your voice? – For me, singing is my whole body. I use every part of my body to sing. I’m not this natural singer that just sort of opens their throat up and great music comes out. To me, it’s a whole body experience and I have to put everything in it. So, getting into shape and doin’ some of these older songs that are really high have really helped me a lot. They help me on my pitch, sustainin’ my pitch, and it help me with sustainin’ long notes. – [Interviewer] What do you listen to when you’re working out? – When I used to run, I mean, Bruno Mars has
a great running track, but I’m pretty hooked on The Eagles. If I’m not listenin’ to country music from the 70s or 80s or The Eagles rock and roll from the 70s or 80s, I’m probably not listenin’
to much (chuckles). Certainly not listenin’ to me, that’s for sure. – [Interviewer] How do
you keep your mind fit? – For me, workin’ out is a meditation. I mean, I consider my workout that. I mean, it’s a place where I can sort of let everything go. – [Interviewer] How do you use that bar? – Yeah, this is just a little ab work that sort of a good
warm up in the mornings. You twist your body and raise your knee. Plus, it strengthens your shoulders and your back. And I had elbow surgery a few years ago, so this one’s tough for me, ’cause my right elbow
doesn’t straighten out as far as my left one. So, I’m always ‘commodatin’ for that. – [Interviewer] Do you have any scars? – Do I have memorable scars? Oh, I’ve got a lot of scars. I’ve got a scar on my eye, two scars on my eye, both from baseball. Got a big gash on my head from a bouncer with a flashlight in a bar fight (laughs). I have a big gash on the back of my heel from wahoo fishing in the Bahamas and we got into some wahoo, caught one, threw it on the boat, and I hooked another one. And while I was reeling the other one in, the wahoo, which has very sharp teeth, was laying with its mouth open and I’m backin’ my heel up in it and gashed it really deeply. And you could see the Achilles. I just missed the Achilles tendon, which would’ve been pretty bad. That’s a pretty good scar. I’m proud of that one. – [Interviewer] What about tattoos? – I have, gosh I have my wife’s name. I have a cross that has my wife’s initials and my daughter’s initials in it. I have a leprechaun on
the cowboy hat right here and that was because, my dad, Tug, always wore a gold leprechaun charm. And so, I had that charm, but my brother, Mark, has one as well. (upbeat guitar music) So, you guys wanna see what I eat. I mean, this is what I
eat most of the time, especially when I’m training. We’ll go over to the fridge, here. So, after a workout, usually before my workout, I’ll do a little bit of a muscle, I’m a muscle milk fan, so I do a little bit of muscle milk and I’ll sip one while I’m workin’ out. So, when I finish, typically when I’m trainin’, especially, this is usually my go-to meal. Green juice is really a necessity for me. I mean, I can really feel a difference when I’m drinkin’ the
green juice every day and there’s kale and there’s apple, there’s jalapenos. – [Interviewer] Do you drink that after a workout? – I drink it after a workout and sometimes I drink it in the morning, especially when my wife gets up early and makes it. We’ll do it in the morning, before I work out. – [Interviewer] What do
you eat for breakfast? – I don’t eat a lot of break, I’m not a big eater in the morning, but I do want somethin’ in my stomach before I start, so, sometimes it’ll be a muscle milk, sometimes it’ll be some this Dave’s bread that’s really grainy and hardy. That, with some natural peanut butter and a glass of whole milk. I like whole milk, so I’ll have a glass of
whole milk with that. And then lunch is, when I’m really tryin’ to be healthy and really in training, when I’m gettin’ ready for a tour or for a photo shoot or movie or movie or somethin’ like that, my go-to is usually kale salad, which I’m really a big fan of. I mean, I can eat this whole thing. – [Interviewer] What do
you put in your salad? – Oh, the gosh, there’s Parmesan cheese and there’s golden raisins and there’s sliver almonds and a little bit of olive oil and some lemon juice. That’s what’s in that. And, I grew up eating tuna. When we were kids, it was a cheap way to eat, ’cause you can buy a whole
bunch of cans of tuna and you could throw a
bunch of stuff in it. You could feed the whole family for a little while, so. – [Interviewer] What do
you put in your tuna? – I’m from Louisiana, so I like pecans in it. Sometimes I like walnuts in it. I love apple in it. My mom makes these
sweet and spicy pickles, and she always gives me a bunch of jars of sweet, spicy pickles for Christmas, so I chop those up and put it in there. And I put chili peppers in it, because the spicy chili peppers are great for your metabolism, so, I try to put those on just about everything that I eat. – [Interviewer] Do you cook? – I can cook. I like to cook. My wife’s a great cook, but most the time at our
house, we’re cookin’. – [Interviewer] What would we never find in your fridge? – I’m not a salmon eater. I like fish, but for some reason, salmon and me don’t get along. So, everybody else in
my family likes salmon, but you won’t see any salmon from me. – [Interviewer] Do you
ever have a cheat meal? – Look, I like a cheat meal, I mean, I’ll prepare for it. I love pizza, so if I know I’m gonna have a pizza on a Friday night, watch a movie with the kids, then you try and put a little extra time in for that. I love a cheeseburger and you gotta earn your cheeseburger. If you wanna have a cheeseburger, go earn it and that’s what I try to do, is I try to earn it the
day I’m gonna have it. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever done a fad diet? – I’ve done things like, I’ve done a little bit of Keto for a little while, or done a little of vegetarian for a little while, but what I find that works for me, is just findin’ a really well-balanced, healthy diet that works best for me and my routine and my active lifestyle. And I find that I need some meat protein, for me, is just part of my DNA, I think. – [Interviewer] What do you snack on? – Durin’ the day, I’ll eat some almonds or I’ll make a homemade protein shake, which I like to do that. Around five, on the road, especially, when we’re having catering, then I’ll eat somethin’ healthy, like a piece of fish or
something off of that. Try not to eat too much
at all at that time. I usually save my meal
for after I do a show, ’cause there’s somethin’ about hitting the stage hungry, that there’s somethin’ metaphoric about it that I really get into. – [Interviewer] What’s
in that box over there? – Oh, these are Kind bars. These are a good snack for me. In the middle of the day, when I haven’t eaten, there’s somethin’ to fall back on. Any of the bars, I don’t make a habit out of eating too much of them, but it’s nice to have somthin’ that you can grab if you’re in a hurry or if you’re really busy. (bouncy hip-hop music) – [Interviewer] All right, time for our rapid-fire questions. 7:00 a.m. workout or 7:00 p.m.? – 7:00 a.m., but I like I said, on the road, they last throughout the day. – [Interviewer] Squat or deadlift? – Squat. – [Interviewer] Favorite
song on your playlist? – Favorite song on my playlist is Blow, it’s Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Chris Stapleton, and that’s smokin’ record. – [Interviewer] Crossfit, yay or nay? – Yes. – [Interviewer] Pull-ups or chin-ups? – Pull-ups. – [Interviewer] Dumbbells or kettle bells? – Both. – [Interviewer] Run on the treadmill or the great outdoors? – I prefer outdoors, but my knees don’t take
it that well anymore. – [Interviewer] Big legs or big arms? – Well, I’d like to have both. – [Interviewer] Cardio or weights? – Cardio, I’m a big fan of cardio. – [Interviewer] Biggest
compliment, jacked, ripped, cut, or swole? – Ripped. – [Interviewer] If you could work out with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? – Do some karate with Elvis. Hey guys, it’s time for me to eat my lunch or I’m gonna fall flat out on you, so, I’ll see you in a little while after I take a bite of this.

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