Top 5 Toughest Pokemon Gym Leaders

Top 5 Toughest Pokemon Gym Leaders

hey guys TruGreen 7 here and recently i've been going back and playing pokemon black 2 and really having fun battling all the gym leaders in the pokemon world tournament they all give such a good fight and their strategies are so interesting and challenging it got me thinking about which gym leaders I personally had trouble battling in their original gym battles within their own region so here's a list of the top 5 toughest gym leaders that I have ever encountered please keep in mind that these are all my personal experiences and that if there is a gym leader that you had trouble battling it doesn't mean that their battle was challenging for me as well after all our teams are different and we probably first battled specific gym leaders at different ages and skill levels there are also so many different factors that can make a gym battle challenging such as type skill etc and I didn't forget any gym leaders it's just that these particular gym leaders were the hardest for me and don't worry I love and respect all of the following gym leaders I don't hold any grudges except for you one you know what you did number five Wynonna so in pokemon emerald her team consists of a highly diverse set of flying types each with a different primary type so just sending out an electric rock or ice type would definitely not work on every one of her flying types such as her protective pelipper type resistance Skarmory sunny day Tropius and an earth quaking dragon breath Altaria with an illegal dragon dance my god was this battle hard when I was around like 10 especially since my team consisted of two grass types I don't even remember how I was able to beat her but I know I lost a bunch of times cuz here's the basic situation without factoring in strategy let's say you defeat her swablu with a rock type she could just send out Tropius you can send out your fire type but then her pelipper would extinguish that flame so you decide it's time for an electric-type but know she can send out Altaria to resist and use earthquake so you send out an ice type which you can't even get until you reach masti but then her Skarmory can use steel wing and aerial ace and now we're all dead can you see why this would be hard for a child of course a Norris she was easy peasy lemon squeezy but I still cringe in horror when thinking about those rotating gates number four Whitney hey she's not number one but at least she's on the list Whitney wasn't the hardest gym leader I've ever faced but I did have some trouble I'll give Norman some credit for being another challenging normal type gym leader but Whitney definitely deserves her spots even if you go around saying that you easily defeated Whitney you must admit that her Pokemon were made to be annoying after all her Milton can attract her Pokemon immobilizing it for a good amount of turns allowing her miltank to use rollout consecutively and then use milk drink to heal herself up not to mention stomp which has a 30% chance of flinching from the moment you enter this battle you have to defeat her Pokemon quickly and if you do then the battle is easy but if you don't you're going home empty-handed and if your team looks like mine with five males and one female you know you're going to have a bad time number three Broly in pokemon emerald you should have been there when I challenged Brawley and alpha sapphire I beat him in like 30 seconds I was flabbergasted I was dumbfounded because during my childhood Rawley was the hardest gym leader for me to defeat I lost like 12 times even with a Taillow I guess I just didn't understand what light screen and reflected and bulk up just made all his Pokemon stronger I was terrified of the guy I even remember his makuhita knocking out my last Pokemon and blacking out it's not like I'm lying just because you may have beaten him doesn't mean he was easy for me after all it's a fact that the third game in a generation such as emerald and black two are harder number two Koga even if his battle was easy for you you have to admit that Koga as a person is a guy you'd respect he got promoted to elite 4 in generation 2 and his daughter is pretty kick-ass too he's probably a great father I don't know if Koko is hard to beat in generation 1 Sabrina is probably more challenging but in generation 3 his coughing and wheezing gained the ability levitate so grande moves don't affect them and I didn't have a psychic type so my needle King was useless so was my venusaur and not to mention all of his pokemons moves are what trolls would use coughing has self-destruct his muck can minimize and use toxic so my Pokemon kept on missing and his wheezing had smokescreen too don't get me wrong it's a great energy and challenging battles are fun but it was annoying god damn it honorable mentions so if you guys didn't know pokemon black 2 is one of my favorite games of all time one reason was probably because of the challenging gym leaders and cheran whilst so unassuming was the first of two gym leaders that I lost to in recent memory I could have just avoided losing to him if I knew what the move work-up did but at the time I didn't know how much he would spam work up so I was setting up instead of actually attacking and he was setting up as well but unfortunately his Pokemon were faster than mine and once he was done he was able to knock all my Pokemon with one hit Kos but after learning from my mistake the rematch was way easier so that's why he's not on the list and number 1 is alisa it's hard enough not being able to hit in a mole go with ground type attacks and without a nice type of rock type Pokemon it's a bit challenging so don't judge me when I say that her volt switching Emolga has contributed to my loss against Alisa yeah I was surprised when I lost her too after all gym leader vows are easy nowadays but it's so awesome how in black and white too the leaders are fun to battle and that's why Alisa is the most recent gym leader I have ever lost to and the only one I lost to as an adult while we're on the topic of Gym Leaders why not check out this video I made on the origin of all the gym leader names by clicking on the top right video please like this video if you enjoyed and subscribe if you haven't make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to suggest the next video you want to see and as always I'll see you guys very soon you

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  1. Glad you mentioned Cheren. I had SO much trouble with him for the same reason! I wasn't as quick to learn though so it took me a while haha

  2. Here are gym leaders I had struggles with:
    Misty (I didn't have anything to combat her water types)
    Sabrina (psychic types were op in gen 1)
    Whitney (her attractive miltank and metronoming clefairy)
    Claire (there's like no dragon types until after you beat her)
    Norman (those fucking slakings)
    Winona (nothing to combat her)
    Wallace (nothing to combat him)
    Gardenia (nothing to combat her)
    Crasher wake (that gyarados always knocked out my roserade so I had nothing to combat him)
    Fantina (nothing to combat her)
    Cilan (I didn't like using pansear so I had nothing to combat him)
    Lenora (her stalling herdier and her retaliating watchog)
    Burgh (that fucking leavanny)
    Elesa (those damn emolgas)
    Drayden/iris (nothing to combat them)
    Roxie (her poison types would always poison me)
    Marlon (that damn jellicent)
    And obviously all of x and y cause they're obviously the hardest games in the franchise

  3. 1:10. If you really have trouble with her you can actually skip Winona and come back when you're ready or for Elite Four.

  4. Elesa comes to screen

    A shivering pain walks through my spine
    …yup, definitely the most annoying one

  5. When I fought milktank he just kept using stomp intill he started using rollout however that was the turn before I fainted him and she used only one potion

  6. I like you as a Pokétuber and your content, but you had six Pokémon before the third gym, and your team had two Pokémon of the same type. No offense, but that's some pretty awful team building.

  7. I agree with the whole list.All same for me.Except I'll switch Koga with Norman.I lost to the dad 18 times

  8. Dude, in Emerald, just use Sableye against Brawley. Koga was easy in FRLG but I had already beaten Saffron City gym with Venusaur.

  9. Tate & Liza Was A hell to me.
    I had 4 pokemon weak to psychic.
    My mons was levelled to 44-25.
    So Yeah…

  10. When I played through black 2 I heard that Elesa was rly strong soooo….I grinded and got my growlithe to level 30 where it learned flamethrower and evolved it into an arcanine and ended up 1 shotting all of her Pokemon ??

  11. Am I the only one who traded a Drowsee for the Machop in the Department Store and OHKOed Whitney’s pokemon with Karate Chop

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