TOTAL BODY Kettlebell "Cardio" [Burn Fat & Build Strength!] | Chandler Marchman

TOTAL BODY Kettlebell "Cardio" [Burn Fat & Build Strength!] | Chandler Marchman

hey man thank you so much for checking out today's blue collar kettlebell cardio training video if you enjoyed it then please be sure to let me know by leaving a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel for more just like it here in the future and if you're looking to take the next step with your physique and learn the diet and kettlebell training plan that I've used one all of my best clients to get fast and dramatic results in the fat loss strength and muscularity department by way of actually using shorter smarter and more efficient workouts then head over to the first thing you see at the very top of the description box or the pinned link at the top of the comment section and I'll tell you all about the powerful new kettlebell conditioning program I created that's been working best for everyone that I've currently been coaching here's yet another photo of results that one of my current clients has received while doing it that gives you an idea of just how fast that it works here's the deal though if you want to see change like this you got to change your daily approach to how you're going about accomplishing it here's what I mean by that if you're running the same outdated program unless you want to keep getting the same results that you're currently getting you got to shift gears if you're tired of your existing outcome you're tired of your existing results and want a better plan that delivers better faster more reliable and more sustainable results then I've got a sensible solution for you inside metcon 6 I'm not saying for fat loss and improved strength and conditioning this is the only way but I can say with 100 percent certainty that this is a proven weight so if you're looking for better and faster results in both the fat loss and the performance department click on the first link it's just–see down the description box or the pin link you see at the top of the comment section and I'll fill you in on what guys like my boy Jay have been doing in the diet department and the training department to get the better results they work smarter instead of harder for appreciate your time guys I would manler

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  1. Think about this for a second…If you want to see results you've never seen before, you must DO what you've never done before. If you're looking to improve your strength WHILE driving up your metabolism for far faster fat-loss than conventional cardio, then try the 6 minute kettlebell cardio routines I've lined up for you inside MetCon-6.

  2. Looks Almost as tough as the work I did 8 hrs a day with concrete and rebar for years. THEN go to the gym and do a Savage 2 hr workout all supersets, old school bodybuilding workout with impressive weights. Alot of of this shit you guys do these days just mimics WORK. Pick this put it over your head put it down pick it up walk over there turn around swing up press blablabla. Think of all the guys that have done all this construction for Thousands of years. They would look at all you crossfit whatever fucks and then look at each other and laugh. Better advice is go out and get a job hoddyin or rodbustin or concrete or framin 8 hrs a day. AND workout with weights after. Thats harder, tougher, simpler, MORE badass then ANY of the shit you all HYPE.

  3. Thanks again coach for another awesome workout..Will deffs be trying this one.Just a quik question please how long do you rest between sets ? Appreciate all your content .thanks bro Hava good week from your bro from New Zealand Aotearoa.Chur

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