Treatments for cracking of knees with stretching and exercise (2010-07-27)

Treatments for cracking of knees with stretching and exercise (2010-07-27)

Good morning!
Good morning! I have some pain at the leg.
What kind of pain? I have pain at the knees.
What is it again!? Is it called patellofemoral pain syndrome?
How do I know? It seems you know more than I do. You can even pronounce the term!?
Of course! It is because I have a friend who is good at this. Alright! Good morning, Ronnie.
Good morning. I didn’t hear this last time, so let’s re-cap a bit. So, what kind of pain is it? What is it?
And what can be done to treat this pain? It is a pain syndrome of the knee. In general, it is related to degeneration or overuse. Many people have experience this: stand up and then kneel down, then the knees crack. Let me demonstrate!
He really does. It is ALWAYS there! So, I have this syndrome, for sure. He can do it every time.
I have this syndrome! So, does he having patellofemoral pain syndrome?
Very likely! Whatever doctor presents, I will have it! Please don’t! I am pretty disappointed. Poor guy! If you can hear the cracking sound, you are very likely having this pain syndrome. It is because knees will start to degenerate after 30 years of age. I’m now 32.
He barely reaches it. Hum, I see … haha! Anyway, I know I am having this pain syndrome, what are the possible treatments? There are a few treatments we can do; either at home or at the doctor’s office. The first thing: PRICE which means Protect, Rest and ICE. In other words, if there are some movements which make the knee worse or hurts more, we should avoid doing those. Secondly, rest; don’t overuse the area. Thirdly, ice; apply ice. Is there a swelling inside the knee, so we need to ice the area? It is for the purpose of reducing pain. In fact, swelling is rare for this patellofemoral pain syndrome. I do not feel pain at all, so I will need to prevent by resting more. Also, physiotherapy can be done. It includes electrical muscle stimulation and ultrasound. Finally, adjustments; which we miss these treatment procedures very often. This one I do not understand.
Adjustments refer to chiropractic adjustments as we are talking about knee joints. This is related as well?
It is not done at the back(spine) but at the knees. You can do it?
Yes! So, you mean “crack” the knee?
Similar. You don’t need to know how…
Just like you “crack” you knees. You will crack my knees! For the knee joint, it is a combination of femur bone, tibia bone and patella. If there is any misalignment, it can certainly affect the knee functions. How about massage? Of course; we should focus on the muscles on the thigh and calf. When we talks about thigh, we refer to the front of the thigh, in which I will discuss and demonstrate some stretching and exercise. Very simple stretching.
Good! Whenever my mom comes to Canada, she will shop at Costco.
Vitamins! Glucosamine and something sulphate. So, what are those? Glucosamine is a dietary supplement. It helps to partially restore the knee joints or other degenerated joints. Therefore, if you have degenerated joints, you can try this supplement. My mom has taken it for around 10 years.
Many people are taking it. Very interestingly, the studies were done with dogs in the very beginning. Oh, I see. Dogs!
When they took these supplement, they become better. If it works on dogs, that will work on humans!?
Exactly, for the knees. Similarly, diabetes was discovered by a professor in U of T from dogs licking the urine. So, dogs are very important to humans. Therefore, this supplement can help the knees to become better. How about orthtotics? Or braces?
Actually, it is put inside the shoes… Insert!?
That is correct. It is because the feet will affect the knees. If we correct the issues at the feet, we can directly help the knees. In other words, for those who had flat feet, they will have a higher chance of having this pain syndrome. I do, again! I have flat feet since I was small. I have the cracking at the knees since 20s; there is no more treatment for me. Are you using orthotics?
No, not at all. I will come to see you! Stretching… I am ordering the orthotics… Stretching is quite simple; you need to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the front of the thigh. Let’s stand up. If we need to stretch the muscle in the front of the thigh, we just bend out knee and hold the ankle with our hand. Pull the ankle towards our buttock. Make sure our thighs are close together; not one in front of another. Joe, your thigh is a bit too much forward.
Keep your knees together. Pull more backward.
It is already back. This knee.
Oh, this knee. Yes, this is good. Now, if you feel stretchy at the front part of the thigh… That is right.
A lot of stretching at the thigh… That is correct. It is because the muscles are tight, you need this stretch. Oh. I see. Do both sides?
That is right. What else?
We can also do some exercise. We stretch the thigh and we also need to strengthen the thigh. Let’s do towel exercise; very simple. First, roll up a towel. Roll up a towel. That is right. And then lie down; put the rolled-up towel underneath your knee. Then, use you knee to press down the towel. Use some strength, forcing the opposite direction?
That is correct. In fact, the towel serves something for you to press on… You can use your husband!
Don’t move. You!
HaHa! For an advance exercise, we can sit down. We can start by lifting up our knee. In the beginning, we can just lift off our knee. For more advance exercise, we can add some weight. We can use thera-tube.
A little bit more weight. That is right. So, we can strengthen our thigh muscles. The key is to strengthen these muscles, so they are not getting too tight?
That is right. We still have a little time, is there anything we should not do? We should avoid high impact exercise or movement. Badminton?
Badminton is also considered as high impact exercise. Because of the jumps. That is right. If you choose running as aerobic exercise, it may not be suitable for the knees. It is because every time you step down, it will create impacts. Swimming is better?
Yes, swimming; others like elliptical or cycling. Shoes are also important. Do not wear worn-out shoes. People do not want to throw away worn-out shoes. They are comfortable.
Just display them. 30 something years. Let Kitty reports weather to us. Thank you, Ronnie.
You are welcome.

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  1. I got a question can you help me? left knee pop and and make clicking sound like the bones are breaking in small pieces..when I put my hands over it I can feel the separation of the bones..their no pain but the noise is makes noise when I bent,squat or walk down the there anything I can do to fix it???

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