Trying To Do A Head Stand | Yoga Pose 💙 I Am Kristin

Trying To Do A Head Stand | Yoga Pose 💙 I Am Kristin

oh hey guys so today is the 16th I think
no it’s the 17th um sorry wow this is starting out great anyways I’m getting
ready to do yoga 8 walking out if you guys watching my videos I said this
countless times I hate working out like I literally when I’m working out
sometimes I’ll be like on the treadmill something like I hate to say it does I
hate to say it like I just I hate working out but I’ve gotten to a point
where I’m not super comfortable in my body I guess to be totally honest like I
have some problem areas they really want to focus on I do not for the record I
don’t think I’ve got anything it’s nothing like that I just want to like
tone some stuff up I’m gonna try yoga because I hate everything else all right so I did a little bit of yoga
but it was kind of a rough morning because the one I was using kept
throwing ads in so it was messing everything up
so I got to do some more research on a better yield option but it was now I’m
gonna try the tripod pose I put our Christian over here and I do have a
pillow just because I haven’t done it in a really long time and I remember the
last time it hurt my head really bad when like I feel like when you’re not
used to doing it so that’s why I have all that set up but let’s see if I can
give it her go Oh oh let’s give this yummy I can’t believe
I was able to not only do the tripod but I almost got into a full headstand
that was really hard though but I don’t think I can do any more because my arms
and my body’s like shaking so bad so I’m like really super unstable but I’m gonna
try it again tomorrow all right so now I’m in the basement we have this workout
machine that I’ve never used and we’ve had for three months it’s a rower
like combo thing so you can either do a bike right here or you can do the rower
which goes back and forth like that so I got the TV set up right here it’s like
really close but again I hate working out so anything that can make working
out like more fun for me I guess so when I put on one of my shows I can workout
for a longer period of time because I distract myself that’s I think the
biggest thing is like when I’m working out if I don’t have TV music something
to distract me like all I think about is the seconds like I’ve been on this for
two minutes so it’s been two and a half minute you know even so like this is the
only way that I can work out alright so now we’re on our way to go get Dylan
from the airport he’s been visiting family for like a month in Seattle but
this will be the first time where he’s tried to make it from the plane to like
outside the airport by himself so see how goes that was Matt um I just I was
like just follow everybody else just look for signs that say arrivals you
should be fine but we’ll see we’ll see if he makes it I really wish you guys
could see the mood the way we are seeing it but it just looks like a little dot
it’s the biggest moon I’ve ever seen and it’s red and it’s called a buck moon
I’ll put a photo yeah a full Buchman so I’m gonna put a picture you can’t see it
but I’m gonna put a picture in here so you guys can see what it looks like for
people who have better cameras than me are you good to play you made it
I was nervous you’re gonna get lost in the airport
okay all right so it’s much much later we’re getting ready to go to bed I’m
just looking at the camera I’m like you would think it was daytime this camera
is insane I love it it’s a in case you guys wanted to canon g7x but anyways he
did awesome like we didn’t even have to tell him anything he was just outside
ready to be picked up so I think now that’s what we’re gonna be doing and I
won’t have to go in the airport and sit for two hours and wait for their flight
to land so anyways I’m so happy to have him home but that’s pretty much it for
today’s vlog I hope you guys liked it and if you did please give me a thumbs
up if you’re new to my channel don’t forget to subscribe and then hit this
Bell so you’re alerted when I upload a new video and I’ll talk to later

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