TVJ News Today: Health Clinic - Why Wait for Hours? - June 10 2019

TVJ News Today: Health Clinic – Why Wait for Hours? – June 10 2019

in a prime-time news follow-up we went back to the comprehensive clinic in Kingston to find out why people flocked the facility long before opening hours on our language last week the Health Minister and his opposition counterpart agreed a probe was needed T V J's Kirk right for this report in last week's edition of all angles the Health Minister dr. Christopher Tufton agreed with his opposition counterpart dr. Dayton Campbell that an assessment needs to be done as to why people even with appointments turn out early three hours before sometimes to the comprehensive clinic and so we decided that we wanted to do some assessment ourselves so we came here this morning Abajo early were you here this morning but why do I do you was there need to come this early because I have to get a number if you don't get the number you're slim sadly enough to it it all had number two on in your appointment card when that is finished all who is you know that don't have a no better take notes card and you have to say very very long before check the numbers before you have to get you I which are more 6:30 and I get number two early something I get to earn something at you early sometimes that you take a time to find the honest an civil way come this early door when the clinic opens at 8:00 come to get a number when you get a number you get through earlier I depends depends it depends on what though the person the sickness world what you have in the situation or job well I like to come early what's your name sure in it you have a report do you have an appointment yes but then if you have an appointment why don't you come at the appointed time no but if you get a point may have to come home to get an early number if you come like 8 o clock some time number finish what about you mom about what time you got here this morning Oh 20 past 6:00 and why do you come this early I want to get you early generally when you don't come earlier you calmly it yes Brda I forget prescription so when you get you early you can't fill a prescription and go back to where horrible do something do you have an appointment yes what time is your appointment 7:30 them same but you have been here from 25 seats and the minister says that people don't need to come early because you know doctor Tufton said there is a plan to ease congestion at clinics by increasing the number of doctors in the primary healthcare system Kurt right TV genius

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  2. People's with appointments should be first and then you look after the one with out appointment. Or what they should only take a limit amount of appointments like fifty or forty depends on your staff. God bless my country love you guys ???????????????

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