Types of Brown People at the Gym (FUNNY PUNJABI VIDEO) Rupan Bal

Types of Brown People at the Gym (FUNNY PUNJABI VIDEO) Rupan Bal

hey hows going bro .. you going to gym? look at my biceps son they are massive big chest bro.. I m big dawg. GYM is life brah okay hold let me go meet that guy first. wait 2 sec aii hey hows going brah omg its amazing bro. what you working on today? Chest… oh and me rest hows everything else brah ok hold let me meet that person you go i meet you at the door OMG look at that butt latinos, spanish,white girls brown girls oh wow amazed by gods creation god spent well time on her looks like he made her with thread and needles.. check it out nigzz i can lift the whole rack .. aii hold got a phone to attend no problem boyyy look guy i m huge.. like i lift crazy.. mother%^@*^# SISTER @*$#*(@$(*$ hey bro you know where is the protein shop? Protein shop??? look here man.. this is bovaird drive…okay and from here you take 410 and then you reach timhortans grab a Jr chicken for me..and drop me and then take kennedy road and go on williams Parkaway blvd. and grab another coffee for me.. and then you reach protein shop beside it and also dont forget to grab least 2 5lbs proteins. here is the protein shake shop..aii nigz man i got google maps on my arms i told God to give me veins like thats even pro than google now i got even india and bangladesh maps on it too no tension.. look guy you doing all wrong its like this. just one more just 2 more sets left just quater set left bro .. plzzz bro just come back tomorrow just hold on aii.. hold let me …just.. okay today i m doing.. CHEST help me.. yeah man for sure just pick me up at 7. i will wait brother i cant come.. i m at my aunts house thats not me bro thats the curtain of my window. then tell me whats written on my shirt. ok yo i have to attend lot of meeting. like cousins, dinners, kitty parties i got lot of shit bro.. lot of shit on my hand.

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  1. Title should be types of people on gym bcoz these types of ppl are not only brown ppl…Good video tho..:))

  2. I hate those people at the gym that don't workout until someone is watching, it's like…. nobody wants to watch you.

  3. He speaks English in a proper North American accent but then how come he is able to speak Punjabi in that "Pind" style. I mean he speaks Punjabi as if he is from a village in Jalandhar, Mukhtsar or Sangrur not from Canada.
    I mean I know he is a Indian in canada but his English has North American accent but his Punjabi has Indian accent.

  4. god dammit..hahaha…by the way…ur thumbnail is not well edited…no problem….video is awesome…gahahahahahahahaha..I'll die laughing

  5. You forgot the old fat guy trying to get back in shape for his kids/the guy who only plays that one sport.

  6. Hey if you see this comment please check out my latest video it's "types of people at the gym" thank you so much (loves this veiedo btw)

  7. Hey rupan bal I saw you at Sikh sagat gurdwara while shooting video i wanted to take a picture with you but you were busy so I left i was the girl that came in your shoot today grey jacket I love you so much and your videos keep it up bro hope to see you again

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