Ultimate Home Gym For The Ultimate Price - $1000

Ultimate Home Gym For The Ultimate Price – $1000

so you guys know by now I'd like to do a lot of videos in regards to home gym equipment and even building home gyms in fact they've been some of my more popular videos the past year or so as part of that understand that not everybody has the same budget I do and people are looking for different things and often times we don't want to go to the same supply for everything because there's different companies out there that make a lot of great equipment so I'm aiming to do in this particular video is just highlighting some very affordable yet very effective equipment from a couple different manufacturer so you can build the ultimate home gym at the ultimate price so let's start with the most important part of any gym and that's the barbell now this is the only piece of equipment that will be used for all compound movements as your direct link to the weights if there's one thing to invest money and up front i really suggest a good barbell here now my recommendation is the rogue ohio power bar and that's because there's not another bar in the market that compete with the quality to price ratio that this bar brings now there's a lot of options when it comes to the finish here and if you prefer pounds or kilos but for the sake of trying to be somewhat budget conscious I'd actually suggest the bare steel 45 pound bar and that's assuming of course you plan on keeping up with your regular bar maintenance and this bar retails for $250 I will however mention currently rogue has some of the 20 kg Ohio power bars in their boneyard section for the same price which is a $75 discount now this bar is great and it's ideal for squatting benching and dead lifting and shipping on these isn't very much either adding just about $15 based off my own location next let's talk power racks for this bill that suggests a full cage and although you can very well use a half cage and have it be sufficient I think the extra money for a full cage makes sense as it opens up a ton of options for other movements not to mention add-on accessories in the future here I'd suggest a Titan t3 sort power rack the 36 inch depth version now Titan finish has come a long way in terms of its quality of products and although quality control isn't always perfect they offer a good product at a good price now this particular rack comes with Jacob's safety pins pull-up bars and plate storage which can really help if you don't plan on bolting your rack to the floor so basically this rack has everything you'll need to get started again it's the short version which means it will easily fit in a basement or garage with lower ceilings it also has a 36 inch depth which I find more ideal for squatting and other movements compared to the 24 inch depth version Titan also offers a wide variety of attachments and are always coming out with new affordable product if you'd like to get creative perhaps the biggest benefit of Titan besides their cost is the fact they have free shipping which greatly helps when you consider this rack weighs close to 300 pounds all in this Rack will run about three hundred and eighty nine dollars so let's move on to talk about benches for this build I'm suggesting a flat bench now you could look at an incline option but that will be more costly and I find for most a flat position is used more than an incline one here I'd suggest the FB 5000 competition bench from rep Fitness this bench has a lot of great things going for it as it meets IPF specs for height width and length it's built from heavy-duty three by three steel and has wheels and a handle for easy movement and features a single foot design in front so I won't get in the way of any foot placement when benching this bench retails for $119 but with shipping you're looking at a cost of about 165 I should note that soon they will be upgrading this model with a new grippier vinyl as well as a fat pad option for those interested next I'd like to talk about flooring and platforms now this piece is optional but I believe it's a very good investment to not only protect your floors but also your equipment here I'd suggest getting stall mat from your local tractor supply store mats run about forty three dollars on average although they occasionally go on sale I'd suggest purchasing a total of three mats roughly 130 dollars two of them will be used to go under your rack putting them together will give you a base of six by eight feet and the third mat will be used to build a deadlift platform which will also require some wood now please note that you could build a dead with platform by stacking stall mats but I think using wood provides better protection looks cooler and can save you some money for the wood you can go to your local home improvement store and I suggest getting two pieces of 3/4 inch thick 4 foot by 8 foot plywood the wood choice is up to you I personally prefer to get wood that is in the middle range for price because going the cheap route saves money but the quality is poor and oftentimes the pieces are bowed which makes for some unevenness when pulling there are plenty of platform tutorials on YouTube on how to build these but the basics are you take one layer of plywood to be used as the base you would then have the second piece of plywood cut in half leaving you with a 4 by 4 foot center piece you take your extra stall mat and cut 2 strips that are 2 foot by 4 foot and you put these pieces on the side of the center piece you can then use wood screws glue or whatever else you may have laying around the house to secure the pieces together you can also get fancy and stain the wood put a layer of poly Thayne over it or even your own platform decal you also have leftover 2×4 piece of stall mat which I like to cut in half again giving me two two by two pieces that can then be used to stand on for deficit deadlifts or placed under the weights for a slight raised variation the only thing you'll need now are Olympic weights and for this I'd defer to you based off your own lifting preferences and budget depending on your strength levels the amount of weight will vary and depending on what you train for it might make more sense to go with bumpers regular steel plates or even calibrated plates for many however it makes more sense to buy budget steel plates locally and oftentimes weights may be found second-hand on Craigslist or use sporting goods stores so there you go that's what I would recommend if you're building your own home gym and want to keep it somewhat budget-friendly now it is true you can get a lot of this stuff for a lot less but the downside is you're usually going to see a pretty big drop in quality both in the terms of the equipment the customer service and so forth and maybe just the effectiveness of what you're going to be using it for so I did keep that in mind when doing this own home gym build now if you have other suggestions or recommendations please leave that in the comment section below or if you have any the pieces of equipment here that I highlighted make sure you let everyone else know watching what you think of it so they can get some other real world advice in the meantime as always thanks for watching and stay big

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  1. Iv spent £250 and I have a full cage with cable machine attachment and pull up bar, a bar, dumbells, an ab roller and dip station you rich people really suck at budget stuff (edit I obviously have an incline bench aswell)

  2. for 1800 I went all rep fitness..got their adjustable bench capable of holding up to 1k lbs and VERY sturdy for an adjustable..the pr 3000 full cage rack..their pully system for all my cable movements, 370 lbs of Olympic bumper plates, a 35lb kb, and their battle rope..the cage is VERY solid..you don't need to bolt it down even though it has the holes to do it..cant complain at all..

  3. Dont listen to this fucking mcdonalds nerd get a welder and start making workout equipment for less than 100

  4. I got a power cage with flat bench used for $100, used plate load pec deck, leg extension/curl machine, standing calf raise $275, seated calf raise with some other calf and stretch gadgets $75, used lat pull down tower with low row + Olympic bar for $30, Bought 2 new sets of budget steel plates with bars $450 (500lbs), walmart floor pads with a lucky score of several in a dumpster $150, used Iron hammer adjustable dumbbell set $250, lots of new resistance bands, medicine balls and grips for the lat pulldown $150, Precor elliptical machine $500, Brute force sandbag system $100

  5. Brandon, what do you think of the Titan x2, thicker steel{9 gauge}, welded sides and cheaper. It seems that a lot of the criticism of Titan racks is that they wobble because the plates where the sides bolt to the top and bottom cross members are thin and not flat.

  6. Idk man. I got a bad ass 7k lb bar, a 2000 lb rated rack and a 1000 lb rated sdjustable bench for like 300 bucks.

  7. Don't you find the mats smell really bad? I have read the horse stall mats smell of rubber doesn't go away

  8. I work for Hammer Strength which makes weightlifting equipment. Super great quality, buuuut not exactly cheap.

  9. Buff dudes have a video on building a squad rack out of 4by4's. You should watch it. I may just built one instead of buying one. I don't have the room fir a home gym now but later I will. So how long did you have to go to the YMCA or whatever gym you went to before making your own

  10. Titan Fitness destroys Rogue. Their equipment is JUST AS GOOD at 1/5 the price. They deliver their products quickly and shipping is free. Rogue is a bunch of hot air for pansies who are worried about the stupid name on their rack and how shiny it is!? I spit on Rogue.

  11. Considering I do decline bench pressing inclined bench pressing and multi  angles exercises a flat bench won't work

  12. Am planning to get a 10" Extension Kit for X-2 Power Rack from Walmart for $190 and it can hold 3,000ibs with plates holders. What you think of it compared to the Fitness reality 810xlt Power Racks which only hold 800ibs with that has no plate holders? Are all squats and workbench like the all in one Gold's Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench Weight and Squat Rack no good compared to power racks? Especially those I mentioned?

  13. Guys, if you’re on a serious budget, get a Marcy Diamond Midsize bench. Best investment I’ve made in the last year

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