Upper Body Workout

Upper Body Workout

hey guys you're watching X hit with me Rebecca Louise today only taking through a workout that's going to be working on toning up those arms so first things first let's warm up we're just going to do 15 seconds of jumping jacks then 15 seconds of crisscross okay let's take it away mama this is just a warm-up just want to get our heart rate up 5 4 3 2 1 let's take into Criss crosses so just bringing your foot in front of each other make sure that you're alternating them okay 5 4 3 2 1 okay you're all warmed up let's get straight into toning up those arms pick up some weights I've got fives whichever you know suits you right now you can have a couple lying out and then just mix them up as you go along we're going to start off with rows and kickbacks so are we to get nice and low you're going to row it in and then extend out so just bringing it back down throwing it in and extend will you do 15 of these and all these are going to be in set so if you're ready let's take it away extend those arms out to the back and bring it down that's 1 make sure you keep that back nice and straight knees bent 3 bringing in those weights to the waist extend out and back down this is number 5 you've got 10 to go let's keep it going guys really working these are muscles just think about how tone and sexy they're going to look afterwards it's worth the effort we put in now five to go four to go let's keep it going guys three give me two more and the last one make sure you make it count extend out and bring it back down okay let's just rotate those shoulders and we're going to go straight into our hammer curl with a chicken wing might sound funny but it's going to work up and tone those arms so hammer curl you just want to bring it up thinking about having a right angle and then again another right angle with your shoulders so just bringing it back down we're going to do 15 of these again so let's take it this is number two has it really thinking about your elbows being close to your waist and right angles keep it going okay on to number five you can have a slight bend in those knees too you're going to be engaging your stomach it's going to help improving those ab muscles too let's keep it going hammer curl up chicken wing out to the side okay let's take onto number eight keep that back nice and tall keep it going guys four to go three has it keep it up make sure that your form is correct if you're struggling then just drop the weights down and just keep doing the same motion with your arms last one bring it back down and you're finished okay we're going to do into a curl and a jab so we need to curl it up need a jab one at a time and that is one rep okay and then bringing it back down nice and slowly so I like to take a bit of a bend in my knees here it helps support me so let's take it away between fifteen reps again pulling it in how's it guys keep that back nice and straight then these workouts are meant to be tough and that's how are we going to get the results hello promise you if you just do one of these workouts a day you're really going to improve your fitness and the shape of your body to hole number five that's it just take your time remember it's all about form we want to make sure that we're doing it properly let's take you back back nice and straight and lowering it down how's it make sure you extending those arms out in front of you and slowly down okay keep up the good work rule number nine and ten make sure we're breathing guys the whole time when a make sure that again that oxygen to our muscles is super important and anytime it you need to stop have a rest take some fluids on board then you can just pause the video and come back when you're ready and then I bet you the next time you do it you won't even have to have as many breaks okay guys you've just got one more come on keep going all the way to the end make this one can extend hell the other arm and then slowly bringing it down okay we're going to go into an overhead press with a squat so starting with your arms out extending up you're going to squat down come up bring it back out and you've got 15 of these so let's go you should be really filling in those arms right now if it's you if you're shaking that's fine that's good it means that you're working but remember just push your body as far as you can if you need to break that's fine that's it nice and low in that squat and when you go down into that squat think about the weight being in your heels you're not always thinking about being able to wiggle your toes in your shoes as you get down okay keep it going guys nice straight back okay number nine and ten just five to go by come on count down with me four and three I'm going to do two more and then we're going to hold it okay give me one more and now I know it's hard but I want to hold it for ten seconds can see my hand shaking you see if you can straighten your arms keep it going guys keep pushing a notes hard two one and relax okay your last exercise we're going to take it down to the floor we're going to do T push-ups so using your weights putting your arms apart we're going to do a push-up and then we're going to extend one weight up now be careful not to bring it all the way back if anything you want it more forward and we're going to do six on each side but we're gonna alternate okay let's go you've got one this is really important that you are breathing the whole time doing this exercise this is a hard one squeeze those apps keep it going guys you've got three and four make sure that arm is nice and extended up five you're almost halfway there and six come on guys you've just got six more it's gonna get harder but keep pushing all the way to the end excellent job guys keep it up remember if you want to make it easier you can just take the weights off I'm going to really push myself cause I want to get those results you can see it's getting harder but keep going two more left come on guys let's finish on a high okay your last one guys make sure it counts extend that arm up and then slowly drop it back down and then walk your legs in well there you go that definitely was a hard one to end on making you manage to get all 15 through those reps and give yourself a pat on the back remember if you want to keep working out exhales got plenty more videos so while you check out the channel subscribe it is free my name is Rebecca Louise you can follow me on twitter at the model pilot make sure you come back again tomorrow

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  1. when i was doing tye last one i feel twice and then the final rep i couldnt even get back up but i pushed myself

  2. I am scared to use dumbells because I am still a teenager and I am not high should I use dumbells?

  3. i love all your videos! one thing i think might be better is if the camera guy doesn't  move so much. its so much easier to follow with no up and down motion. maybe zoom in and out only.

  4. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for this great video!
    Could you maybe create a video that concentrates on the upper back? I would like to have a nice toned back for my wedding dress and would need some help from you there 🙂
    Also another hard area which I would also like to get toned is the inner thigh. Would be really great!
    Thank you in advance!


  5. Can you do a video on Tranverse Abdominal Workouts and how to get your flat tummy back after giving birth. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

  6. Since this is a 9 min video wld u suggest doing it twice or three times through to get maximum results??and how many times a week??

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