Veterinary Medicine Experience – Study Abroad Science Pathway

Veterinary Medicine Experience – Study Abroad Science Pathway

The Veterinary Medicine Experience of the Study Abroad Science Pathway
takes place at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies. The vet school is located at the Easter Bush campus which is
approximately 7 miles south of Edinburgh City Centre, and incorporates farm animal practices, farms and
outstanding research and teaching facilities. So I knew really early on that I wanted to go to Vet school,
in college, and I also wanted to study abroad. In Hong Kong we rarely get a chance
to get experience in vet medicine. What really stands out is the variety you have as a veterinarian,
to work in different fields that you want to work in. I think a big part of Edinburgh is large
animals, farm animals, horses and cows. So I think learning about that was
really eye opening for me. This experience provides international students with the opportunity
to gain an insight into a veterinarian degree, and whether they then want to go on and pursue this field
of study following their science major undergraduate. This programmme is really cool because we got to do a
lot of hands on experience and practicals. We got to learn how to milk cows and we body condition scored. We walked around the facilities and learned
all about the different life stages. And also in the laboratory, we can have some
hands on experience with antibiotic resistance. We also saw an ultrasound scan for a dog. The attitude of staff towards us,
at the hospital, was very open, actually. They wanted us to be hands on with them. They welcomed us.
They answered any questions we had. There was a sick cow that day and one
of the sutures on the cannula was out. The professor asked: “What’s the first thing you do before
we fix this and put the suture back in place?” And I said: “You do a local block” and he just handed me a needle,
a syringe and a bottle of lidocaine, and said: “Drop 2ml”.
– I was like “Yes!!” For 10 weeks during semester 1, every Wednesday afternoon,
you’ll be coming out here to do practical classes that are run in the hospital for small animals, in
the equine hospital in the farm animal practice, as well as in pathology, veterinary public health and clinical skills. When we did the public health tutorial, what stands out
is the amount of dedication that does into food safety, and also the different exposure we got to both sheep, beef (cow),
internal organs and parasites that were found. This program has taught me that the vet medicine
field is a lot broader than I first thought. You can work in laboratory medicine with rodents,
you could be doing large animal medicine, public health and food safety. So, I think we got a little taste of everything. So, It’s a way of dipping your toe
into the field of veterinary medicine before you decide whether you want
to undertake this field of study. It also gives you an opportunity
to try out student life in Edinburgh. It’s a really beautiful city. I love the architecture. You can walk around and it’s medieval, 1600s.
Then you walk into a coffee shop and it’s modern. This is my first time in Europe and I have
met many international people. I have really experienced a different culture. The Vet Med Experience is non credit bearing
so there’s very little pressure. At the end of the day, I really looked forward to every
Wednesday afternoon where I’m able to come here, and ask questions and absorb all
the material that we’re being taught. It’s a great way to see the world and get a different viewpoint. It’s an eye opener and allows you
to be more open to other people.

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  1. Hi! I’m a student in France and I’ve wanted to become a vet for 8 years now… I’ve wanted to go to your university specifically for about 4 of those years. I called a few years back but now my grading system has changed with the new french baccalauréat. This probably isn’t the best place to ask but who would be the best person to contact to ask all my questions (I have a lot), and when would be the ideal time to do that?
    I love your school so much and the hope of graduating from it has motivated my every school hour for 4 years ❤️

  2. hi i am a vet dr from pakistan i want some experts emai adress and whatsapp number to discus some common reproductive problems of cattlle

  3. I am currently choosing my GCSE and I have always wanted to go here
    For my GCSE I am thinking off
    Double award science
    English language
    Moving image
    Further maths
    Are these okay or do you require any others

    I am Northern Irish and so follow the same school system as England

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