Walking for Weight Loss: 2 Clever Ways to Walk Off 25 lbs in 30 Days

Walking for Weight Loss: 2 Clever Ways to Walk Off 25 lbs in 30 Days

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  1. I'm sorry I have no idea what a kilogram or a meter is I live in a country that has actually stepped foot on the Moon

  2. I weigh 111kg (ideal 76kg) and have been walking 8 – 10 hilly kilometres pretty much every day weather allowing.
    4 weeks in and I have lost appropriate 6kg – about a quarter of the suggested amount.
    I really don't believe that strapping that 6kg back on will have a positive effect on my waistline but I can almost guarantee it will effect my heart – and not in a good way

  3. I'm sorry, but what business do you have telling people they can walk off 24lbs in 30 days and then starting your film by saying they won't?! You are basically starting off by admitting that you are a liar. Sorry, but I hate that.

  4. My face watching this is similar to my son showing me the creepers and dan tdm and stampylonghead on minecraft as I learn to do the floss….what?

  5. lol I'm horrible at math. but there is nothing very complicated here at all… seems very simple to me. and he pretty much spelled it out for ya.

  6. Sorry but I wont be using weights when I walk.Its not NATURAL .Personally the incline is a good workout alone. If you do it enough..

  7. Great Info..I've got a REALLY STEEP hill close to my house. That I'm going to get some use out of it..

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  9. It is natural for us just to plain and simple Walk? without all the formulas. Walk is a natural source of life without mankind trying to add figures into it. We are born to walk from age one-two and move since embodied as embryo we move and flipped and danced in our carriers belly ? plain and simple formula free, walk walk walk?+?+?=? that's the only formula I know.