Weight Loss Brought To You By Science - Infomercial Parody

Weight Loss Brought To You By Science – Infomercial Parody

do you want to lose some weight fit into that dress show off your rectus abdominus do you like science and living in reality well with these simple steps you can statistically significantly reduce but not eliminate your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes you can change from this to this in just months 10 years wanna know the secret the answer is science backed by science most doctors and nutritionists recommend losing weight at a rate of no more than two pounds for a week and even you can achieve this with our secret formula of a healthy well balanced diet consisting of a lot of produce and protein feeling lazy well we've got great news for you with our new and improved body of evidence this program can work for you too science recently revealed one of its many secrets to lose weight it's more about what you eat then how much you exercise so you can put down those dumbbells if you put down that cheeseburger with them for just a lot of easy payments of our or much produce cost at your local supermarket and even more hard work and determination you too can have the body of your dreams but act now this offer is only available for a limited time because the Sun is set to burn up and engulf our whole planet in just a few billion years disclaimer you can only achieve the body of always dreamed up it is within the confines of your genetics and environment we do not condone the elimination of physical activity in your life it may not be the secret to weight loss but it is important in general to get up and get active side effects may include longer life increased levels of happiness energy and self-esteem all scientific findings are subject to change

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