Weird Workout Videos - JonTron

Weird Workout Videos – JonTron

hey guys now that you're done stuffing yourselves with Thanksgiving leftovers why not earn some extra cash and gift cards to buy you know shoes and food and iPhones with swag bucks earn rewards by taking research surveys watching videos playing games or even shopping online click the link right there at the top of my description box and start earning extra cash and gift cards right away and lastly I'd like to thank swagbucks for sponsoring this video and helping me bring you the content you love thanks Swagbucks I know you've probably heard it before and you're still not happy hearing it again but this is what the ideal male body looks like this is peak performance I work hard and I play harder it's because of the way that I work and play that affords me the kind of lifestyle you all could only dream up you're looking at the culmination of my optimal life choices friend no need to be jealous it's a long way down from here and I pity those I've known fallen by the wayside got to make sure to keep my energy levels up at all time lest I spontaneously die one more those sick Frankie dogs please the strange hot dog wizard was clearly sick of seeing me succeed how could he understand all right maybe he's got a bit of a point perhaps I'm not in the kind of shape I thought I was in so I've decided to watch some workout tapes to try and shed some of the weight speaking of workout videos I always thought these things were so weird whoever actually used one of these even the relatively normal ones seemed like the work of lunatics you always see it in movies and stuff but I don't know a single person who's actually used one of these hey they must have sold at one point otherwise they wouldn't have made so many today we're gonna be reviewing some of the weirdest workout videos I could find out there because hey go big or go home all right let's begin all right first up we got prancercise a fitness revolution okay this is this ain't your average fitness it's about self-expression it's about nonviolent it's about conservation it's about three things that I don't know how they're related to each other or related to exercise or horses so in their own words prancercise registered is defined as a springy rhythmic way of moving forward similar to a horse's gait this form of movement along with dietary and spiritual principles can create the most satisfying holistic and successful bullshit program one could hope to experience men you don't even have to be good in this world you've got to put words together in a funny way here we go let's do prancercise registered hello I'm Joanna Rohr back of prancercise LLC hi Joanna based on your website I bet you're totally not gonna say something insane right now got my ankle weights in place and my musics ready so let's stop talking and do some walking what stop talking Joanna you've been talking to me for like three seconds you're like here's the four principles stand and let's go from the website you made it sound like there was a lot more to it than that Joanna but let's see show me let's prance oh my god for real that's it what is playing is it's the same few measures from Sweet Home Alabama she's channeling the horse guys she it's clear look at that look at the way the feet move okay the arms tourists don't have arms spiritual holistic downright strange this is why you don't go to Florida we're trying to saw that state off have it float into the Atlantic okay we don't want you we don't want you joining your weird dancing we don't want it so that was prancercise I'm already feeling a couple pounds lighter let's move on to number two okay next up we got something called zoo a keen English okay zucchini is a Japanese television series originally aired in 1992 in an effort to market their traditionally unprofitable time spots and give opportunities to young creators to express their new ideas one such program tried to help viewers to fall asleep while another shown an actor reading out a well-known novel and nothing else Zurich in English was born under these circumstances even the greatest have a humble beginnings Tomita I too feel very lost in this negative space Park shut up don't say a word I hey I can't find fault with that so Who am I I'm just I'm just friendly John Who am I now Who am I now it could happen just like that you won't even see it coming it just had that's why you gotta be careful you better have watches you can't even hear so you can figure out how the fuck to respond of this cuz even we don't know we speak the language spare me my life spare me my life Zurich in English I have a bad case of diarrhea I have a bad case of diarrhea thanks dude thanks really thanks for letting us know how much you think he got paid to say that he didn't sound he didn't sound like his heart was in it I have a bad case of diarrhea all right so that's zucchini English I don't think we need to see any more of that we got that all right what's next next up we've got something called a young at heart body conditioning with a stealth this is actually Estelle Getty from Golden Girls so this should be pretty good hello I'm Estelle Getty between you and me I wasn't always the fitness goddess you see here today this positive attitude took work you're gonna have to go a little harder than that okay you you want to see self deprecation just look at me in the morning in the mirror okay no one's there to see it what happens who wants to look like this stuff come on no need to be rude you think I chose this I'm just here to do some fucking jumping jacks as people grow older they get small if I got any Smalley's mistake me for a peanut absolutely unlikely well here's a peanut who's determined not to get any smaller you sure this is a workout video my exercise program was created by Rafael Tico he's very successful he's also a full-time French huh I still don't get we don't get weird on me Estelle I wanted a rap video here comes Rafael Romans piss on this stuff oh please I could live inside one of your thighs Estelle what does that mean people don't say that Estelle we don't talk about living inside someone's thigh Rafael has trained a number of senior citizens like you him I like I feel like you're really encroaching ice tells everything that's the size program improve muscle strength flexibility bone density and pose – go get them tiger I want to see you like that Estelle don't want it you're like my grandma Thunder okay let's go for it all right exercise seemed to improve everything and even improve your sex life I'd like to correct the room with its citizens are not having sex we are we just having it slow up come to think of it that's pretty good thank you I don't like this one bit please just go back to hanging out be Arthur okay our next one is ma Rico Takahashi's fitness video for being appraised as the next fat girl are you going to human appraisals and then just like X Factor I can see it a little bit extra skin I see you can't hide it from me tape it back how do you get a praise as an expat grow the hell's that even mean hi i'm i rico Takahashi fuck get some sorta it's like a tumor disorder I don't know if anyone's want to come point-blank point that out like did you notice your fucking deformed how do you notice that we'll be building muscular strength that's what this video is about beauty and strength this is connected to everything in life thing for everyone you're like this is something from a fucking JRPGs a boss battle how do they even get the dogs to look that realistic it looks too good is it like CG or they've just been like grafted on to these midgets what is a bunch of children with dogs heads grafted on it's weird you see stuff like this all the time and you're like who had the time to think of this and then make it I'm surprised I haven't read this earlier I'll give this a shot all right let's do this are you going huh I can join that you feel the fitness have you peed on me it's possible official worldwide Olympic partner respond to my panasonic so this is an actual Olympic thing different strokes for different dogs huh oK we've had our fun alright we've had our games but now it's time to get serious okay now we're going for the crowning jewel in the workout pantheon okay we got the marky-mark workout featuring mark actual Walberg I don't I don't even know what to say but it's a mark walberg workout video so without further ado fucking pancakes somebody comes up to you in the morning it says fuck you pancakes you just you get your ass out of bed okay this is really motivating me seeing a man reluctantly get out of bed to eat a pancake really I don't think he's been exercised mentioned yet unless his pecs being in shot counts as a mention what's good Marky Mark loungin here with rich medical gold's gym this was no handshakes in the video you know the biggest question people ask me is why am i doing a fitness video oh god it's self-aware you know I'm a rapper you know but um I've been into fitness for a while I've learned a lot person he's got to look back and be so proud of Italy key in on the on the strong points which is for focus and determination mark I don't think you're keying in on anything might be key in some cars with your hoodlum friends it's about it for keys with you for focus determination non-violence bunch of Vietnamese man's eyes out by the way that's that was Mark's first career I've accomplished a lot you know people always ask me you know about running around in my underwear and trying to sell my body do people ask you about that mark concerned ask the curious ask what kind of ask but I think I've accomplished a lot of a lot proud of so you know why not share with people the important thing to remember is just starting with you that that is the face of a man trying to figure out how Mark Wahlberg's got a workout video he's just staring straight down at it smart I understand it's shameless but Christ Wow what's up mr. monk peacock D I'm done working out I love you mark why I love you Mark Wahlberg I love you it's only love little bit of hatred look I can't judge all right I remember when I went through this phase in my career welcome to Johnny John's game zone we got some of the best games out there some of the most mediocre workouts you ever seen yeah I like to look on that one yeah babe let me spot you while you get that come on get that right in oh yeah love level four on this wants fortress great level I'm by the way I know if another two-player game we could play Super Smash Brothers now all right moment of truth see if I lost any weight [Applause] looks like some things never change oh my god actually yes sir I don't give you more anymore halted because the one no-bid unhealthy

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