Wellness Check Turned Shootout

Wellness Check Turned Shootout

what's up guys Mike the cop in today's video we're going to take a look at detailed body cam footage from from multiple body cams out of San Diego in a shooting situation that happened last year this was a wellness check that turned into multiple officers being involved in the shooting two injured who have since recovered from those injuries thankfully and all of the details directly from the the San Diego District Attorney's Office are in the description below it's literally a copy and paste of their press release on this issue the reason I'm showing this video the reason I'm putting it out there is for two I think important lessons number one is that in police work normal is never really normal there's always like a minefield that you have to be aware of that as you go through the course of your career the course of you break that down into each individual day it's a whore it's always that that chance that you have to be aware of so you kind of have to be like you know courteous and professional but always ready so I think it's important this is a great example of that when you're going to check on someone's well well-being and it turns into an absolute harrowing experience and number two that experience in this case had to do with mental health which is it's a serious issue that needs to be addressed and very often police officers are dealing with situations of people who have come to the end of the rope when it comes to their mental health and what what brought them to that situation whether they're suicidal homicidal in altered states and all that stuff and people look at police officers and and think that we should be able to discern and deal with all of this array of psychological disorders and problems or or emotional problems and a lot of ways yes there there can be some training that's beneficial but at the end of the day I think we have a cultural issue and we're seeing that as it manifests in all sorts of criminal activities that the issue isn't the tools that are involved in the criminal activity but it is what is going on before that that may be culturally we can address or understand better I don't claim to be the the authority on that or offer all of the solutions to that it's just something that I think at least acknowledging is a good start so this is all the body cam footage no other comments from me you guys take it we'll discuss it in the comments if you have follow-up questions or anything else but guys if if this gets to those officers in San Diego beers are on me when I get out there because man you guys handled yourselves well and you looked out for each other there good job all right check out the rest of the footage you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'm trying to break the window out swinging it up [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] code 12 code 12 history we need a unit with a ladder for an extraction stay down but he's in a room suit two doors down on the left 21 they can set up in 2011 ECB and Rolando see if fire can get a rate but you need to get that fucking bar out so we can get him out he can't do these now he's two doors down on the left on the hall he's two down on the left it's two doors [Applause]

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  1. Thanks guys, the premier was fun to hang out with you for a bit. I didn't monetize this one because of the graphic nature but you can help support my work by trying out Black Rifle Coffee for 20% off with code "mikethecop": http://www.blackriflecoffee.com They are huge supporters of law enforcement and recently donated $5,000 to our non-profit Humanizing the Badge. Good coffee supporting good causes.

  2. BWC3 needs to learn proper muzzle discipline. He’s flagging two officers through the glass. He cannot engage from that position. The glass is double pane and will deflect the rounds. He has no way of knowing whether his rounds will deflect into one of the two officers inside the hallway. If he needed light he should have used his flashlight not his weapon light. That is my only negative from an initial viewing.
    Otherwise they did well considering the circumstances. Obviously there are some areas for improvement but they did an exceptional job.

  3. Maybe they should not have broken into his house. What did they expect would happen when you break into some ones home.

  4. Basic_phycology can’t find original comment.
    I’m a impulsive emotional commentator. So forgive me. What part
    Did I not make myself clear??? Automatic s or semi or boosters should be illegal and confiscated on sight.
    No reason for them.
    Do you agree?

  5. These officers showed restraint and control in such a harrowing situation. I would have been so mad if my partner was shot. I would be trying to kill him out of revenge. These guys were just trying to survive. God bless them.

  6. When I was a firefighter, we had a situation like this. Fortunately, the guy was not violent. Once we entered his house, unfortunately we had to use a halogan to break the door in. I quickly noticed he had shotguns and rifles all around the inside perimeter of his house. I took them all, and made sure they were rendered safe. I set them away from his reach. I suggested to the IC to have him sit on one of his wooden chairs so we can keep his hands visible. You never know when things like this can go to shit fast.

    Just remember, keep your head on a swivel, and remember 5 and 25.

  7. What kind of gun shoots that much needs to be illegal!
    Cops taking machine
    Gun fire!!!! Really gun people do something
    This is wrong!!!

  8. Do you mean to tell me that criminals are not following all the gun laws in CA??? I wish CA would just become their own country… I'm working in California at the moment and nothing PISSES me off more than not being able to carry concealed!!! TRUMP 2020!!

  9. Regarding the initial talk you had about mental health being a cultural issue thank you so much! This is the exact view I have aswell! Whilst I’m no expert I think it’s clear society as a whole is changing and mental health issues are rising yet not everyone seeks help due to the taboo nature of the topic! I also agree that acknowledgement of mental health is the first step thank you again! It’s enlightening to be able to see a content creator/community influencer talk about this! Thank you!

  10. Rest in Peace to firefighter Mitchell Lundgaard of the Appleton Fire Department in Appleton, Wisconsin on Wednesday. He was shot and killed as he was responding to a medical emergency at a transit station. One police officer and a woman standing by were both shot and injured. Police officer was released from the hospital Thursday and the woman is in stable condition. Mitchell Lundgaard was a 14-year veteran with the fire department. Final call: 15/5/2019

  11. What a job these folks have. I support the troops of course, for sure but just wow! How much more support for these good folks. I support first responders. Wow, what a job they have to do every day. Keeping us safe.

  12. Every officer needs a long gun. My department allows us to use our personal weapons as long as we qualify with them.

  13. I was worried until I read that the guy had Home made weapons. Phew, thank God those are banned in California. I feel safer already. Thank you legislators!

  14. Thanks Mike for covering this I watched it first on Donut's Channel. Still wondering why swat wasn't there.

  15. Jeez! That was heartbreaking to watch.? I pray that S.O.B. is rotting in hell! ? To all L.E.O.s thank you for your service.???

  16. 'When you can run, you crawl.. and when you can't do that anymore'.. 'You find someone to carry you.'

  17. Sad that the state with the strictest gun laws has the most firearm related crimes…. hmmm how could that happen. I’m from NH where we have more guns than people. 60% of the population owns weapons. We had 26 murders the entire year 2018, our crime rate is far below national average. I’m not saying more guns is the answer but I am saying taking them away isn’t the answer either. My state proves that. We have almost non existent gun laws and constitutional carry. We have one of the lowest gun related violence rate in the country per capita.

  18. I just went on a ride along with an officer who is part of a behavior health unit. Newer police/mental health partnership. This video was very insightful, as I went on a call for a young man who verbalized self harm involving a firearm. Police rightly take every precaution on the scene to ensure everyone's safety, including the mental health professional, and the client. Thanks Mike!

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