What Are Muscle Knots?

What Are Muscle Knots?

whether it's after a long day hunched over your computer or a week of stressing out about a big test you probably have had muscle knots before he's not otherwise known as myofascial trigger points are pretty much what they sound like painful spots in your muscles they're different from the kind of muscle soreness that shows up a day or two after you exercise so biologists still aren't entirely sure what these trigger points are or how to fix them on the one hand the physical sensation of a muscle knot seems to be real and measurable and it's sometimes linked to severe ongoing pain the evidence for this comes mostly from magnetic resonance elastic graphi imaging a form of MRI that allows researchers to examine soft tissues like muscles the images sometimes show v-shaped patterns in muscles that correspond to the little nodules you can feel at the trigger points so it's possible that they come from overactive nerves which send too much of the chemical signal that causes muscles to contract which shows up as those patterns on scans those extra tense muscles would prevent normal blood flow through the muscle tissue which would explain why they hurt if that's the case treatments like massage physical therapy and anesthetics might help by relaxing the tissue restoring normal blood flow and reducing pain but some studies have shown that they don't help which could mean that our understanding is flawed for example in most patients when researchers injected trigger points with meds that should have stopped the muscles from over contracting it didn't effect pain levels and in some studies many of the other recommended treatments barely helped more than a placebo it's just hard to know for sure because these muscle knots aren't well understood the diagnostic criteria aren't clear which means that studies aren't all that consistent what one group of researchers considers a muscle knot might not count for a second group so it's hard to compare results so there is at least one thing that scientists can agree on understanding these trigger points is probably important for understanding chronic pain disorders like fibromyalgia or chronic widespread muscle pain because in order to properly treat pain especially chronic pain doctors need to figure out what's actually causing it and maybe along the way they will learn more about where those hard uncomfortable knots come from and how to get rid of them thanks for asking and thanks especially to all of our patrons on patreon who keep these answers coming if you would like to submit questions to be answered or get these quick questions a few days before everybody else you can go to patreon.com/scishow and don't forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe you

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  1. Because perhaps.. The Docs who got it wrong don't understand the body enough. The muscle knot that they injected on could just be a symptomic reaction to the real cause of the pain point. Like some forearm pains are caused by shoulder blade issues, some leg pain are caused by butt, lower back, or even torso side muscles

  2. Goddamn, I've been struggling with chronic pain that isn't at all relieved by massages and physical therapy and this video only further confirmed that my doctors arent even sure what theyre doing LOL… what helped for my mom is a TENS apparatus tho!

  3. Massage does not work my ass! It’s the only freaking thing that actually works…. keep on studying man, what in hell do you know if you don’t know how they form and how to get rid off them. SciShow do a little research the next time so that uploading a video makes al least a little bit of sense…

  4. Hank,
    are you holding back some information?
    Don't get me wrong.
    All I'm saying is…
    that's knot all there is to it.

    Ok I'll show myself out.

  5. Massages don’t help with knots? I call B.S. Unless you were treated by someone who did not know what they were doing.

  6. I've had myofascial pain sydrome for the last 6 years and I wish to hell they would hurry up and figure it out. MAssaging the trigger point does work but only briefly, and then it comes back. It causes migraine and nausea when in the neck and shoulders, and muscle weakness and shooting pain when in other parts of the body. Yet doctors almost seem to look at you like they dont have a clue as the science on it is so poorly understood and disseminated. In short, its a miserable situation.

  7. Just take painkillers, mask the pain, and continue with your normal life. What can go wrong years down the line?

  8. You don't know how to fix them? I have a video on my channel on how to fix it forever in the shoulders. I treat people all the time.

  9. Do one on Texidor’s twinge aka Precordial Catch Syndrome. Apparently no one knows what that scary as heck but not dangerous at all thing is all about.

  10. It's very important to start from the spine when massaging or exercising. If there's a kink (subluxation) in the spine, it throws the entire body out of balance, and your local administrations will be to no avail. Pain in the extremities is usually referred from a snurgle further upstream. If you massage/exercise only locally, the deeper snurgle will pull everything askew again in a matter of hours. This is a really simple principle that you can demonstrate for yourself or a friend instantly. No need to be mystified by musculoskeletal owees anymore.

  11. these are understood and treatable, the point of this video is they don't have a pharmaceutical treatment worth much; long term pain pills, muscle relaxers. Outside of the pill world there are many effective treatments and preventative habits.

  12. Me: oo what's a muscle knot?
    Scishow: We don't know , and we don't know how to fix them. My work here is done.
    Me: But you didn't do anything.

  13. I gave the benefit of the doubt. Thought to my self at some point he will surely tell me what a muscle knot is… ?‍♂️

  14. This video is a bit stupid because you dont have to be scientific in order to know how they happen or how to stop them (it happens to me sometimes)!

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