What Happens If You Lose Weight TOO FAST!

What Happens If You Lose Weight TOO FAST!

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  1. Don't focus on scales focus on body composition or basically how to your clothes fit. I didn't weigh myself for 10 weeks and i have lost 5kg.

  2. I’m a 50 year old guy. I was always an athlete. I am a jiu jitsu player who was always in great shape. Sure I would go through phases where I would get a little chubby (usually when I was in a serious relationship or when I was married) but I was always able to cut the weight pretty easily through diet and exercise. At 40 years old I got sick. I was diagnosed with advanced emphysema. I hadn’t smoked since I was 25. I had been training in jiu jitsu and triathlon in the mean time. Turns out I have a genetic disease which caused my lung issues as well as gastrointestinal issues. I got severely depressed, stopped training, and gained about 80lbs. About 3 years ago I went back to jiu jitsu and lost 70lbs in 6 months. After a year I got pneumonia a couple times in a row and stopped training (and eating clean) and gained all of the weight back plus some. A few months ago I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and got back into the gym and began eating right. Problem is, even though my strength and stamina improved a lot, the fat just ain’t going anywhere. After 6 weeks of training and proper eating, I gained 3 lbs. WTF?

  3. I am at 300 pounds now and lost quite a few pounds yet, but slow and steady wins the race. Losing the pounds I put on over years in just months is not healthy. I want to avoid as much loose skin as possible by going slow and working out regularly to shape my body. Also I want lasting change, not just a quick diet for two weeks that will make me gain everything back

  4. Look into “The Biggest Loser” show it was all about extremes extreme exercise & calorie restriction. Most of the contestants ended up regaining

  5. I believe in slow weightloss. Its about permanent lifestyle changes so you don’t gain the weight back. Its the first time in my life I’m losing weight for me. I lost 20 lbs last year in 3 months. This year so far I’ve lost 23lbs. My goal is to get down from 288llbs to 220/230lbs. I want to get put of the morbidly obese category. I don’t believe in fast weight loss & crash dieting.

  6. I started at 203 pounds and now weigh 192 and I'm losing a pound a day, is that healthy? All I really did was go to the gym and cut my calorie intake from 2000 to 1183.

  7. It happen to me I lost ~ 25 pounds in less than 6 months. I didn't notice my doctor did since then I am diabetic :'( , but taking care of it very well. And I have a pic of before and after

  8. It's really not that difficult – it's science. Concentrate on your Macros, you will be eating more protein (to retain and grow the muscle) than usual but less carbs – so you'll still be getting your recommended calorie intake . Exercise 3-4 times per week. Don't go beyond losing 2lbs per week.. Follow these process (especially the macros) and your body will change so fast you wont even believe it.

  9. Cmon…I was loosing like 3 to 4 pounds every every week and still outing on muscle mass . Used whey protean etc.. it's all on your macros and training that your body will respond to in the same way

  10. I lost like roundabout 30kgs in 12 month by doing cardio and stopped eating fast food. Now im doing weight training since 4 month. Tbh im 140kg but i feel good so far. My goal is to lose fat and gain muscle. i dont really care about the number of my weight. The only time i step on a scales is, when im at the doctor.

  11. Thank you! Thank you! All of your videos have been so inspiring and helpful. I started only 2 months ago at 315 lbs, and have now hit 290 lbs! I feel like I am being given a second chance at a healthy life.

  12. This won't work for everyone. I do not have a thyroid ( that means I have to rely on a synthetic pill) it's not the same as having your healthy organ which helps regulate your metabolism immensely. I can not fast at all Just eating healthy and exercising, I lost 10 pounds in 10 days.

  13. The thing is, if you have no gym experience treat your 1st year as a learning phase. Learning your body type, what exercises suit you, physical limits, and how quick you recover. These are things you can't read in a book or here from a trainer. Don't even use a plan for the first couple months. Just go to the gym and mess with the equipment. Let the habits of some of the people there soak into you. Get comfortable in there. Feel how less judgmental people there are compared to most people.

    When you do start a regimen make sure that you commit. Commit to reaching your goals. Commit that you will do just about anything to stick to the routine. Improvise if you can't make it to the gym. One thing that really helps is tying it to other goals like learning to dance, going out more, getting into music, listening to audio books, listening to podcasts, etc. Visualize everyday how different your life is going to be 5 years from now.

    After the 1st year each year after that will go by in a breeze, and 2 years in you will astonish yourself, and that's not even the best part for some.The best part will be realizing that you have become a totally different person after reaching your goals. All those tapes you listened to and friends you met will do that to you. Effort becomes minimal after that because you will know you.

  14. I lost 40 pounds in 5 weeks…. I used to weigh 235 now I weigh 182… I didn’t eat anything, I ran 3 miles a day and only drank water ….

  15. I just got back fro Disneyworld an told self to eat healthier as I new we'd be walking a ton for those 5 days we were there. I also cut out Diet Pepsie. I weighed 182lbs when we went and 174 when we got back. We walked almost 65 miles in that past week with disneyworld our step counts were between 20,000 – 25,000 steps a day! This has started me into losing weight and taking care of my body more!

  16. I started at 376 pounds in October, 2018. Decided to change my eating habits and accept a slow weight loss. Took years to gain, so I accept years to loose. I turned 65 This past January also. As of this date, April 23, 2029, I am at 325 and my A1C has dropped from 9 to 5. I do not consider myself as dieting or exercise a lot, just eating more protein and less starches. Its all in the mind set.

  17. honestly 2 pounds per week is too much for someone who is at a healthy weight but is looking to firm up.. go for 1 pound per week.

  18. How about 100 pounds, that's what I need to lose to be 191. I'm very active 90 to 120 minutes in the gym a day. Huge stomach though.

  19. I just recently started trying to lose weight. I’m 5’7” and 250 lbs. my first week – not really even dieting just taking notes of what I eat and exercising more than normal – I lost 2.5 lbs. I certainly feel motivated to keep going.

  20. Is this a good diet?
    1 egg 1 cup of black coffe in mornin

    1 cup of rice(or something else such as tunna fish,chicken breast or something else) and black coffe lunch

    And for dinner a fruit shake and
    yougurt for dinner

  21. I've lost 47lbs in about 3 months, I've been on a sort of fasting diet. It's called a 16/8. It's when you go 16hrs without eating then you have 8hrs to get in the nutrients you need. I go 8hrs sleeping without food, 8hrs at work without food, I drink plenty of water throughout the day no sugary drinks and then when I get home I eat dinner usually chicken, vegetables, and a Protein shake before I lift. I have a pretty physical job so I only work out for about 30-45 mins.

  22. Hit like if you are one of those people who are spending their whole life just losing & gaining weight again & again?

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