What I Eat In A Day for Weight Loss

What I Eat In A Day for Weight Loss

really quickly I just wanted to let you know that I actually am so excited to announce I am having new merch come out this week July 11th 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time so excited legit I wear these all the time they're so comfortable the joggers are amazing that I love and not only that but I also made this really dope video that I'd love for you guys to watch so here don't forget July 11 Chappell you recom 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time I love you Bertier what's that so in today's video I'm gonna be doing a what I eat in a day vlog basically and just taking you along my entire day and showing you every single thing that I eat these are really popular on YouTube and then on top of it too if you didn't see at my recent video where I explain how I finally lost weight and then I saw a nutritionist and I liked all of this whole the whole video you should definitely go watch it and I'll have it linked down below so basically in that video I explained that I saw nutritionist and pretty much for the past few months every single week I'm on a different meal plan so it changes up all the time depending on where I am what we're like wanting it's insane feel like I just said still watching that video so please go watch that so I was so excited to show you guys this because I'm not even kidding like I eat so much food now and yeah I'm just like the healthiest and fittest I've ever been and this is a legit what I eat like I'm not throwing any of this away I'm not pretending to be healthy can I be honest this is the first time that I've done something that's so sustainable and where I'm not restricting myself so much and it's just awesome that like ah I don't know my mindset with food has just changed so much so I just really want to give hope to anyone out there who's struggling with that because food used to have like a weird hold on me and it's just so crazy to me that I can eat this much food be happy and still somehow lose a few pounds here and there it's insane so sorry I'm talking so much anyways here's what I eat in a day also I'm gonna warn you I started this vlog at like 7 a.m. in my face is like puffy and my voice is like Mara so anyway and also don't forget to subscribe and follow me on Twitter and Instagram all that good stuff and okay now good morning guys so it's currently 719 a.m. so I pretty much workout I feel like every single day around like 7 a.m. and normally I would go to like Equinox or the gym and do like actual cardio like on a Stairmaster or bike or something but today Ashley I are just gonna do a nice little height it's not too crazy but that's what we're gonna do for a workout this morning's before every single workout we always have one of these things they're called splits this one is peanut butter and blueberry spread so this isn't breakfast in any way it's just an little snacks like get us through our workout and it's they're really good you can't I just woke up my voice like murmur just right the top and then you fold it and then you yeah and it literally tastes like a Smuckers Uncrustables oh my god sugar not sponsored you can Loki get some on Amazon shall we hike well this is not a cute angle okay so I'm definitely balancing my camera on a tripod and it's not secure so let's hope it doesn't fall okay so for breakfast every single morning I actually have a shake I can have an omelet if I want to to kind of change things up but honestly I freaking love this shake if you watch my vlog channel I have a second channel which is my vlog channel you guys would know that I literally have this thing every single day it's so good it literally tastes like Reese's I like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup just like milkshake but let's zoom you guys it also if you guys saw my morning routine video on this channel then you would see the recipe for this also don't go through it again random really recommended the nutribullet for me and I swear by it so basically I just put some ice in a cup like this and the recipe is one banana chocolate protein tablespoon of almond butter this is my little hack I swear I use a piece of spinach to like clean the spoon some of you guys noticed that in my vlogs and you guys were like yo you're freaking genius like I know and then this is optional but I like to just do like a handful of spinach so the easy way to like get your greens in there and I swear you don't really taste it even if you absolutely hate and despise Tiny's fit in there you really want to sit because the peanut butter and the banana are just like so overpowering and then obviously like I said there's no dip I can't talk we're good I don't have dairies I actually just use a little bit of water and I still that's like this much I'll show you guys hi I would rather have my smoothies on the thicker side so there's a lot more flavor versus if you put a lot of water that's totally fine too but it's a little more watery and I feel like the flavor isn't as like boom in your face but the plus side is the more water in the more ice the more actual smoothie you have but I would much rather it be like on the thicker side and taste like super good so always do just like the tiniest bit of water maybe yeah just like right there as you can see like this consistency is so freakin good it's like an actual milkshake yeah okay so it's currently at 12:22 and normally by now I would have had a snack already um so today I'm just kind of running a little bit late but normally I would say around 11:00 11:30 is when I have my first snack and it's a fruit so basically I can have pretty much any fruit and then the serving size it's kind of just like one serving of fruit so it's like one Apple one banana a cup and a half-ish of strawberries or like a cup of berries yeah so honestly my go-to is usually an apple as you can see we have a ton of bananas I usually try to save these for the smoothies because actually I go through these so so fast before I started this whole like fitness nutrition journey like I honestly never had snacks in between I pretty much only had three meals a day I've learned how important it is to like have snack so can I get honest I remember always wanting to like have an apple or have a snack or something but I just figured well if I'm gonna have that like that's a lot of sugar or that you know I'd rather have a real meal than like a snack but now I love my snacks so much now I look forward to them so much okay so coffee break you guys know we always got to have a coffee break not every single day but most days I usually have a coffee at home okay so it is currently now 147 p.m. I usually have lunch around I would say like 1:30 2:30 one of the joys I'm working from home is I can actually like take time to make my lunch which is really awesome one of my go-to s is just a huge salad with chicken because frickin one of my faves you should just put like a whole bunch of lettuce veggies are pretty much however much or little as you want now obviously you need to eat some vegetables but what's great is I feel like I'm never really hungry cuz anytime if I eat my meal and I'm still hungry I can snack on veggies which is why I make a huge ass salad because it's like you can just have as much as you want which is awesome so like so for my lunch I don't have any starches so there's no like potato or rice or anything like that but like knowing you can have as much like the biggest salad you want and something really nice and I'm not gonna lie your girl loves cards like I honestly rice and a salad bread in general all that pasta isn't one of my favorites so at first I was really nervous because I didn't I didn't think that I'd be able to really go on a low carb diet like this also by now I am starving like the Apple is gone okay so as far as avocado this was one question that I had when I first started with so I was told I could have half a day roughly so I usually leave it up to myself I don't know if I'm supposed to to decide if I want to have a quarter of it like twice throughout the day or just have half as one serving but then that's my whole serving for the whole day okay I thought my hero is falling so I like reach to get it but then my sneaker like skidded so it made like a huge pretty noise this is what we have going on next we have all the veggies all the lettuce but we have other protein so I get six ounces of chicken for lunch so I shouldn't have to weigh it by now but I think there's something very satisfying about getting it at exactly 6 ounces ok so next I always love putting just plain garlic powder and pepper onto my salad and then for dressing what's so nice is this one's actually okayed it's Newman's light Italian which is so crazy because I actually grew up on this dressing so when I found out that it was okayed and that I could use it I like got really excited because it's one of my favorite ones I'm pretty sure I can have up to two tablespoons of this a day so usually I use all two tablespoons of that for lunch so basically all this do you like two capfuls okay so here is the finished salad I am so excited this looks so freakin good I just one of my favorite Falls ever I'm not even kidding also like a little Frank's redhot oh my god so good it's like Buffalo salad okay so I finished my lunch I am actually really full believe it or not and what's amazing too is actually getting a snack and probably like a little over an hour also I wanted to tell you guys I haven't talked about it yet water I feel like that's actually a huge part of my what I eat in a day I drink a ton of water like I'm not even kidding I try to have about five of these a day and these are 32 ounces and I've noticed the most drastic difference of when I actually drink a lot of water and when I don't this is what is mind-blowing to me because it makes so much sense even if I ate my meal plan like to a tee I was so strict I didn't have any cheats or anything like that and if I was working out every single day and I was following everything so exact but I wasn't drinking enough water my body would still store fat because if you think about it like we obviously need water your body's in a state of like trauma basically because it's not sure when it's gonna get any more water so it holds on to it so like that's why water weight is such a thing I don't know about you guys but I swear I can hold out like 10 extra pounds of just like water weight like my body's so sensitive to that so needless to say drink water I think it's such an understatement of how important it actually is in this whole fitness thing so I am constantly tracking water I'm constantly having to do as a bathroom kind of yes but update so it is almost forest right now I'm actually getting ready to leave soon because I'm gonna be headed out to a training session but it's actually time for a snack so let's go downstairs and get one okay so I'm gonna have a banana and some almond butter cool so right now the two snacks before dinner are both split so in other words I can either have another one of these guys or I can have an actual fruit an actual like tablespoon of nut butter so if I'm on the more hungry or side then I would definitely do like real food but then if it's just for more convenience or I'm not that hungry then I usually reach for like an actual split and again like I could have an apple if I want I could have blueberries but can't go wrong with Jess okay I'm Pam almond by a question of the day what's your favorite fruit comment below so it is currently 608 612 p.m. just cat training for an hour so I just finished I'm currently heading home so it means it's time for another snack normally I have my third snack before training I think it gives me a little more energy but as I've said a million times in this video it's kind of behind today I'm told it's really important to make sure I eat everything in order which like kind of makes sense to me so this is perfect because I'm really tired after my workout I feel like this will be a nice little snack because I'm pretty hungry right now also not sponsored wish I was free sports for life that would be great okay well I am that is my third snack of the day and I'm going to drift home way back and we're starving so it's currently 8:30 every night I either have 8 ounces of fish I usually do salmon or 8 ounces of steak like a filet mignon which is so good so I already marinated at my salmon I just put like a lemon garlic rub on it and then a little bit of sriracha especially in the airfare guys it's changed my life so freakin much its we're just gonna lightly spray pop this guy in there because I pretty much have the same thing all the time I think like the best way that I go about changing what ie is I just kind of think about like what flavor and vibe I want like for instance I was kind of like a spicy mood tonight so like a healthy chow mein Asian thing or sometimes I'll just do like salmon and veggies just grilled veggies or another huge salad though chopped up the celery mushroom carrots and onions and then I'm going to stop pay them okay and then for seasoning we actually are obsessed with these like flavor god ones guys they literally have so many so there's like Italians s Chipotle everything okay so now the veggies are pretty like good so I'm gonna add in some cabbage or just have this cabbage mint and I swear the cabbage of the bean sprout kind of I know it's not noodles but it really gives the vibe was like chow mein would you agree yes like fully I swear by it I'm not kidding I've literally had this like every day for the past week is like the cabbage thing a chow mein whatever okay this probably does not like appetizing whatsoever but I swear and then like I said I love spicy food so I'm just gonna drizzle some sriracha on this specifically I have salmon or steak every night and like eight ounces is a lot of food when I first started this whole program like I could not eat it all like I was so full and now I can eat it all I can no problem well have honestly I could like eat more sometimes I'm not even gonna try to go into the science but it definitely is something about like having like a fatty fish at night helps you one sleep better like there's a whole bunch of different health benefits and then also helps like recover all your muscles and stuff so I don't know I just do what I'm told okay guys so a snack good night every single night before bed we can have a fruit serving there are a whole bunch of like scientific reasons as to why I do this I can't tell you half of them right now something about how it raises your insulin levels it helps you sleep better but it's actually really cool too because I feel like after dinner I'm always wanting something sweet what's really cool too is like if I'm ever really craving chocolate I can have like a dove dark chocolate square which is funny cuz like knowing I can have that I swear I never really have them but it's nice knowing I can have what if I'm like really craving chocolate or something but this kind of helps without craving too if I'm ever like wanting something sweet you can also do like a sorbet just like a little bit of that but I just do these note guys they're kind of like little smoothie things but no cos are like nice before bed because they're like really light or it's not like an apple or something you know and my favorite flavor is the strawberry pineapple so I'm gonna have a link in the description box because I want to get some again you can get them on Amazon so freaking good so I always look forward to this before bed and this is the last thing that I eat in a day early 10:19 and I'm gonna go read for a little bit and go to bed but um yeah that is my what I eat in a day video I hope you guys like this I hope I don't know i-i've been wanting to come one for awhile I feel like it's really fun and literally is like a go-gurt my childhood right anyways let me know if you guys want more videos like this and I'd love to do them so yeah I love you guys no see you later okay bye

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  1. She could really try more to use less plastic. Veggies don‘t need to be wrapped up in plastic, they have a natural skin to protect them. Also all the plastic cups, her Split snacks, noka etc. It‘s not that hard to avoid it and it would make such a big difference, especially as a role model

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