hey uh sorry about the whiteness this is my cabinet but I don't I didn't want to take the time to like set up everything uh anyways I didn't meal prep yesterday because it's a three-day week fourth of July I took the fifth off because we're leaving town on the 4th and so I just have three days so I just I'm gonna go for a few shopping my longitude that was going to go to waste anyways so I'm gonna figure out what put a my lunch box I'm so far I have my coffee how'd she know we're really working on you know what this is okay I'd only just for him in the face anyways okay that's all the crap I brought up his name didn't put away anyways um coffee it's going to be the typical on the creamer sixty calories for that and then twenty five calories for collagen the siftin have any flavor at all can do up to three scoops I just do like a heaping just feel like keeping scoop somebody said you could whisk it but I don't even get like those pretty whisk to do that this is easier than using like a spoon so oh good idea cuz a little bit gets left on the sides but just kind of dissolve it and it's gonna go but yeah it doesn't hate just change the texture eating of your crops about the flavor and then I just eyeball two tablespoons accrue BER it has never been an issue as far as losing weight so I don't worry too much about that I'm using this a new cup my mom got me see it there was a piece of thing so cute okay lunch we got hurry I need to get out of here I have breakfast sandwiches there are a hundred fifty calories already there so I'm gonna break at work I'm gonna bring this burrito it's non-dairy something scary hurts my stomach or it'll be at work feeling sick they're just 320 calories so I'll have that I'm going to bring these pretzel crisps these are a hundred calories sparkling lotta zero calories these Amy's burritos are like six or seven points by the way and these are three or four points so it's three four hundred five fifty it's like pretty good sour cream and talk about fasting sour cream I'd be usually using the Chobani saver this is a Greek yogurt but it tastes like sour cream it's not like the plain yogurt that everyone says is a do because no it's not that stuff is salwar you'd like the worst way so just gonna cut it eyeball tablespoons and that this is really low in calories so I don't worry too too much but these little cups usually only fit about two tablespoons anyways so definitely not overdoing it and the Taco Bell sauce is 0 points:0 calories so just however much this stuff is also super point friendly it's like zero points up to two or three tablespoons and then you can have like eleven tablespoons for one sparkly it's crazy but awesome and I use this in recipes like the set has been the best find of 3:19 basically I've been really into these Russell Stover so I think I have a different flavor here already but they're the sugar-free they're sweet sweetened with stevia they're about 65 calories apiece and they're just like good I've been digging them so when you pack one of those okay say what it we've got breakfast lunch cupboard coffee ready to go and I will talk to you guys in a little bit okay so we're on the way to work now I've gotten stuck in some traffic there was like emergency vehicles passing so I've been at this light for like a long time because every time it's our turn to go another one comes in the light immediately changes after they go through it so I had a lot of time to it er my day pre track my day so I've got big coffee my breakfast sandwich my burrito with Giovanni savor the pretzels which is gonna be lunch and then dinner is I'm gonna do breakfast for dinner I have a video collab coming out on I didn't host it I'm just in it and it's for I don't actually be out by the time you see this so it's the brunch collab and I was kind of making this a good because it's brunch and I forgot like the main thing that I needed which was the Weight Watchers holidays at my house that I was at worrying's house that I just didn't go to drove all the way home with it all the way back just to cook us breakfast so we just decided to go to brunch and I'm gonna eat that tonight for dinner so that I can make it for the video but this is such a good recipe I would eat this I eat every day so I'm mad about it at all but I protect that which is 330 calories freakin delicious best eggs benedict but you can make homemade for like the calories I would say the best you know to me it's like it's homemade and it's really low in calories and it smart points so overall it's a really good recipe so I'm gonna have that tonight but I've got everything three trapped and I have three 12 calories left for the day so that put me at like just over a thousand calories which is good because I might look like a staff at work and if I do I could have like a bag of chips or whatever we have those like bitty bag so you can from like stamps or whatever and they are usually 150 or less calories so I can help those if I would it but we'll just see how the day goes and I have some those chocolate so I have that that I also wearing and these this cute ring stack these are all this is for rates can y'all see that ignore my tails I'm getting the DUT like soon probably tomorrow because we're going out of town for the 4th we had Morgan and I haven't got right now set in a while I've been trying to let them grow it's not as well but that's all I better stop chatting I will show you pics or videos of everything that I eat today we have those extra 300 calories which are going to be a surprise uh-huh and I will talk to you guys later on after work I did her at some point today hey I'm home from work I've got a load of laundry done about to fold it out and start editing on my computer and then also I have a carbonated water that I'm about to drink this is the lemon one the same one that I had for lunch but I'm just obsessed with carbonated water you guys all I ever want so I'm gonna have that I'm just waiting on we're gonna get off work and then I'm gonna go over there and make dinner hang out with him tonight um I'm editing a what 8 in a day video that's also going to have an Amazon try on hall with some stuff that I bought for our trip which I'm excited about because pretty much everything was a winner I had to send one thing back and I got a different color and a different size but it's the same thing than he would already came love it so I'm pretty excited about that um and then speaking of Amazon I also have started a Amazon I don't know what you call it like a storefront I guess it's kind of like Pinterest I like can put all of my stuff in lists like Pinterest boards I can name them just like on Pinterest I mean it's all stuff that I buy or that I would buy things like that I do so much shopping on Amazon I would say I own over half of the stuff that I've put in the store or want to own plan to own one day and basically I'll link it for you in all of my videos and you can find anything that I talked about this from Babel on it'll already be in that storefront for you and it's closed it'll be under the fashion would if its home decor I have a home decor one and it's pretty self-explanatory just click on the the subject in which it is I've linked my phone case on there I've linked by so to see that I've got tons of questions about I have my lunch box in there that I've posted especially my like earlier videos I used this one specific lunch box which I still love and I switch it out pretty often but I have that link to there I've got lots of kitchen gadgets home decor stuff that I've purchased for my bedroom I have my dining chairs my rug in my living room like everything you could need or everything you would ever see in my video is LinkedIn but Amazon store so that is exciting um there is some sort of referral I get something if you buy from a leak I'm not saying that you should go buy a bunch of stuff it's totally up to you you can just look at what it's called go to your own web browser and I get nothing nuts totally fine but I didn't want to put that disclaimer out here there is some sort of referral program I haven't really even figured it out yet I don't really know but in order to have that sort of Amazon storefront that comes with it it's like some sort of referral bonus I have no idea how much it is I have no idea I don't know anything about it um but I did sign up for the Amazon thing not doing that so that's kind of cool it's kind of an added perk I guess but I get asked for those links a lot and I've linked him for a lot of people in Amazon or on Instagram so I thought it'd be easy if everything was all in would place it did her to browse and the things that I've already bought and the things that I played today so if you like Pinterest check it out cuz I'm there all the time um but yeah we've got to edit that video the what a new day with babes on hall and then tonight I'm baking the bread recipe was to be posted tomorrow and I'm so tired it's like one of my top favorite recipes I don't cook that off over the weekends so I never get to make it because I worked bunny through Friday so that kind of works out perfectly that I'm gonna have it for dinner tonight I'm pretty pumped about it but that I'll edit tonight it'll go up tomorrow the video you're seeing right now I don't know it'll probably go up Friday or later it might even be next week because I'll be leaving out of town it just depends on how much time I have tomorrow and Wednesday to edit before I leave town we'll see sorry if you had to wait a week to see this but anyways that's what I've got going on just folding laundry denigrate red carbonated water I'll probably turn on some YouTube and then are gonna get to edit it just wait on Morgan to get home for work come on let's go driving down to the floor I wanna see you moving slow come

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  1. I love Hutch! The spray does not work on my two cats. Not afraid of it at all.Great video and love anything by Amy's. Those burritos are really good! The points used to be low back in the day but still worth it and are very filling.
    Also, thank you for having a section for cat necessities on your Amazon shop. Figaro and Sox say thank you. 🙂

  2. I so just added a bunch of stuff to my grocery list after watching your video lol im defiantly gonna try that chaboni  and see if I can find it at my walmart

  3. I use the single serving cup on my Ninja blender to blend in my collagen powder with my coffee. Works great.

  4. Couldn’t agree more about the Greek yogurt way to sour!!!…Totally picking some of the Chobani low fat yogurt next grocery trip!!!

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