What If You Didn’t Exercise at All?

What If You Didn’t Exercise at All?

Exercise: the one thing we all want to do…buuut,
you know, I’ve got this huge project at work, can’t ever seem to keep up on the
housecleaning, DEFINITELY after the New Year. Uh huh. We’ve all got excuses galore, but what’s
happening inside your body if you DON’T exercise at all? Well, let’s review my list here. Hmmm. 1. A bad complexion
Exercise gets blood flowing. With good circulation coming their way, skin
cells get the nourishment they need. So if they don’t get the goods (a.k.a.,
you’re not working out to boost blood flow), you might see more acne, dullness, and wrinkles
on your face! 2. Itchiness
If you don’t move your bod, your system gets used to a low-activity lifestyle. So, let’s say your buddy invites you to
go for a walk or bike ride around town. This sudden spike in movement will send your
circulation into a frenzy. Blood will rush to your muscles and skin,
the increased pressure will start tickling the nerves there, and you’ll start itching
like mad. 3. Shortness of breath
While you’re taking a stroll with your pal (and digging your nails into your thighs),
you’ll also find that you can’t seem to catch your breath. Any physical movement that’s more than your
norm (which isn’t much if you don’t exercise at all) will have you feeling winded. A short flight of stairs, running for the
bus, even cleaning your house will have you taking breaks to catch your breath! 4. Low energy
Don’t expect to feel alive and vibrant if you spend most of the day sitting. It’s all got to do with that blood pumping
through your veins. Exercise boosts circulation, and you already
know what that does to all the cells in your body, not just your muscles. Without regular physical activity, your whole
system sort of goes on stand-still, and your energy levels plummet. 5. Sleepless nights
If you’re not using a lot of energy throughout the day, your body will have a hard time going
into Sleep Mode. Just because you feel tired, weak, and lazy
all day, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to fall asleep immediately come bed time. Exercise helps tire you out, so your body
desperately craves rest when the time comes. 6. Sugar cravings
A lot of the consequences of not exercising are connected, and this negative effect comes
from those low energy levels. Your body will crave sugar for a quick fuel
source to boost your energy. The problem is that you come crashing down
not long after you fill yourself with junk food and caffeine. That means, the more candy and soda you take
in, the more your body wants it in order to keep going. 7. Mental fog
If your brain isn’t getting much oxygen (you know, because poor circulation and shortness
of breath), it won’t be on top of its game. Without regular physical exercise, you might
find yourself having a hard time concentrating on tasks, staying focused, and processing
information. You ever walk into a room and forget what
you came for? Exactly… 8. Lightheadedness
Blood pressure can fluctuate when you don’t have a regular exercise routine. So, let’s say it’s on the low end and
you bend down to pick up something you dropped. You stand back up, and boom – instant case
of the dizzies! If your blood pressure is too high, you can
have frequent headaches, irregular heartbeat, and even vision problems! 9. More sick days
Better sleep, a healthy diet, and all the things that usually come with an active lifestyle
all help to strengthen immunity. If you’re living more like a sloth, then
expect more sick days from work or school. Before you rejoice at that, don’t forget
that a weakened immune system can make you susceptible to stuff that’s way scarier
than the cold or flu! You need your body’s defense system in good
shape to protect you from the really nasty germs and infections out there in the world! 10. Weak muscles
If you’re not moving your muscles, then they won’t build strength – period. Without exercise, you might struggle just
to lift the grocery bags and carry them into the house! Even standing for a long time can wear you
out. 11. Injuries
Building strength in your muscles often means improving your balance and sharpening your
mental clarity. Let’s say you go to pick up those grocery
bags and end up throwing your back out because your muscles are being overstrained! Or maybe you can’t endure the weight, so
you drop a bag, and all those canned goods fall on your foot! Ow! Perhaps the bag in your left hand is heavier
than the right one, so you lose your balance and take a tumble. Yeah, exercise often means fewer injuries! 12. Stiffness
You don’t just build strength when you work those muscles of yours. You improve flexibility as well. No stretching in the form of physical activity
means painful muscle and joint stiffness. Of course, my next point only makes this one
worse… 13. Poor posture
You might associate your muscles with lifting dumbbells and flexing like Schwarzenegger. But they’re so much more important! You need them just to hold your body upright
as you’re walking, sitting, or standing. With weak muscles, you often get slouching. And what does poor posture mean? Back and neck pain, yes, obviously. But it also causes poor circulation and organ
function because of the pressure you’re putting on your innards! 14. Digestive issues
Yeah, if you’re squishing your guts (and starving them of oxygen, overloading them
with junk food cravings, and so on), don’t expect them to work right either! That, and since your body is on stand-still,
your metabolism will do the same. Then come digestive issues like acid reflux,
bloating, and irregularity. 15. Bone problems
Exercise strengthens your bones too. Weight-lifting and high-impact activities
like running or jogging put pressure on your bones. Your body reacts by strengthening them. Without that, your bones become less dense
and more fragile. That means higher risk of fractures and loss
of bone mass. Bone loss is especially dangerous because
you don’t really see the symptoms until it’s too late. 16. Mental health issues
Your brain contains happy hormones. Physical activity, among aaall the other things
on this list, also boosts the production of these mood-boosters! Without exercise, depression, anxiety, and
mood swings can appear or worsen. So give me the happy hormones! 17. A less-than-desirable reflection
Ok, let’s recap here: you’ve got weak flabby muscles, dark circles under your eyes
from no sleep, bad skin, and poor posture. Doesn’t make for a very nice picture, does
it? Who cares about what other people think? It’s your own self-esteem and confidence
that can take a nose-dive because of all these physical consequences of not exercising. Then you won’t want to socialize, and it
just snowballs downhill from there. Another confidence crusher will be… 18. Weight gain…obviously
Think of it this way: your energy levels are low, which also means your metabolism slows
down. You’re craving all this junk food and not
burning the extra calories off in the form of physical activity. They stick around, fat builds up, and no surprise
– weight gain follows. Don’t make Jabba the Hutt your role model. Now, I’m not going to preach at you to go
out there and hit the gym, join a track team, or kick your sibling or roommate out of the
house so that you can buy a bunch of equipment and turn their room into a workout space. Not that it wouldn’t be fun. Or that you need to stop watching TV and playing
video games altogether because those are the culprits of a sedentary lifestyle. No need for drastic measures here. Just get out and get moving! And start off small – you don’t need to
do a 180 overnight… Keep it simple. Set a limit for your TV time, and take a walk
around the block once it’s over. Make it a rule: 1 hour of TV=20 minutes
of physical activity. Even as you’re watching TV, do crunches,
push-ups, or plank during commercial breaks. Hey sometimes when I’m watching football,
I’ll get up and run in place as hard as I can during the actual play, and stop when
the play is over. Works up a sweat for sure. Wanna scroll through your social media? Make yourself do a set of jumping jacks first! Again, be sure to set a time-limit though! You gotta earn that scroll! Waiting for your coffee to brew? Bust out some squats as you wait! Don’t just stand there and brush your teeth
– that’s boring! Some standing high-knees shouldn’t be too
difficult to do. Easy, don’t step on the cat! Turn on some jams and dance as you’re getting
ready in the morning. That’s my personal favorite (not so much
my neighbors’)! There are so many ways you can include physical
activity in your day-to-day. Leave your own recommendations down in the
comments, and feel free to get creative! Anyway, you can even multitask and make it
a social thing with your friends. Oh, that really gets fun because then your
competitive spirit comes out! Who can do more lunges? Play a game of basketball together. Hey, you might even find some new interests
and make new friends! If you start slow, your body won’t be shocked
into this new healthy lifestyle. Just commit to doing a little something everyday,
don’t skip a day, and eventually you’ll work yourself up to a regular exercise habit! But for now, I think I’ll shake my groove
thang while I go out and get the mail! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

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  2. Thanks bright side to make more determined i do cardio in the morning and gym in the evening πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Sorry but most of this is not true. At least for me it isn't. I haven't exercise in about 5 or 6 months. I only stopped exercising because I was seeing zero results. And I was always on that treadmill mostly every single day. Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. For about 15 or 20 minutes each. Which is why I stopped exercising. What is the point of exercising almost every single day. When you just going to see zero results from it. And it's been months and I still don't have most of these problems. It is true that I do suffer from severe insomnia. But it isn't because of my lack of exercising. It was brought on from my depression. Something I have been suffering with for over 10 years. And my depression was only brought on from the lost of my idol MJ. And yes I do spend most of my days playing video games. But that is because those video games is the only form of anti depressants that I have.

  4. That was me before I started exercising, wow, what a difference, a bit of Tai-chi and power walk in my lounge, or a mall walk. Losing weight and feeling good. Good information! Thanks x

  5. Why did I watch this, this is me 100% I’m always tired and out of breath, I itch like crazy, and drink soda like water, also I am prone to fainting I really need to exercise but I’m too depressed

  6. When you eat bad you have no energy, eat good you will have energy to move and food = fuel. You shouldn't want to just lay on the couch cuz you are bloated, eat well and then you can burn it off right away.

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  9. Thank you πŸ™ this is very helpful and motivating and totally true
    My favorite video of yours is 15 yoga poses that will change your body. It’s such an easy yet effective way to start doing yoga πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ and getting good results.

  10. I'm a Badminton Varsity player and also a Trainor
    When i start to work i stop to do some footwork and workouts in just 1 month
    I feel like my body is so heavy and i can't even think that i will do some workouts again ..

    But i'm happy now that even i'm working
    Once a week i'll exercise 😊😊😊

    Over all This is sooo.. Truueeee 😊
    Hug plss . 😊

  11. Hahhaha… I don’t exercise but I’m on my feet constantly: I get up l, get kids breakfast, school lunches, then get ready for work, walk to bus stop, then serve customers for 5hrs and clean, finish work, walk to bus stop, get on the bus, sit down for 6mins then walk home(7min walk) then catch up with kids and get dinner ready and I stand up till 10:30pm till I go to bed then I wake up and do it all over again. You don’t need to pay for a gym membership. I use my house cleaning as exercise or jogging to the bus stop and I have arthritis

  12. As the saying goes; "those who say they don't have time for exercise will sooner or later find time for illness"…..πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. I define exercise as the multi-purpose drug which is quite soothing for the body and soul.

  13. I swear all my random knowladge comes from these vidos lol some og it is common sense but reticulated beautifully so it sounds extremely intelligent but I always get at least three random facts that I either knew and needed to know more about or something that motivates me to do something better… Like right now I need to exercise a whole lot more… And the hole brain fog thing Nd it changing due to circulation which I always knew but thought it had to do with the weather LMAFO and obviously lack of energy due to being sick or just bumming around the house for a few days… either way I love these videos. I hate how I have to wait to figure out what the first picture is about every time but I get that that's just good marketing LOL

  14. I love that video, recently I had an awful cycling accident and this backs up the fact that I am a exercise nut means I am still alive. Thank you for this video bright side πŸ‘πŸΌβ˜ΊοΈ

  15. what if you cannot exercise because of hesart complications….and blood pressure comes up? what kind of execise do you suggest ?

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