What Physique Pros Eat for Breakfast | Steven Cao’s High Protein Egg Scramble

What Physique Pros Eat for Breakfast | Steven Cao’s High Protein Egg Scramble

hey what’s up muscle and strength
IFBB Pro Steven Cao here from BPI today I’ll be showing you guys what I used for
my pre contest breakfast so I’m sure you guys well be cooking today when I’m prepping for a show I try to
keep things very you know creative that way I don’t get tired of eating the same
foods so I try to mix things up and throwing like little things to make it
taste better so first thing I’ll be doing like a handful of spinach for the most
part I have a coach that actually manages my diet and I just follow what
he puts on the plan and I’ll add in little things to make it taste better
but for the most part I’ll be following the plan usually even if I’m not
prepping for a show the food will be pretty much the same but I will have
more carbs like I’ll throw in some rice cakes with maybe some peanut butter just
to have more food because you know I’m not in the deficit but for the most part
my offseason and pre-contest diet is pretty much the same it’s just more
carbs or the lesser carbs and just varies always use a scale when I do the
egg whites just to make it really accurate Oh 10 ounces I just throw it in there
just add 10 ounces of egg whites and then I’ll do 3 whole eggs you know then
I’ll do one serving of this it says 2 ounces per serving so I’ll do the same thing
I’ll just weigh it out just like this make sure you tear it so it’s on zero and
then you just pick add just put a lot actually you just stir it up a little bit I’ll
try to make it like an omelet so it’s like it’s pretty big and usually I’ll
eat this meal and then I wait about maybe up to three hours and then I’ll
have my pre-workout meal two to three hours depends on how I feel but this
should hold me off for a few hours I always try to make my breakfast my
biggest meal because typically I would do fasted cardio when I first wake up
and then you know my body’s literally just starving for food
so right away I try to get in a really dense meal right after I do my faster
cardio while this is cooking up I’ll get my oats ready so that way both here at
the same time I usually just do a packet of this cinnamon and spiced oats and
then I’ll add just a tiny bit of water throw it on a microwave for about three minutes so this is pretty much done it’s kind of
like this I try to make it look like a omelette but sometimes it doesn’t
come out that way so be like I like scrambled eggs and then this it says 28
grams per serving pour it right over the top just like this so just to make it just a
little cheesy er because it makes the eggs it’s better I’ll just put it right
over the top I like to do these little tricks just because it’s more
sustainable when you’re dieting especially if you’re doing like a
12-week prep for a show you want to be on a diet that you can maintain for a
long period that way you can keep up with it I feel because I’ve done preps
before where especially like my first show I would put no seasoning there just
be like just straight-up plain and for me mentally it gets tougher because I
just it doesn’t taste as good you know and just doing these little things
it makes it takes like 10 times better and it doesn’t really have that bad of
an effect it’s pretty much along the lines of what my coach wants me to use when I did my first show I was clueless
about cooking to be honest with you and then as I did more shows you know I
started watching more YouTube videos on how to cook certain things and he’s got
really creative with it so it makes it actually a lot funner too especially instead of just eating plain old food I like to you know mix it up and add certain
things and for my oats I like to add a little bit of some ground cinnamon just
to make it taste better I’ll be adding half a scoop of I say HD so it’s about
25 grams per scoop so half of this will probably like twelve point five grams of
protein I just do for the taste this it makes it taste a lot better when I make my
oats I’ll put a little bit more water than usual that way it’s more runny so
when I add you know a half a scoop of protein it makes it mix a lot better and
it just tastes a lot better too it’s more volume whereas if I were just put
it’s like a lesser amount of water with the oats it comes out really dry and
just really hard and not that pleasant to eat so those are just like little tricks
that make it no taste better alright guys when I eat my eggs I would
like to add like you know some kind of sauce to make it taste better too
typically I wouldn’t cut out you know sodium at all when I prep for show is
actually more essential for me because I it actually keeps me full so I’m running
low in sriracha but I’ll be adding a little bit of
sriracha to my eggs just to have you know more flavor to it and as far as you
know it’s the sauces as long as there’s no sugars and carbs or fats if it’s just
pretty much like you know zero calories you’ll be fine I’ll also be adding some
with pink saly I’ll actually be adding it to
my oats too just to have a little kick to it but yeah this is my breakfast

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  1. These guys would have no life when they’re off their steroids,and will have to change their whole life once they stop 😂

  2. I'll tell you what these fake bodybuilders eat for breakfast! This 💰💉💊💰💉💊💰💉💊💰💉💊💰💉

  3. Genuine question regarding the macros: isn’t 64g Protein a lot for one meal? I thought the body could only digest ~30g every couple of hours. Could someone clarify?

  4. eggs and oats?
    i tought this one is going to eat pancakes and kebab or something different then 100% of others

  5. Do you guys minding checking out my YouTube channel I just made my first video n I’m excited for you guys to check it out !!!

  6. Physique was created for money…nothing entertaining about a mediocre guy that looks like hes been working out for 1-2 years

  7. It’s crazy how jacked most of these guys are…. but put complete CRAP FOOD IN! It’s mind blowing

  8. Those "little tricks" that make your meals more "sustainable" are the difference between 1st place and all the losers! Notice how he has a "trick" for every single item he cooks, addall those "tricks" up and that's a whole lot unhealthy for a body builder!!!! That's what you struggle to lose the last couple weeks before competition. I've watched The real Champions n they all say "I don't eat for taste" I eat because its what I need to do to win"

  9. I never understood the point of using egg whites…then adding in whole eggs…just use whole eggs

  10. Lmao. That’s instant oats and the package says 2 minutes. Just saying.

    Edit: I posted that before watching the video. I see the need for extra water and time. I’ll stfu now cuz my body is nowhere as good.

  11. confused on how he measures the eggs while in the container… alot easier if he uses a measuring cup then breaks the 3 eggs and stirs them

  12. 3:20 Did he just say he was adding a "tiny" bit of water? His version of tiny and mine are completely different.

  13. "just a little bit of cinnamon". Pours insane amount on oatmeal that is already cinnamon flavored. The fuq bruh. How can u even enjoy that? Basically did the cinnamon challenge.

  14. New Title:

    Before Shows, Little Tricks To Make It Taste A Lot Better and a Little Better Just For Flavor and A Little Kick To It

  15. Everybody in the comments that says "roids" can't even bench the 135.. smh 😴🤧 Keyboard Warriors these days..ain't got nothing else to do but try to put someone elses hard work to rest..and if he even is on gear, who cares.. like don't get me wrong, roids are very bad for your health but i can't stand seeing ppl genuinely comment "roids" lol.😂 i would only care if someone was on roids if they are misinforming their audience with bullshit that would only apply to somebody on gear or any other bologna.

  16. No offense but this guy looks like he has been going to the gym for a year. Not competition material yet. Maybe in another 2 or 3 years

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  18. Pro tips:
    Costco for egg whites , more cost efficient.

    Never crack the egg over the skillet, unless you want to fish for the little annoying egg shells 💪🏽😉

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