What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Lunch | Johnnie O. Jackson’s High Protein Meal

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Lunch | Johnnie O. Jackson’s High Protein Meal

IFBB Pro Johnny O Jackson here what’s
up muscle and strength we’re here in my kitchen welcome to cook what I eat for
lunch fish is really important when you’re bodybuilding because less fat you don’t have to worry about the fat content and more
protein in all positive protein so you know I do tilapia and white rice white
rice is a simple carb it’s easy burned your body takes it in use what it needs and
it’s easy burn up the rest that it doesn’t without having lingering
calories in the body so it’s not a complex carb like oatmeal’s complex carb
potatoes are complex carbs so once you eat them they lay in your body a little
bit longer thus more chance of it turning into fat so with this I don’t
worry so much and then also the black beans it’s a good carb source but a good
protein source as well if you didn’t know that they’re going I’ll pop the
beans in the microwave you know it’s a filet is you know
there are the filets that you can get you get from Walmart or somewhere like that
that’s really flat you know those and then you got the thicker fillets that
you get from Costco which I have and yea they’re awesome clean not as gaming with
the rice there are faster ways to cook rice unfortunately I have the boil in
bag today success rice boil in bag that’s the rice I like but there’s Uncle
Ben’s also that’s a bag that you a microwavable bag that you put in for a
minute 30 and that’s obviously quicker because this takes 10 minutes to cook
where that is a min and 30 to warm up it’s precooked so I normally have those but
this is just as fast as just as convenient for me keeping it simple was so
important because once you get you know it’s fine if you don’t have anything
else to do in life but to you know sit there and prepare your meals and all
that stuff you know but I got a pretty busy life so you know I don’t have time to
sit there and prepare everything exactly the way I will want it or think of these
fancy deals to prepare so I just keep it simple so I get my food in me when I was
supposed to and I’ll keep moving down the road you’ll figure out really quick
and to be successful you don’t make things complicated you
keep things simple so you make it convenient so you can do it at the time
you’re supposed to do it and keep on down the road you don’t eat for comfort
you eat for convenience you know and the convenience is staying full so you can get
big alright guys this is my normal lunch
like I said white rice black beans and tilapia a good protein carb mix simple
tastes really great does the job so this is what I recommend if you’re not sure
what you want to do for lunch you can’t go wrong

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  2. 117 grams of proteïne in this Meal? I dont believe that..At the most between 50/60 grams i think..
    Maybe I’ve been wrong, there are 26 gr out of 100 gr talapia fish.. so it could be..
    it’s a lot anyway

  3. "positive" protein… "simple carbs burn faster so less chance of turning into fat"… complex carbs bad cause "lingers in body and more chance of turning into fat." fucking hell lol

  4. Tilapia taste good but it’s trash fish. It’s farm raised and it’s being raised poorly. Authentic tilapia comes from Africa and not many food companies are getting their tilapia from African. They’re getting farm raised from China

  5. OG Johnnie o' Jackson his a beast and well respected bodybuilder, great conten and quik and easy meals…we need more of him cooking/workouts his phenomenal..

  6. did he just say complex carbs have more chance of turning into fat!?! wtf how is this when simple carbs have a much higher glycemic index?

  7. Amaizing how stupid some pro bodybuilders are. Come on johnny j. Black beans also have 18grams of fiber per can. Im not saying hes stupid just saying some are not very bright

  8. Maybe it works if on steroids but beans are bad for testosterone production. And tilapia is toxic fish no one should eat

  9. Interesting comment about the white rice, it's hard for us to compare because these guys are huge so their metabolic rate is crazy, I use brown rice for bro reasons lol

  10. Why do pro bodybuilders try to avoid dietary fat? Good fats like saturated and monosat have so many benefits, even some that can apply to bodybuilding.

  11. It's great how nowadays we are eating more legumes and beans to get our protein needs instead the old school meat only, alot easier on the digestion and colon lol, great vid muscle and strength keep em coming

  12. 117 grams of protein in one sitting? White rice over brown with no mention of it being a post workout meal? I knew more about nutrition at age 19 than he does at age 45. Please stop showing in any capacity other than lifting in the gym.

  13. Uncle Bens is my go to. I also like the ones that are small meals that have beans and other spices in them if I'm crunched for time or lazy

  14. Johnny how do you feel after giving so much to the bodybuilding world no one asks to take pics with u in public? and all these fitness sluts with 6 months of training making 6 figures and selling more training program than you?

  15. This dude is an idiot steroids are killing his brain cells with all that shit he spouting about complex carbs🙈

  16. We know whoever exercise eats a lot. We wanna know abt their steroid cycle cuz we know they all do it. Just come out and show us so it will educate us.

  17. It’s nothing clean about Tilapia especially farm raised 🤢 If I do white fish I’m looking for wild caught Cod or Albacore

  18. Simple carbs better.lol. Oh yeah. Eat cake because of the simple carbs, because you will burn the sugar off faster, and eating porridge or sweet potato will.cause you put in weight, that is basically what he is saying. Do not follow his advice on carbs. There is a time and place for different carbs source, but what he said is wrong.

  19. Yo 2 tilapia fillets and rice and beans is 115g protein??????????? Since when. There's no way in the world that what he's got on that plate is that many grams of protein.

  20. You better wash those beans first before eating them… Or prepare yourself to keep farting for the next 3 days.

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