Wheelchair Bodybuilding: “It’s About Giving Hope, Inspiration And Motivation”

Wheelchair Bodybuilding: “It’s About Giving Hope, Inspiration And Motivation”

NICK SCOTT: A champions mind set is you don’t
let anything come in the way of your dreams. NICK SCOTT: To make this happen of the 2016
on a classic, it is truly an honor because it is the dream. COMM: In March 2016, professional wheelchair
bodybuilding was featured for the very first time at the Arnold’s Sports Festival in
Columbus, Ohio; one of the biggest stages for professional fitness in the world. The
promotion of this sport is being down to the efforts of Nick Scott. NICK SCOTT: This is not that it can’t be
done or it is impossible but it is about finding a way and that’s what it is. I found a way
to make this happen. LUDOVIC MARCHAND: For me, it was my dream
since the beginning and I always wanted to see Arnold or Mr. Olympia for wheelchair. JOHNNY QUINN: To be the first ever professional
wheelchair bodybuilding division at the Arnold Classic, I mean it’s an accomplishment that
I never thought I’d be able to do and it is definitely a life changing event. NICK SCOTT: It is not about me, it’s not
about them but it is about giving hope, inspiration, motivation and they are true warriors of this
sport. It is the never give up mind set. COMM: Since wheelchair bodybuilding was granted
professional status in 2011 by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, the
sport is being dominated by Harold Kelly. He’s so far has won 7 of the 8 contests. COMM: He started bodybuilding competitions
in 2000 and has been in a wheelchair since injuring his back in a car accident in 2007. HAROLD KELLEY: Life is challenging. For those
who walk it is challenging, you know. And one of my biggest mottos is like walking is
overrated. HAROLD KELLEY: I can get from point A to point
B. I can get from point A to point B fast; I can get from point A to point B slow, just
like everybody else. HAROLD KELLEY: Body building gave me another
whole avenue of life and more I get into the more I love. More feel like a natural fit
for me. COMM: Veteran competitor Ludovic Marchand
won the very first NPC Amateur Wheelchair Bodybuilding competition back in 1994 but
had feared he might have retired before getting the chance to compete to the Arnold’s. LUDOVIC MARCHAND: All the years the went by,
I got older and older, I kind of quit because of injury but when Nick told me about this,
I had only like 1 year to get ready. LUDOVIC MARCHAND: I say, that’s it. That
was my dream. I need to go back no matter what. I didn’t do it to win or really anything.
I did for myself first and because it was my dream. JOHNNY QUINN: Just great to see the response
that we get from people when they see us up there on stage. HAROLD KELLY: Actually we were like, man a
big family really man. At a show we definitely wanna help each other out, we applaud each
other on stage, you know ‘cause this is a smaller group. HAROLD KELLY: It need to grow and it is growing. COMM: Harold wins the Inaugural Arnold Classic
Pro-Wheelchair competition and Ludovic finishes in 2nd place. Now they are all looking to
the future and to finding even greater exposure for their sport. NICK SCOTT: The next stage in the phase for
wheelchair bodybuilding is the Olympia. NICK SCOTT: The Olympia is the Superbowl of
bodybuilding. They are very supportive but they are certain criteria that needs to be
met to make that happen. NICK SCOTT: But for us, we have to earn the
right to roll on that stage. HAROLD KELLY: For me the future, push the
envelope as far as I can keep pushing it. I am going to try hard every show, everyone
that they have to be there, be present, be in the front row and present. And that’s
a promise.

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  1. I actually like this, it's better than having to look at those vulgar, monstrous legs in the regular competition. 🙂

  2. All you guys are my Heros, No none loses . I have been in a wheelchair since 2001 nobody knows what we go through be strong and love Jesus.

  3. For all those dudes at the gym who like to curl, curl, curl but never do anything else? You've found your sport.

  4. Yea yea… wheelchairs and lots and lots of roids. Come on, these guys are obviously juicing.

  5. Funny how everyone of these comments are probably posted by people who would get their face's pushed in by these guys if they'd be man enough in rl to say this type of shit to them, it's a damn shame how they dedicate their lives to legitimize the sport they love and try to earn respect from others after overcoming such hardships that most able bodied people take for granted just to have such discriminating childish behavior bashing them for being disabled being encouraged on the internet.

  6. why does that one guys need to wear cargo trousers…. it ruined the entire black/dark slacks theme they had goingggg ;0;

  7. Bullshit. Missing legs doesn't affect the upper body capabilities whatsoever. You can do pretty much every exercise but legs. Nothing unusual here.
    The real challenge would be one-armed bodybuilder.

  8. steroids or not, these dudes are in wheelchairs and have great upper physiques a lot of the common population would give a leg for! inspiring af!

  9. Hi guys, my name is Patrick Kenny and I am designing exercise equipment for wheelchair users for my final year thesis in college in Ireland. If any wheelchair users would like to help me could you take this survey, it shouldn't take more than five – ten minutes

  10. Bravo guys I'm impressed my name is Sharon from Pittsburgh been wheelchair-bound for 12 years I have to drive I had the will I have the courage in the hope to do anything I've mastered this chair I work out 4 days a week at Planet Fitness trying to master my body with nerve damage I'm not paralyzed I have movement and feeling so that gives me Leverage I need someone like you in my current situation to help me cut and shape my body is there anyone of you guys from Pittsburgh I could really use your help it's different from working out when you're standing up versus sitting down if there's anyone out there that can help me please feel free

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