Which species are immune to the Flood?

Which species are immune to the Flood?

hey guys welcome back we've looked a lot recently at species that many have considered being immune to the flood infection in the past merely because of their absence as combat forms but in fact aren't immune they're just very very rare or not present at all in the original trilogy today we are going to look at two species in particular that are actually genuinely immune to the flirt and one of them I've had quite a few requests to talk about so I think a fair few of you will appreciate this video so let's waste no time and get right into it the first species that are immune or that we can very very strongly assume or immune to the flood of the engineers now the engineers are a really really weird species despite them being members of a covenant they were actually originally created manually by the foreigners towards the end of the foreigner flood war using nano cellular technology the engineers were created to serve almost as servants for the foreigner builders used for maintaining and repairing foreigner mechanisms and structures and also in some rare cases were used for medical reasons as well by the life workers because they were artificially created we can assume they don't necessarily follow the sort of conventional rules of being a living at least partially intelligent being they don't have organic internal organs rather they have nano cellular versions of them intended to function more or less similarly but ultimately they aren't the same that not even close you can't replicate life now although we've never really been told much about their biology or the neurology we can assume from this that a nervous system is structurally different to other species the flood can in fact but on a deeper level because it's not organic it's not natural based on this alone it's already a lot harder for them to be infected but there's one little detail that comes as close to confirming their immunity to the flood as actually humanly possible the fact that the engineers survived the firing of the halo rings the way a helos pools cleanses the galaxy of the flood is by killing their food aka the species they can in fact and it does miss it by destroying their nervous systems and therefore leaves them unable to be infected by the floods hence killing their food because the flirt can't use organic matter as biomass to expand seeing as the engineers survive this pulse it clearly shows that their nervous system is completely different on like multiple levels for your conventional nervous system that the flood know how to in fact that is if they even have one at all they might not even have a nervous system given that their artificial and were built towards the end of the foreigner' flood war where the foreigners were getting completely destroyed by the flood and they were learning how are trying to learn how to counter them maybe the engineers were designed to be flood proof either way it's clear that the engineers have some sort of immunity to the floods but sadly we don't know the extent of it because we don't know anything really at all about the engineers they have a very very mysterious makeup this idea of artificially created flood proof species leads me perfectly into the second flood immune species these are the Promethean nights now the night two were built in the later days of the foreigner' foot war where defeat for the foreigners was sadly all but inevitable the Didact now insane with the logic plate planted within him by the grave mind tried to plan after plan to find some sort of miracle counter to the flirt all without a veil his final and most extreme plan was to turn the Prometheans his most elite group of living foreigner warriors into digital as mice's essentially a eyes capable of controlling metal bodies built for war completely uninfected all by the flood in doing so he built a small yet extremely effective army of strong uninfected soldiers the Promethean knives built in various different sizes with different specializations they were controlled by the most elite group of warriors and the entire foreigner civilization and were sure to succeed given how efficient they were but they didn't they were the most efficient army the foreigners could have ever asked for so why didn't they work well given that they were controlled by the elite Promethean foreigners their extreme comic proficiency meant they were very very small in number and therefore very very small numbers of Promethean Knights were made being immune to the flood really only gets you so far when the flood outnumber you like ten billion to one and despite the fact that the Didact expanded the nice numbers by composing thousands of innocent humans they were still unsuccessful ultimately the Knights fell to the flirt along with the rest of the foreigner civilization despite their immunity to the parasite however given that the Knights are active again now in the current Halo universe albeit kind of different I'm looking forward to seeing how the food is adventure returned affects the nice and it's gonna be interesting if we ever actually get to see the Knights fight the flood because that was the one task that they were built to carry out they were built with the sole purpose of destroying the parasite maybe one day that will happen I guess we can keep dreaming but anyways there you have it two species with known immunity to the flirt there's likely more out there but for now these are the two primary ones that we know of I think it's no coincidence honestly that both were created by the foreigners and both were created during the final years of their devastating war against the flood when total defeat was all but assured but on the bright side it gives both of these species very very cool backstories I mean it's a shame the Prometheans are so boring to fight because their law is so fucking cool like it's such a shame the biggest disservice for the Prometheans is how boring they are to fight because man their backstory is cool as fuck anyways huge shout out to my fellows over on patreon for the continued support especially during a slow period where videos like this one are substantially shorter than my usual ones but yeah ardent tomahawk Taylor Evan Lucas Momo Ritchie Shikata foxy millionaire Jack Madden Stefan Cossack Eric Brown and son Grafton thank you all for the continued support and everybody else too I really appreciate it thanks a lot for watching guys and I'll catch you in the next one you

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  1. Here it is! The final video I upload before I officially become a full time YouTuber on tuesday 😀

    After a while of looking at species that people believe are immune, but in fact aren't, today I thought we'd take a look at 2 species we know are immune to the Flood! There's one correlating factor between the two of them that might just be the reason they're both on this list… Enjoy friendos!

  2. The knights are not completely immune to the flood because the flood can use the ai's knowledge to manipulate them

  3. You know how in high charity they keep the corpses of arbiters there wouldn't insane t be interesting to see infected arbiters in a future halo game

  4. i think the knights need to look different, remove floating parts to them. i think them being fast would been great thinner cause that huge thing on their back was just a easy target. if they were fewer in number with being back up by sentinels instead of the crawlers. make them harder to fight as for weapons i think a new sword design been great with the blaster we had seen before in art work of the forerunners using themselves.

  5. how about the lekgolo combat forms, a single floodspore is bigger than a lekgolo worm, i don't think they can infect them like that

  6. I know why the flood can starve it’s because when it takes control of a host it gets all the body parts too such as the belly of humans or Aileans soo there for the body of the host dies so the flood loose any control over the host there for the flood dies off because there’s no need for something that can’t infect

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