Who can LOSE the MOST WEIGHT in 24 Hours - Challenge

Who can LOSE the MOST WEIGHT in 24 Hours – Challenge

the weight loss stop now I think our day Oh it's the McDonald one in the last video whoever gains in that way in 24 hours won $10,000 however today we're gonna step to a whole new level because whoever loses the most way in 24 hours win $20,000 did you say losers this is gonna be easy this is gonna test our willpower resiliency determination we've double the money on the line we're gonna find out who the strongest competitor is once old Marty big mugs mum about because skinny milks mom I'm finally mugs I moved in the past I have what it takes to lose weight unlike mum who's only proven she knows how to gainer Wow and guys if I win the challenge today I'm going to be using the money to do my biggest giveaway ever so watch to the end and show the support to team morgues okay it's time for the weigh-ins and I'm going first however I'm not going to be taking my shirt off after what happened last time [Laughter] oh my gosh oh forget why I said it felt like a g-string she seems to be generous more like a piece of string month is your turn on the scale 9.8 well it looks like the scales are still broken then now those two losses and out the way let's get a real winner on the scale sold Martin steps or what is is way gonna be point two hahaha me is all muscle unlike you right guys I'm in my gym gear and I'm ready to go and I know I've said this align the past but I really mean it the way it last starts now see that sign guess wha that is all gonna change starting from now we've just had a gym in the house can you keep up with mums intense work let's find out you know I don't there's another two of us two of us my widget good now I was not to do 24 hours straight guys come here it's really strange sounds cool from the gym well I guess that explains the sound size clearly the gym is occupied there was two morons a too busy fighting for the treadmill however I have a strategy I'm gonna go to the shop right now while I have an opportunity and try and get as many supplies as I can I need to think about keeping the calories low while keeping my energy to the boys self guys since it is the challenge video I'm going to give you guys watching at home a challenge right now Russell sprouts I don't care what anybody say these things shouldn't be edible they're disgusting spin it she's just like lemon leaves that someone just picked up of a tree green beans they don't want my babies to me watch flat mushroom skies they eat one of these will I double in size like Mario that'll probably gain a lot away I'm not getting those and now to top it off a nice juicy thank every you'd be running for 20 minutes I was after such a good start and the Marty's sweaty bald head up to go and ruin it but it's okay though guys because I'm Thursday and I didn't take a drink a nice fresh bottle of water Morgan's got loads of different drinks in there spry banter Rubicon is a cool hmm I suppose it's not very healthy but I have just worked really hard maybe a little sit there that was that was a nice well that was a big sick better just hide this somewhere so it knows suppose there's a loop of me lettuce I think that's our day don't know what this is you know guys I think I've had enough food for now no more preparation needed it is time for the exercise to begin you're about to see a side of me you've never seen before to yeah yeah yeah we did one rap Oh who's laughing now huh yeah five six seven you will talk to me but I got the last no problem Oh Oh bow guys I promise I'm taking this challenge seriously the chocolates just got the better of me maybe I should just go outside for a run where there's no distraction nothing to eat nothing to drink just me and the room Timo I'm back on track let's do this this challenge okay if you think your girl is impressive you've got nothing on me guys the competition is intense clearly all the way of the competitors earn it to win it moving she took the mats eight years ago I think she will do some sit-ups po'boy ten minutes ago she said she was going out on a run Morgan I think we better watch out but she's really going for it yeah mine by the looks of it she really wants to win this one well Morgan don't stop let's keep going one of us got to win this Oh Oh No guys look it's the Macdonald I'm gonna come this way my arch-nemesis find a little good on me again yes so maybe I'll just pop in and get a bottle of water but yeah because I'm really thirsty I've been running for ages and and now probably use the toilet as well because I've been holding it in for quite a long time so I'm just gonna go straight in get the water I'm not gonna look at the burgers I'm not even gonna put them I'm just gonna be straight in and out trust me guys I'm being honest I wouldn't lie to you if you moments later I just don't know what happened I went in I asked my bottle award sir and he said Twinings in a house owners would ya big back I think it was a smiley just not too many I know you don't think I'm taking this challenge seriously guys but I am really I am I just added another weakness a lapse in judgment for a minute buddy won't happen again I'm intending to win this one after I finish mopping mag and guys at least I got my ward sir I need rest right lead arrest just over hundred bench presses oh it's not holding on the treadmill yeah all day oh we need the marketing and perhaps we should just go out a light snack that's all about you do let's go I guess one more little snack won't hurt right Martin we're here but just remember I know you tired and you're hungry but salad only nothing fattening stick to the salad bar Jill don't worry I want to win this competition so I'll buy that lots of salad and I want to win it Martin that's why I thought I'll be anything to eat today anyway Martin let's get going that salad isn't gonna eat itself wow this is so nice Manson as well we are almost all solid we're taking this challenge so seriously I'd love to see that you are signed up I am as well anyway oh it must just be something that they left on the table from before it's okay Martin what's the main meal whatever just make sure you eat your salad course I will Martin George a sausage wow that's some oh it's been so nice I really enjoyed it you look like you've enjoyed your sides as well I just had a few bites out at them hold on till the blades awake so cool that salad was off Martin so I'm gonna get some fruit now to make up right drew sounds like a good idea Jill I'm gonna get some food okay let's go look at all this will be through I've got I've got grapes melons Orient's it's really healthy look I've got grapes – hmm yes so he's healthy yeah you've got professionals ice cream some candy cane just because you've got one grape on there does it mean it's healthy well Martin I think that's exactly what it means Oh God you're just having your way our meeting well that was nice I mean nobody solid I feel powerful really solid yeah excuse me you tourniquet but we just got a solid marks all said you have a smaller desert was quite big not small anyway geo never mind about that I've got to get back to work there's a couple more hours left pushing small weights out yeah well I'm gonna do some more situps I can do this more I don't need you to tell me guys this is why we said don't try this at home we're going to call the cameras now and get Morgan to hospital this way this way this way this way come on later wait I say why am I here again I feel fine I just want a little bit too much I'm fine I think we should just go back home Morgan it's not safe what happened to you I need to get you checked out we just can't respond by the challenge Morgan there's bigger things that stake here than the challenge you know what um no I don't want to do it I'm fine I smoked it come on oh my gosh sit down for a minute sit down sit down why do I need to sit down all you've got to do Morgan is just wait a little while wait wait wait wait for what here's the thing Morgan whenever in the hospital they said they had appointments but not for one hour what what no I cost they have for an hour I car stay here for an hour because the way how could I be it the way and how can I win the challenge how could I prove to everybody but I I'm the best more than just sit down please you know what mom I will sit down but not here next to you I'm going over here Julie said Ebor alright why they wanted to stay here so bad obviously Martin if he stays here there's only two of us for the weigh-in so we've got more chance of winning Jill it's true what to say about you you are an evil genius anyway Martin let's go the doctors coming for him soon I'll have no way of getting home so we could go into the weigh-in quickly Jeff that sounds great but JT yeah but no one's gonna know but who cares anyway come on there's money at stake Marty let's go Martin this is it it's time for the final weigh-in yeah I'm feeling pretty confident yeah I think I've been quiet disciplined today I've been doing a lot of exercise and I've not really a much bad food at all whatever Joe the scales will reveal the truth yeah hmm Big Mac now guys my weight before was one hundred and fifty nine point eight let's see how much I've lost today Phoebe oh she's on the scales guys I don't understand that guy's no right I've worked so hard today I've been running all day the scales are obviously wrong again first get back on the scales and we'll see if they are wrong in my opinion this challenge should be abandoned because obviously the scales are wrong and I don't see why I should put myself through it all again but but but if you insist I'll get back on them just to show that they're wrong that much food today you could have broken the scales now this isn't bad this just it's not fair there's obviously a conspiracy going on around here Oh Maddie knows well guys all I gotta do now is getting these scales I'm sure that I've lost an ounce 24-hour challenge easy and another thing guys and platformers not here I'm Gladys at the hospital bill Vox after there's no competition the mood is mine that's well giving me now Martin just got all the scales and get over with you ready get the scales my always Martin you just rub in this thing argue you you feel like you've worn just get all the scales on let's just get it over with gets on the scales Martin please you say what no I said you think you've won you need to tell the scales to prove it don't you play to all those challenges you laughed at me I'm gonna savor this moment oh this really what we missed again that's a couple more incy wincy Alice's I've just lost uh okay this is it I am actually gonna get myself weight now because I am winner hello Martin hello will you do near a fire in a hospital you come here you must be a hospital I talk to Marcia Martin don't boss me doctor there was never an equipment moon made the whole thing Oh fancy robe but nothing there was never an appointment I'm sorry mark and I didn't think he'd realized well anyway Morgan if to lay the wanes over I've won no my you were so busy showing up taunting me you know this is ridiculous this is not fair he should be at the hospital with a doctor and I'm gonna win anyway at the first weigh-in my way was 172 point – let's see how much it's got down oh my gosh this is oh my gosh water seven wool bring it on bring it on that means that martin has gone down one point – this is not gonna be easy pebble but you did all this for nothing you traveled all this way from gospel back oh nothing at all you are not gonna be back in the first way in my way was one 95.7 after eating healthy running a full marathon and lots of other exercise inside by now if I walked more we go yeah scales are wrong Marlon boom I think you both know what that means the money – in the last challenge may have worked but this time around cheating wasn't enough to get you – I didn't want to win anyway kini Amon it guys it's your twins of my biggest giveaway ever the link is in the description of below the items in this giveaway are going to be worth thousands click the link in the description right now before it's too late and also don't forget to subscribe to the channel for bonus entries link in the description guys

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  1. morgan is the champ of all challenges, so this has very good and healthy chalenge. šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜›

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  4. This is the first time I realized that this was the next video after the who can gain the most wait

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    The 9th word is the strongest person on earth ???

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