Why My Weight Loss Plateaued Recently // How I Fixed It

Why My Weight Loss Plateaued Recently // How I Fixed It

you what's up guys thank you so much for joining me today if you could just take a moment and check out my channel see if it is a channel that you would like to be subscribed to I would love to have it here as a subscriber I talked about healthy weight loss natural living again healthy recipes natural lifestyle tips talked about living in Hawaii and I share my life here so please subscribe that it's definite you are interested in today what I want to talk about is why my weight loss plateaued and what I did to fix that so if you are on a weight-loss journey like I have been number one it's really important to make sure that you're giving your body what it needs I see a lot of young girls and guys too just eating a lot of crap and then when they want to lose weight they just eat less of the same crap but still crap and so we really want to focus on Whole Foods using a tool called chronometers can be massively helpful to make sure that you're getting everything that you need number two with weight loss you want to make sure that you're getting the most bang for your buck so in my opinion eating a plant-based diet is really going to give you the most bang for your buck you can eat the most volume feel the most satisfied and you're going to be giving your body a lot of fresh awesome nutrients and number three is something that I learned from my friend Ted which is to focus on fitness if you focus on making yourself as fit as you can be and just constantly trying to improve your fitness level don't compare yourself to other people we're just look at your own personal fitness level and try to improve it track things make sure that you're actually making progress and really challenge yourself instead of looking at the numbers obviously it's feels really nice to see the numbers on the scale go down but the numbers of the scales will go down even if you're just losing muscle so we don't want to necessarily have the scale be our tell-all for whether we're actually making progress so I share what happened to me when my weight loss plateaus and what I was doing at that time so my weight started out somewhere around 145 I don't know the exact number because I didn't start weighing myself until I've already lost a little bit of weight probably about five pounds and when I was weighed I was about 140 and that is the most that I have been in a really long time and it's not necessarily the number on the scale that is what was upsetting to me it was more so the path that I was on that caused that happen and seeing the number was just a reminder for me of all the things that had happened to me that past year in order to make that happen and so I'm doing my best to like not be triggered by a certain number on the scale but I think it's something that maybe as a woman you're just always a little bit sensitive to so what I started doing was I basically started having my roommate weigh me and I didn't want to know what the number said I just wanted to know that I was making progress and I was doing a lot of cardio and I lost probably about another five or ten pounds since I had initially gained a lot of weight and so I was probably at about 135 137 something like that and I got stuck there for a while and I was really frustrated and my friend and roommate at the time Christine Salas was out here and she is like fitness guru she's so freaking fed and she just has the genetics to like build muscle really well go check out the scenes channel if you are looking for awesome hit workouts to do she even shares her gym workouts as well and recipes and stuff like that you can check out her channel I'll put a link in the description so what happened was Christine was out here and she was working out with me and I was so grateful to have a gym buddy and to have someone to kind of tell me what to do because I've always felt like fairly confident in the gym using free weights and all the machines and stuff like that but I wanted to just know like what Christine was doing and I wanted to follow what she was doing and it was something that was completely different than what I had ever done before she was doing squats with a bar and deadlift and just tons of stuff that I had never tried in that time I made a lot of progress as far as strength I probably built a good amount of muscle because the place that I was coming from was like not exercising at all and people call that newbie gains so I probably had a lot of movie gains initially I decided to have my roommate weigh me my weight hadn't changed and I was really frustrated because I felt different and my clothes were fitting differently and I felt stronger and fitter and happier and I still was able to push past it and you know move forward to keep doing what I was doing because I knew that overall I was still making progress but I just felt like oh I'm trying so hard it's just not happening and what I kind of realized was the type of training that I was doing with Christine was really focused on building muscle getting stronger and when you're doing that kind of training your muscles are like baby baby baby so I was so hungry because we were at a gym for a really long time so I was really hungry I would come home eat a lot and I started to track my calories and I realized that I was eating a lot more calories than I'm used in the past which may sense to me because I was working out a lot harder than I've ever worked out before just the type of exercise that I was doing was very different but I wasn't really doing that much cardio I think that is what really kind of tripped me up as far as my fat-loss kario is something that I always used to do I would say five or six days a week not a ton of cardio but I would run at least one or two miles a day and then walk a few miles and so I was just kind of burning those extra calories in cardio in addition to doing some strength training stuff it may have plateaus my overall weight loss but that doesn't mean that my fat to muscle ratio wasn't shifting and I was still losing fat but I wasn't losing a lot of weight it wasn't showing on the scale I could have very well been gaining half a pound or even a pound of muscle considering where I was coming from and the fact that I was getting Newby gains once you get to a certain point it's going to get harder to gain that same amount of muscle but when you're first starting off it'll be easier so it's very possible that I've put on a lot of muscle very quickly and even though if that went down my weight stay the same if you guys are doing training that is not really involved in cardio and you're doing a lot of muscle building exercises then you might go through a period where you're not necessarily losing weight and that's okay because you are getting stronger you're getting fitter and then when you do start doing cardio when you do start changing the type of food that you're eating you start changing the amount of calories that you're eating your weight loss will start to come on really fast and that's what happened for me just the word building in general makes me think like I need a lot of food or I need a lot of parts to build something and that's what happens when you're working on building muscle you want to eat more because your body is trying to grow it's trying to get bigger trying it stronger as soon as I started to incorporate cardio and bring my calories down by 100 or 200 calories because I wasn't doing as much strength training then I started to lose weight a lot faster it's got fun to experience the different sides of your body and see what your body can do and I'm really excited to be a totally different weight than I used to be before before I gained all my weight I maintained between 115 and 118 pounds and I maintained that weight for a very long time I think that just based on where I'm at right now that I'm going to be a similar size to how I was before but I think I could possibly be even 7 to 10 pounds heavier than it was for and much stronger and much better because I have so much more muscle on me and I've really been pushing myself to have better fitness with Christine with Ted and working out with people that are stronger than me that are really motivating that is amazing for me because I was always just working out by myself and I was just like yeah like good enough is good enough if you're going to the gym or working out regularly right now and you are not seeing results let's say you are going and you're walking on the treadmill for an hour every day if you spent 30 minutes instead of one hour doing high-intensity interval training you're going to burn more calories and you would just walking up the treadmill for an hour and you're going to sustain more calorie burning longer so your results are gonna be so much better and this is what I'm seeing for myself right now this is what I've seen with my other friends who do hit workouts with Christine I saw it in my friend Lindsay who started doing hip workouts you can spend less time working out and have more time for yourself and burn more calories by doing higher intensities done now if you have health issues that are causing you to not be able to do higher intensity stuff then don't worry about that but if you have the ability to push yourself and you are healthy I would like to challenge you guys if you've never tried high-intensity interval training to give it a shot because it really does work and you can just spend so much less time working out you will just improve your fitness level you will improve your calorie burning you will just become a calorie burning machine if you change the way that you workout I'm really curious to hear from you guys if you've had a similar experience to me and if you've ever had a weight loss plateau and what you did to push past that comment down below with any questions that you have for me about weight loss about health if you would like to work with me to heal any chronic health issues that you have or even just lose weight feel better whatever you would like to do I work with a lot of people that have chronic fatigue adrenal fatigue ask me anyone who has digestive issues and things like that you can check out my website at megan elizabeth dot-com slash coaching I would love to work with you to help you reach your goals and make sure to comment down below tell me what's going on with you I'm really curious I love to comment back and interact with you guys so I really appreciate you watching this video again make sure to subscribe to this channel thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you another video soon you

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  1. If you gained all that weight on a plant based diet, it might be because of your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/adrenal fatigue. That's what happened to me. The metabolism in CFS sufferers is messed up, so you end up eating every 2 hours and overeating on calories by as much as 1,000 for some people. This causes a slow weight gain. And how well you feel in a given year is not an indicator of how much your metabolism is messed up. For example, I have had CFS for 20 years and sometimes I've felt 100% healthy and living a normal life for years and other times I'll be ill for many months, but I consistently overeat regardless if I'm in a sick period or a well period. So that left me heavy even on a high carb plant based diet. However, I found a way to change my metabolism, and now for the first time in my life, I don't need to eat every 2 hours and I eat the proper amount of calories for my size and all the weight just dropped off over the course of a few months. And that is all while I'm doing zero exercise because I'm in a sick period and unable to exercise–not even a five minute walk. You have to treat the underlying cause.

  2. The scale doesn't lie though…measuring tape is the ultimate in knowing if you are on the right track with your body fat and water ratio. People could not be seeing results in a short amount of time and then all of a sudden, melt. The thing about HIIT workouts, could be a bit sketchy for people who don't know how to do good form. I got injured doing them and had to readjust the workouts and modify a lot bc of it. ..but also, I find them to be a good supplement to endurance workouts..both have their place. when training for a marathon, one would do fast twitch muscle racing , sprints, track running, trails, tempo runs and long long endurance miles…we need them all to create an over all fitness level and get through the race..similarly, if one does HIIT then they need to incorporate more cadio for purposes of a good heart and also it lends us serotonin. I guess in primal times we needed both. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but as a rule, I believe in over all fitness. If someone is training for something that requires to get them good in that one particular event, then mostly likely it's good to focus on that as the primary sport..but even the best marathon runners do other workouts to keep an over all fitness level. There are other factors to consider..there is good sleep and proper hydration as well as the right nutrients at the right time. Meaning, I had to eat 3 dates every hour on the hour when I ran anything over than an hour. Plus, a good tip is to eat something with glucose within 15 min of a workout to reduce inflammation and soreness. Hope this helped. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was a fit girl once upon a time..hahaha, still am, but I was really proud of how far I have come from not knowing anything at all. Best of luck on your journey. I am also on the way down in terms of my weight. Back on raw and loving it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I've just started getting serious about exercise the last few months and experimenting with different things is actually quite fun. I enjoy doing HIIT on the treadmill, for some reason I actually find it easier to run at a higher speed for a minute and then walk for a minute (for example) and keep that up for 20-30 minutes rather than jogging at a moderately high speed for 15 minutes straight. I just have to learn how to run on my forefoot, because I land heavily on my heels and it hurts ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Great advice! I am usually around between 117 lbs and 119 lbs at 5ft 7 and high raw plant based vegan whole foods diet on and off for much of my life (I'm now 30).I naturally gravitated toward this kind of diet even as a kid just out of instincts, but now I 'm really grateful that I did because I def think it's way healthier than highly processed food. I have a background of dance,so that tends to be my cardio (mainly hip hop ),plus I enjoy yoga and a bit of light weight training –I totally agree that a mix is cool. As a med doctor, my brother kindly keep an eye on the nutritional side of things–he also stresses the importance of zinc for good thyroid/metabolism health (I take zinc drops),also B12 for energy and for woman a small amount of healthy fats that contain a good amount of vit E and magnesium is good for hormonal balance (a few almonds and a bit of avocado is good too–I think these type of foods are good in small amounts, even during a weight loss programme?).Plus,alongside the important practical & physical steps, I think that having a positive mental approach is cool too? Coming at it from an attitude of self acceptance and not beating up on ourselves too much? I think that if we put on a few lbs,and if,for example, one of our friends was like "Eww,hit me up again when you've lost the weight cuz I don't wanna hang with you looking like that",that wouldn't be a good friend. A good friend might help you lose the weight in a kind and supportive way,but not reject you in a harsh way..not necessary! So it's great if we can be similarly kinder and more self accepting toward ourselves and not beating up on ourselves too much like so many of us seem to??

  5. theyorkefan- Hi! I understand your frustration. The reason why I am losing weight with hypothyroid is, first I detox my body by eating organic produce, (primary greens) once a day for 3-5 days a week in a row with nothing in between including fluids. No fluids until dinner. I prefer to eat dinner only. Then, I eat twice a day for 2 days with a fruit snack in between and repeat the detox cycle diet for 5 days. I continue this cycle. Through this, I eat only and mostly organic produce with a 3 ounces of lean meat and salmon. I only drink glass bottle mineral water. I avoid anything man made, all flour, sugar, powdered spices containing msg and other chemicals (except organics spices), processed foods, and all restaurants, tab and plastic water, and fluoride. These just creates more hunger and cravings than normal. I refused to eat in restaurants, because I don't know what's in the ingredients. If I get hungry on the road, I go to the food market in the produce aisle and buy a salad or a fruit for snacks. The only sugar intake I get are organic fruits. I go for walks 3-5 days a week. I've learned with hypothyroid, this is the only diet procedure that is successful for me. I'm very active on researches for hypothyroid to get the understanding on maintaining good health. Good luck to you! You can do it!

  6. So basically you just incorporated cardio into your routine along with the HIIT workouts you were doing? How many days a week? I've been doing HIIT for a month now 5x a week and haven't lost a pound, but I feel much stronger. I was always a small girl and then I took antidepressants for 8 months and gained 30 pounds. I'm literally at the same weight I was when I gave birth to my son. I've been off the meds for 6 months and It totally messed up my metabolism. I'm having a hard time cutting calories because I feel ravenous after HIIT workouts. I was just thinking of doing cardio the other day-even though I hate it. This just gave me motivation to go ahead and do it.

  7. for me, my biggest gym platuae was when I was really iron deficient(this was coming off a junky lacto ovo veg diet). this is why nutrition is so important. I had no energy for my bigger exercises like squats and deadlifts. it was so discouraging. i feel so much better after eating more greens and taking garden of Life iron for awhile. I can actually make real progress now.

  8. Megan, can u do a video on what you are eating for health and weight loss? Thanks for the great content of your videos!

  9. I find I actually gain a lot more weight when I exercise a lot and burn more than 800 calories per session. I have had the best success by maintaining a lower intensity workout and just eating a bit less because when I do a lot of biking it just makes me ravenous.

  10. Yesss!!! Love this video (and not only because of all the nice things you said about me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It's crazy how much adding muscle changes things! Love you and can't wait to work out with you again <3

  11. I am also weightlifting and at a plateau. So essentially you recommend that I introduce more cardio and eat less? I still do weights though, right?

  12. Hello Megan! Good advice you've provided. I'm on a weight loss diet. I lost 15 pounds and still losing. Finally it's successful. I gained weight due to hypothyroid. It was hard at first to lose it, but I've learned that, eating behavior by eating the nutritious food for your body, is the key to weight loss. Once you eat the right foods, your body automatically does not want the "junk food" as I call it. I am going through that, now. It's so easy for me to reject any junk food that comes my way. I'm very happy. Thanks for sharing your video! Good video.

  13. yes zgym is fun. I had lost over 50 lbs with HIITS. consistancy is key. I'm worried getting back into it. if my adrenals can take it. had a rough year last year

  14. I finally became fully vegan ….been just about 2 weeks now and cronometer is super helpful to make sure you're getting what you need and not expensive at all! love your informative vids โ™กโ™ก

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