Why the Eye Exercises could cure your Myopia?

Why the Eye Exercises could cure your Myopia?

The working of the eyes is often compared to the way a camera operates. Let’s look at that analogy, and see where it holds true and where it breaks down. The camera has a lens to focus the light, a way to control the focusing, a shutter to let in the desired amount of light, and film that holds the image. The eye has a lens, a focusing mechanism (controlled by the ciliary muscles), an iris (which adjusts the amount of light entering the eye through the pupil), and a retina (where the image is recorded) In a camera, for the image to be clear it must be focused on the film. Likewise, in the eye, the image must be focused on the retina (film).. In a nearsighted eye, rather than the image registering precisely on the retina, it is focused in front of the retina. (Fig. 2B) Thus, one conclusion is that the eyeball is too long. In a farsighted eye, the opposite happens: The image is focused behind the retina. (Fig. 2C) Here, the conclusion is that the eyeball is too short. If these conclusions are true, how did the eyeball lose its natural shape? There are six muscles that surround each eye and control eye movements. They move your eyes up, down, to the right and to the left. When you look at something up close they turn the eyes in (converge) and when you look at a distant object they turn the eyes out (diverge). These extra-ocular muscles are 150 – 200 times stronger than they need to be. Tension in these muscles causes eye movements to become more rigid and less flexible. In 1981, research performed by Peter Greene at Harvard University showed that when these muscles hold the eyes in one position for an extended period of time, they also squeeze the eye. And, that under the right conditions, this pressure can change the shape of the eye.
But this is not the whole story. Let’s return to the camera analogy for a moment. In the camera, the lens moves in and out to bring objects at different distances into focus. This doesn’t happen in your eyes. Instead, the lens changes its shape to bring objects into focus. When focusing on a near object, the lens becomes fatter, bulging from front to back. To focus on something farther away, it becomes thinner. We are always changing what we are looking at, so the lens is continually making fine adjustments in its shape. Normally, the lens changes its shape — and its focus — more than 100,000 times every day. The shape of the lens, and thus its focusing ability, is controlled by the ciliary body, which surrounds the lens. There is a constant and delicate interplay among the muscles and ligaments of the ciliary body. They work together to change the lens into the exact shape required to bring whatever you are looking at into sharp focus. In the normal eye, the muscles are constantly readjusting their pull on the lens — changing the focusing power by changing its shape. The muscles and the lens are flexible, and are able to adjust and re-adjust to bring objects at near or far distance into clear focus. This process is called accommodation. The nearsighted eye can see near objects clearly, but not distant objects. It is “stuck” for near vision, changing its shape only enough to bring near objects into focus. To see distant objects more clearly the lens needs to flatten (become thinner) to bring distant objects into sharper focus. The farsighted eye can see distant objects clearly, but not near ones. It is “stuck” for distance vision, changing its shape only enough to bring distant objects into focus. To see near objects more clearly the lens needs to become thicker to bring nearer objects into sharper focus. If the image isn’t focused on the retina, it could be due to a decreased flexibility of the ciliary body, not a distorted shape of the eye. In fact, the lens has such a great range of focusing ability that it could easily compensate for any supposedly abnormal shape that the eye may have become. Clear vision isn’t only determined by the strength of the eye muscles. And it isn’t just a matter of the shape of the eye. Instead, clear vision requires that all parts of the visual system — ciliary body, lens, extra-ocular muscles, shape of the eye — work together and function in harmony with flexibility and coordination. And this coordination is ultimately a reflection of how the mind controls the eyes — which can be changed and retrained.

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  1. Hi sir, In how many days myopia can be cured by doing eye exercise and is it definite that I will get 100 percent improvement.?

  2. I'm praticing bates method since about 4months
    And i don't know if it's working
    I don't see différences
    Can u help me plz?

  3. i am having a problem seeing far objects(little blurring) from last 5 days. I went to a optician he told me that i have to wear 1.0 D concave lenses that is i have myopia.
    I don't know what to do but i don't want to wear spectacles. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

  4. Brilliant video! It makes so much more sense then being told 'it's impossible to correct your vision without glasses and contacts' . Thanks for the exercises too. You've inspired me to start the Better Vision program. My shortsightedness is getting worse over time and more recently, double vision. I aim to reverse it. I'm –6.00 and 6.50 at the moment with prisms put in for the first time in my glasses. I'm going to make sure it's the last time too! Keep up the good work. 👍

  5. hi sir, i really fall in great problem with my son because his eye power is -5.so in this time this exercise how much effective?

  6. After 1 month at home,only watching tv,computer, smartphone and eating fast food,my vision started to seem blurry at some distance,to the point i can't see people faces well. My left eye is more afected.
    So i went to optician ant he said i have like 0,25 myopia in my right eye and 0,75 astigmatism in my left eye ( wich actually causes my blurry vision). He didn't let me the paper with the exact numbers and i didn't bought any glasses.
    Well,i'm taking care of my diet,taking vitamins,reducing online time,some eye exercises and waiting to see what happens.
    If I press my left eyelid my vision becomes clear,so I think maybe my muscles are too tense and pushing a little my cornea,and this is what makes the blurry vision. I don't know if makes sense but by the way,my left eye is a little sensible at touch and feels like heavy. Just waiting to see if i can see better…

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  9. really informative video, I have myopia and through this video I have got hope that I can cure myopia without glasses.Thank you

  10. Fascinating and educational. Doesn't answer the question in the title but it helps to understand the problem first, which is essential

  11. since the muscles change the shape of the eye if they are set in one position for long periods of time, is that why we have rapid eye movement at night?

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  14. Bates doesn't work. Active focus works. Because it about science. Active focus en hormesis. #Endmyopia.org

  15. This video made me appreciate my eyes so much than ever before. We had our eyes even before the camera was invented. Nature knows it all.

  16. Eyes are kinda like your muscles when your eyes are in close up its like they are eating pizza 24/7 and getting fat but in eyes it grows long Meaning If eyes elongate then they can be shortened by doing the opposite if what you are doing meaning you have to look at stuff slightly blurry rather than clear

  17. The iris expands and contracts, but does the iris move forward and backwards?
    What i am asking is, does it move away frombtyyd lens, and then closer to the lens at different times for adjustments?

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