Women Weight Loss Tips | Pregnancy and Period Problems | Over Weight in Women | Weight Loss Tips

Women Weight Loss Tips | Pregnancy and Period Problems | Over Weight in Women | Weight Loss Tips

hi friends welcome to my channel today's video is especially for women you might wonder why why it is specifically for women according to a statistics taken in 1980 men were the one who were overweight but now according to a recent statistics women are the one who are overweight one in every five women are overweight and also in a serious radar of getting diabetes so if you are getting going to get diabetes then automatically you are in the danger of a heart disease too so it is very important now for every women to take care of their health today's video I am going to discuss why it is very important for women to take care of their health and how they can take care of their weight okay friends let's start the video stop Milla I have a question for all of you do you remember your great-grandmother that is your grandmother's mother how many children she had around 10 right how many children your grandmother had might be 4 to 6 how many children your mother had 4 or 3 how many children now we are having one or two even not even one because many women are struggling so hard to conceive even their first child why is this because of the overweight many women now are exceeding their normal weight the modern-day lifestyle and stress have made them overweight and because of this their periods are late and because of their irregular periods they are not able to conceive overweight periods pregnancy all three are interrelated yes friends it's like a big circle if you are overweight then you will have irregular periods if you have irregular periods then you cannot consume all these three are like a triangle or a circle and they are interconnected so if you take care of your weight automatically your periods will be corrected you feel periods are regular then conceiving is very very easy but nowadays people are not taking care of their health we eat a lot of junk food our lifestyle is so so stressful we are not able to have time for exercise or any healthy lifestyle so because of this we are all overweight friends it is very very important for every women to reduce their weight there is also a other side forest that is women after the delivery become overweight this is one of a common problem now women after either one or two kids immediately put on weight and they forget about even reducing their weight their whole attention goes on their kids and they forget about taking care of their own health this is why many women are overweight even after delivery why do you think our mothers were Hale and healthy at least until 50 it's because they took care of all their house activities by themselves they did not have a dishwasher they did not have a washing machine or they did not have a vacuum cleaner they clean their house by themselves that's why they were Hale and healthy but now we all have modern equipments for everything we all have missions to do many activities and so our activities are becoming less we are only cooking or either taking care of their kids this does not count as a physical activity my dear friends many women say to me that I'm already walking like between kitchen and Hall itself I walk nearly hundred times every day but friends that does not count as walking you have to walk continuously for at least 25 minutes a day that's how you can reduce serve it you cannot count the walking slower running errands as your walking exercise this does not include as a regular walking exercise because you take break after every walk and so it will not give you any effect on weight loss if you want to eerily reduce your weight you have to dedicate at least 25 minutes of either walking or a 10 minute of skipping or 15 minutes of exercise a day if you do this then you can you see wait regular kitchen activity or a cleaning activity does not include as a exercise for you the next thing you have to take care is your periods yes pterence periods is something which is an indicator of a healthy body if you are healthy then you will have regular periods if you are not having regular periods then definitely you have to consult your doctor and correct your periods because when you are having irregular periods it automatically increases your weight because periods will help get rid of waste from our body through blood if you are not getting regular periods immediately there will be an effect on your hormone and this hormone change will definitely increase your weight it might be either PCOD or thyroid or a regular period irregular period problem for you definitely check up with a doctor and correct your periods if you correct your periods it will automatically lead to reducing your weight if you reduce your weight every women can lead a healthy life many women complain that they have a knee pain or a hip pain and they cannot do a regular house activity it's because of your overweight friends just start walking 15 minutes a day you will see the magic in your life you will feel fresh throughout the day I do 10 minutes of skipping a day it equals to half an hour of walking because many many women nowadays don't have time even for walking we all have to take care of her kids by ourselves and so we don't find time for ourselves so for this you can dedicate only 10 minutes just to 10 minutes of skipping a day you will feel fresh throughout your day friends this is my personal experience that's why I am sharing with you try to dedicate some time for your physical activity this in turn will help you to reduce your weight and when you reduce your weight it will lead to a healthy life ok friends I think this video would have been very helpful for many women please everyone start taking care of your health and in turn it will help our family too because when you are Hale and healthy then you can definitely take care of your family very well okay friends bad

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  1. Your speech is motivate to me.today i will walk definitely mam. My wt 75 kg. Age 37.thank you so much mam.always yr videos are real and nature mam.thank you

  2. Thank you mam. Very useful tips and shivangi she is very intelligent girl l like the a way she talks love you baby

  3. Super sis.பெண்கள் இரவு நேரத்தில் வேர்க்கடலை தினமும் சாப்பிடலாமா.

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