Yoga Abs: Core Strength

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  1. Thank you SO much for posting this video. I normally work out with weights but I've been wanting to work out without weights because I just feel like its more natural and can be done anywhere. Also, people seem to think you can't get fit without weights.. So I'd definitely like to prove them wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ I can't wait to do this work out tonight! Your health/fitness videos with your even-tempered, calm attitude has inspired me and helped me get back on track with my body and mind.

  2. Thank you Leyla for posting your youtube yoga page for me. I found the page and I'm watching avidly your guidance. Thank you for getting back to me it is much appreciated , Izzi

  3. That's really magnificent workouts, I'm on way to embark to act on new abs core work regime . Thank you so much Leyla!

  4. i'm having problems keeping my palms down on the mat, my wrists hurt quite easily just couple of minutes/movements.. i'm wondering if there's something i'm doing wrong – or are there some poses that doesn't require to have the palms face down too long/makes it easier for the poses to be done while having the palms in the same position..
    i dont have brittle bones but i dont have strong foundation in the wrists & ankles – i cracked my wrist years ago, when i bumped into a huge guy while running..

  5. I consider myself strong and in good shape but this core routine was hard!! LOL thanks Leyla I just subscribed and hope to see more core strength videos like this one

  6. Leyla! LOVE this video. I've been doing it regularly for about a week and was just wondering when/if the outer ab workout video is coming?

  7. hey leyla, these yoga-videos are super-helpful. thank you for sharing them! the only suggestion i have: maybe you could use an external mic next time. the voices are hard to understand because of the surrounding noise…that is a bit distractive at times.
    but beside that i absolutely love it!

  8. You're an amazing person with a sincere kindness. Pleased to have been able to "meet you" on youtube – go on like this! Amicalement,

  9. Skipped the gym today due to some rain, and decided to try out this video. I loved it! Thanks for doing these Leyla, and keep 'em coming!

  10. Leyla. Please don't ever stop your videos. You both always make me wanna pull my pretty blue yoga mat out of its dusty corner and get back on it.

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