Yoga for all: Nicole Cardoza  | Nike

Yoga for all: Nicole Cardoza | Nike

I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression and my school didn’t have resources. I’d known about yoga but I never thought it was something I could do. Yoga has saved my life. Given me tools to cope. Shortly after I started practicing I happened to be volunteering at a school. There was a playground outside, but there was a shooting on the street. They asked, would you be willing to do yoga with the kids? So that we could co-create something that would actually make a difference. Yoga Foster is one way to try to address the wellness gap. There’s definitely a lot of resources that we could be reallocating to communities that need it most. Everyone deserves the right to be well, it’s just a matter of investing in it. I’m hoping that in a few years this landscape can really represent all of us. Because this practice is for all of us.

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