Yoga For Flexibility | Getting Specific – Shoulders | Flexibility Series Day 2

Yoga For Flexibility | Getting Specific – Shoulders | Flexibility Series Day 2

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we are getting really specific so we’re gonna
be focusing on our shoulders it is week one of our flexibility series so on
Wednesdays we could get specific today is the shoulder so if you are new to my
channel feel free to subscribe so that you can stay updated and if you have
been here for a while welcome back let’s have an awesome yoga
practice today you guys all righty we’re gonna get started
sitting down and I’m actually gonna sit up on a block today you can do the same
or you can sit on a blanket or maybe a pillow but I’m just finding a place that
allows you to sit comfortably and have a nice long spine so I just like to sit up
on something just to you take some of the pressure out of the hips and out of
the low back and then I find that I can sit nice and tall for a lot longer so if
that sounds interesting maybe give it a try today so we’re gonna get into our
shoulders as I had mentioned before but I just want you guys to start off by
sitting nice and tall and letting your eyes just close gently closing the eyes
and start to finding the breath mmm just slowing things down a little bit from
whether whatever your crazy day is throwing at you so far I’m just keeping your eyes closed for
another moment to start to just notice what your shoulders are doing if you
feel like you’re kind of tensing up or if you’re completely relaxed and just
try to breathe softness even more softness into those shoulders hmm some
work you guys you can keep your eyes closed if you’d like but we’re gonna
take our hands and interlace them behind our back so you’re just gonna interlace
those fingers if you want a little more you can try and touch the palms together
as well but we’re gonna be pulling the shoulders back and start to push the
chest forward I want you to bring your chin away from the collar bone just a
little bit and if your hands are resting on your low back see if you can just
lift them up for a moment really feeling the stretch those shoulders and that
chest taking another big inhale while we’re here and as you exhale just
releasing bringing your hands back in front of you roll your shoulders all the
way up to your ears pulling them back and down we’re gonna take our right arm
and just slide it behind our back so if your fingers happen to come out on the
other side of you you can interlace the fingers again and we’re just gonna let
our head fall over to the left shoulder so towards that arm that elbow that
might be out to the side and then once you’re here you might be getting a nice
stretch to the side of the neck we’re just trying to drop the shoulder away
from the ear nice you guys we’re gonna switch sides so slowly slowly let go
transition you can bring your left arm behind you again maybe interlacing the
fingers maybe not but letting your head fall away from that left shoulder awesome job you guys slowly slowly start
to let go bringing both of your arms back in front right arm is gonna come
across the body so reach it out sweep it across and then just hug it in with your
left arm again dropping the shoulder from the ear sitting nice and tall just
breathe and stay for one more inhale squeezing that arm towards your chest
and as you exhale just release release roll the shoulders up to your ears pull
them back and down shoulder roll and then you can take that left arm and just
sweep it all the in front of you the arms kind of straight fairly straight
and you just hug it towards the shoulder so find what works best for you take a
few breaths here maybe you’re even thinning this through your upper back
shoulder even into that tricep perhaps I’m taking one last inhale and exhale to
release bring your hands to your knees or your lap one more nice big big
shoulder roll awesome guys just one more one more cuz I love these awesome so
we’re gonna move on to our hands and knees if you are sitting on something
you can move it out of the way we’re gonna come onto our knees and we’re
actually gonna find our forearms so a puppy dog variation so we’re gonna find
our forearms your hips are gonna stay nice and high they’re stacking over top
of your knees and as you bring your forearms down you’re just gonna place
your palms against one another and then you’re just gonna walk your elbows away
a little bit so that your shoulders aren’t stacking right over top of the
elbows but they’re kind of pulling they’re pulling back and your elbows are
further forward into the mat so you might want to move around just a little
bit here and as you turn and drop the chest towards the mat you might start to
feel that for your shoulders even into the arms but we’re gonna take a few
moments to actually settle into this so with the palms together you have the
option to lift them up into the air and kind of bring them behind the head all
the while dropping the forehead or maybe a cheek towards the mat and also
dropping the chest nice you guys slowly starting to lift on
up and at the same time you can bring your hands back to the mat and just push
yourself back up onto your palms so we’re gonna stick with the hands and the
knees except this time you’re going to reach your left arm out in front and
we’re going to slide the right arm underneath the chest so the hips are
still staying nice and high but I want you try to drop the right shoulder all
the way down towards the mat so how can you draw up that right shoulder all the
way down if you can’t quite get there that’s all good just find a place that
feels good and then rest your head as well if it wants to rest on the mat nice
you guys when you’re ready you can use an inhale
to lift yourself back up take that right arm reaching it out in front and then
the left arm is gonna come under the chest this time drop your naught left
shoulder down if you can and just relaxing the head if it can come all the
way down to the mat as well nice work you guys with an inhale slowly starting
to lift yourself all the way back up finding your tabletop so your hands and
your knees we’re gonna be dropping down one more time into our puppy dog except
this time you’re gonna just keep your palms on the mat so your hands will be
about shoulder-width apart reaching nice and far away and then
dropping the forehead dropping the chest all the way down and with an inhale nice and slow
starting to lift your upper body back up walking your hands in we’re gonna have a
seat one more time so just find that comfy seated position that we started
class in placing your hands either and your lap or on your knees and we’re not
just finish off by taking three really slow shoulder rolls so if you want to
close your eyes let them close now and then inhale lift the shoulders up to the
ears exhale pull them back and down inhale lift up exhale roll the shoulders
back inhale last and exhale roll those shoulders back and down awesome job
today you guys I hope that you enjoyed this practice and if so give me a thumbs
up or even a comment under the video have a great day and until I see you
guys on Friday namaste

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  1. DAY 2! Our shoulders play a huge role in our physical yoga practice. Creating flexibility in the shoulders is a great place to start (and continue) to keep them strong and healthy. While today's practice is short, it is actually perfect to add onto the beginning of any other yoga practice you do. Lets give our shoulders some love!

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