Yoga For Leaner Legs ♥ Strength, Tone & Balance | Ubud Yoga

Yoga For Leaner Legs ♥ Strength, Tone & Balance | Ubud Yoga

Hey guys welcome to beautiful valleys We have finally arrived or out of the mountains out of the cold and beautiful sunshine And today I’ve got a yoga class for you That’s going to really focus on your legs are going to really just really any punches out of your Hamstring your hips and well as work on your balance [so] if you’re ready grab your mat grab your water and joining, beautiful boot for yoga [larry] guys, [we’re] going to start at the top of your mat state Standing with your feet together. Let’s take a deep breath in reach the arm up to the sky exhale Hands start And again paying it be breathtaking filling the lungs with oxygen axial and start Now hand over to your hips start to lead with the chest We’re going to take our forward fold and making sure that we’re not folding from the Lumbar Spine Bending your knees or keeping them straight if you’re comfortable and then go ahead reach for the grab Holding this position and the beginning to knowledge your head up and down letting go of any tension in the neck and inside From [your] half [way], and you start to walk out to like Letting go of any tension in the hand train Just glad [Fella] Right and [then] from here didn’t go little bit deeper if you’re comfortable try to grab your big toes Course you’re not [very] and just continue to hold onto the ankle or even behind me [breathe] [in] hold here Trying your best to get that forehead right to the knees letting go Let’s pick a half way And then [moving] rounding up to standing [any] are reaching the arms up exhale Dive it all the way down Any other halfway? Exhale stepping back into hiding like to pull here for a moment [to] you [pulling] the belly button Pierced spine lift the hips into a downward dog [hold] and breathe allowing you to think all the way down giving a little walk if that feels good for you [re] just push those heels one website Look up to the top of the mountain And then go ahead walk or jump forward inhale Half point exhale full inhale reach checked the sky exhale hands to hide Here one more breath exhale dive it down Half way up again, and then exhale stepping back with your right foot with your warrior one Making sure the front knees on top of the ankle Hold [Cambrie] and then slowly intertwining your elbows and your race into your equal arms Just try your best. I can get the wrist around that’s okay. Just hold a prayer Extending the sent me now slowly leading with your chest down Almost like a pyramid posture accept your hands and arms [and] [uncles] Hold it here hips are square releasing the arms and reaching the back Slowly take them out to the side and then reaching forward like you’re trying to reach something in [family] All breathe, and then slowly hands coming all the way down to your mat into pyramid pose Thinking about [forehead] reaching for the knee holding a lot of back and pushing the right hip forward Leaving here being in the moment And then slowly from here moving into a reverse triangle left arm reaches up to the sky right hand stays grounded [if] you can follow that left hand with your eyes focusing on the breath Coming down with that left hand And from here shipping all of your weight into the left foot reaching the right leg up Keeping [are] supported warrior three so the hands stay on the ground. [I] want you just to focus on the legs Lower the leg and then lift it up Lower just simply pat and list again few more like that Square [warm] [up] that hamstring last one way to [fold] And find your balance and [your] force within one arm, and then the other arm to warrior three Holding this position breathe find your balance looking straight ahead on the mat Using your [car]. Go ahead lift your body and take that right knee up to your chest Interlace the fingers and pull the knee right into your chest Rolling out that right Angle here to setting goals intention We [on] your mouth now if you’re more beginner Will have picking up behind your knee [for] more advanced grab your big toe with your scene And then start to extend the leg forward all three find your balance Ruining that supported leg right into the ground And then opening to decide that both hands are behind [your] knee [you] can simply just bend that right knee Still open [it] to the side And focused preston [to] with the breast coming back to center And think that mean just play in the ankle on top of the side and together And then from here, so we’re going to transition into a standing pigeon Sliding that angle over to be and then slowly getting yourself all the way down to you standing pigeon Finding your balance here And keeping your hands and prayers a little too difficult for you today Then go ahead and bring the hands all the way down to your mat Wonderful slowly lift, and then we’re going to extend that right leg right back into [that] warrior three Find your balance Now it’s okay to lose your balance if you do to shake it out and come right back [False] and we’re going to release the hands From here lift the back leg as high [you] can bend the knees now stay there Or if you like to take it to the next level seating and [grabbed] out big show with your left two fingers and then when you grab the toes see how high can lift the leg And then slowly letting go to release The Life hand to the Max and start to extend the leg into your standing split and then slowly stepping back Finding your center finding your balance and when you’re ready reaching both our jobs into your high lunge Opening the chest opening the heart here hold and free Release the hands step back into play Finding your center And then slowly from here lifting the hips right back up into your downward-facing dog Take a moment here walk it out letting go of any tension in the back legs Awesome job you guys [all] right We got one more side to do [you] just take a deep breath taking look up the top of your mat And then step or walk forward when you ready halfway up exhale forehead You risk and stand up standing reaching the arms up to the sky exhale hands start? inhale again reaching the arms up to the sky exhale forward fold back down [oil] Exhale bending the knees left foot steps back or [you’re] one [of] the positioning, we on top of your ankle And then [lift] [your] eagle arms one elbow together [intertwining] elbow here Opening the chest opening the heart Extending the front me wearing off the [hips] actually [use] the chest holding this position And then slowly from here, we’re going to release the [elbow] [from] the arms extend the arms back [you] can go down a little bit further with the chest Continuing to think about pulling the right hip back pushing the left hip forward Arms Reach Forward [hold] for another second or two breathing And then exhale the arms drop all the way down into your pyramid pose thinking about that forehead reaching for the knee being present with the breath here And then let’s go into a reverse triangle left hand down right arm reaches up to the sky? He can follow that handwork us However, if you feel like you’re going to lose your balance, and of course keep your base down and then slowly release And down and that all of your weight shifting on the right foot Left leg reaches up to hold [that] position first supported or your three Lowering the foot and [lift] [it] up Lower the foot and left for Q2 more like that warming up the right hamstring Last one go ahead and [look] like square [off] the hips More than welcome to bend me More [sport] Extending one arm at times And then extending up into your warrior three It’s the square Bellybutton to find hold and breathe Awesome you guys find your focus find your balance here creating that human letter [D] with your body slowly Lift Arms up and then from here. Go ahead and interlace the fingers on top [any] pulling into your cast and circle out that ankle Beautiful and again if you’re beginner, [go] [ahead] bring the hands under the knee otherwise go ahead and take that big deal with you two fingers extending in here one [leg] extension Square shoulders Square Then slowly pick that like to decide again at both hands are under the me just past the need to [1am] [and] keep them and Bring it back to center Keep your balance grounding that right foot and then slowly bending the [money] Allowing every meal or the equal and opposite panting [player] and slide that [followers] Come on down [pending] region breathing in exhale out Find a Balance keep your focus [slowing] left, and then go ahead and watch that left of actions [that] warrior three under Center on Your balance here Imagining your right foot grown into the floor like the roots of a tree slowly and come on down to the mat Then from this position. We’re going to go into that twisted Valerie nope Your hands are grounded you can bend that top me and again [at] this is easier for you. Just hold it there If you’re after the challenge go ahead and grab your big toe with two fingers extending the legs high you can [you] order this is too hard just do your best, and if you have to come out come out Your left hand continues to stay grounded Your right hand joins and then extending that top leg into your standing split Reaching the toes after the sky for [help] [inning] Looking at and slowly releasing [that] [that’s] [what] all the way in your [high] [Line’s] Taking a moment here finding your center in your balance and then reaching both arms up to the sky It’s [square] chest open heart into lifted Keep pressing exhale guys are [hands-down] stepping back into plank and just holding that position pulling the Belly button into the spine and then lifting the hips right up into the gallery [and] [I] Just take a second again walk it out. [I] go of any tension in the back the life Slowly walk your feet to the metal for the top of your mat Picking the hands behind your back interlace the fingers Picking one last forward fold and allowing the hands to come forward the great shoulder stretch Taking [you] [be] breath in bending your knees slowly rounding out here standing [Cobra] Allowing [man] to guide you back open the chest the heart Big Deep arch [St]. Pants and back to Center reaching the arms [up] to the sky And Exhale Hands down to your heart one last final breath inhale filling the lungs with oxygen exhale bring the hands Thinking yourself and your beautiful passive thing Thank you guys so much for joining me lots of love and I can’t wait to see you again mistake Thanks [so] much for watching you guys [feel] free to check out more videos And click the subscribe button to make sure you stay up to be with our latest adventures [that’s] [lives] and thanks for watching [ok] by travelPod [member] oh

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  1. I absolutely love your YouTube classes , keep up the amazing work . I only recently discovered your channel and am already feeling so inspired by you . Thanks so much xx

  2. Julianna which sequence of your classes can you suggest to develop standing splits? I have balance on left leg, but if I switch to right one, I can't even push my left one up at all. And thanks for all your videos, it is my practice💛

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  7. Question for Juliana…I have a problem with balance.😢..if I repeat this workout many times..will I get a result?please reply..😘 ..much love💗💙💚

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  9. Thank you for your yoga videos. I find myself more energy and more healthy. I hope you will travel to VietNam and make some videos at my beautiful country

  10. I really struggled, but even through all of that by the end I felt more at peace with myself then I have in a long time.

  11. Wow! This is super hard… My balance is not even close! How do I modify all your poses with straight legs? When I do them with straight legs, I can't bend forward that far, or I have to bend completely forward with bended legs.

    It is interesting, because this video is a massive support to improve running technique 🙂

  12. This video was amazing. I’m struggling a bit with some postures but hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to them 🙏🏻💕

  13. I adore your videos. You are literally my inspiration in balance, movement and looks. My goal is to achieve a standing side split within 6 months and with the help of your videos I might just achieve this. Peace and love from Ireland. Namaste. 🙂

  14. Legs on fire! It was really challenging for me but I keep doing my best and slowly I've been noticing some progress! Thank u❤

  15. I'm new to yoga, and this was amazing, yet SO painful because I bike so much and never stretch…my ham strings bulge out the back and are so tight and stiff…I can see this helping me a lot…I can't get over how painful it was and I am SWEATING lol.. I feel like I just did a HIT exercise or something? It was just enough pain to make me want to keep going, but to know it's also working…I feel so much better now that I've cooled down lol Thank you! I plan on doing this every morning until I see results!

  16. I love your pilate/yoga videos and have been following you for a few years now! You're so inspirational!

    However, I noticed in this video your positioning for warrior 3 as well as your pigeon aren't quite right. As a fellow yoga instructor – make sure you imagine your navel being sucked in as your arms are reaching forward and your back foot is being pulled in the opposite direction. Also with your pigeon, open up your chest and lean back as you suck your navel in. Imagine your head is being pulled by a string. Your thigh and bum should be in one line. Once you're in the proper position you should be able to hold and breathe into this position up to 4 breaths. Allowing your energy force to proper circulate in you. I hope this helps! This will correct your position of these both positions!

    Peace and love – Namaste xo

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    And two years ago I couldn’t even walk 🤨 I guess practice is everything 😎💪🏽❤️

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  29. wowweee I normally weight lift, haven’t done yoga in awhile but this one paired with your other 16 min leg yoga were awesome!!

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  36. Incase it’s hard I recommend taking a beginners yoga flow class to get the flexibility going first and it may make this easier

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