Yoga For Weight Loss & Toning | Yoga for Strength | Hips & Hamstrings

Yoga For Weight Loss & Toning | Yoga for Strength | Hips & Hamstrings

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today our Yoga for strength practice is all about the
hips and hamstrings so all about the lower body we’re gonna tell and things
up today it’s going to be a lot of fun find some space to move let’s get
started and just remember to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already let’s start today in Child’s Pose so
find your way on to your knees and bring them out nice and wide your big toes can
lightly touch if they go they’re sitting back on the heels reaching your arms
above your head if it’s comfy and dropping the forehead or cheap towards
the mat just finding a child’s pose that works for you
and then closing your eyes take a few breath start to breathe some softness
and your shoulders into the back of your neck into your cheeks and your jaw and
all the way into the low back and into the hips mmm
throughout the legs I’m just soften everywhere as best you
can right now awesome work you guys so feel free to
stay a little longer but if you’re ready to come on up slowly inhale lift your
head off the mat bring your hands in underneath your shoulders spreading your
fingers out nice and wide and then we’re gonna tuck our toes under and lift up
into downward facing dog so taking just a few breaths here to
warm things up a little bit to move the body just start to connect with the
breath even more and we have but ultimately just settle in to your mat hmm so with your next inhale we’re gonna
start to look between the hands exhale walk your feet all the way to the top of
your mat and if you can bring your feet together give it a try just the big toes
you can keep the heels away from each other we’re going to squeeze the knees
together to thighs together and bend the legs dropping the hips towards the mat
as you inhale start to lift your chest and find Bukit asana chair pose reaching
those fair tips and breathing some work you guys were working our hamstrings
we’re working our hips today it’s all gonna be great great stuff so let’s find
our breath stay here in your chair squeeze the legs together if your feet
are together and just breathe Oh somewhere you guys we’re going to
stay for an inhale and then exhale let’s your upper body fold forward finding
some length through the legs if it feels good think of this as a nice little
break nice you guys so we’re going to start to bend the knees again drop those
hips and come back and take it asana inhale lift the chest reach up if you’ve
got it draw the belly button in breathe nice work you guys just a few more
moments here you’re so strong squeeze those legs together one last inhale and
an exhale fold forward all the way let the head be heavy you can bend your
knees but still folding forward and just fit a nice little stretch through those
hamstrings nice job you guys so if you can plant your hands on the floor or
bend your knees until you can plant your hands on the floor we’re going to take
the left foot all the way to the back of the mat so we’re coming into a lunge and
then I want you to lower your back knee down as well
so keep your back toes tucked underneath you’re gonna need them that way and then
we’re gonna lift the chest up so I want you just to sing those into those hips a
little bit find your balance we’re gonna keep that front knee nice and bent so if
you can stack that foot that ankle right underneath your knee just make that
little adjustment you’re gonna be nice and balanced that way
your hands can find your hips and we’re just going to lift the back knee off of
the mat so keep that front leg where it is lift the knee off of the mat finding
some length through the back leg and then gently gently gently place the knee
back down so we’re not trying to move a crazy amount it’s all about that back
leg that back hamstring so gently place the knee back down
woo inhale let’s lift it up exhale let’s drop it down that’s three we’re doing
five two more lift the knee we’re sinking low into those hips drop
it down one more inhale lift it up exhale hah place it down onto the mat
drop your hands as well and then send your hips back for a half’s butt
so a nice stretch for the front leg the front hamstring because that leg was
also working for sure awesome work so we’re gonna bend back into that front
knee when you’re ready for it planting the hands on the mat we’re gonna meet
and downward facing dog at any time you’d like to come into Child’s Pose
definitely do but if you’re in downward facing dog we’re gonna bring the feet
together and inhale the right foot up into the air breathe three-legged dog
and with an inhale start to look between your hands exhale send that right foot
through all the way inhale look forward exhale bring your back foot to the top
of your mat feet together knees together bend those legs drop the hips inhale
chair pose awesome job not here very long so settle
in one more inhale exhale let’s fold forward again treating this like a nice
little break ah let the head be even heavier maybe Rock the hips from side to
side oh nice work so bring the hands to the floor as best you can help you
stabilize and step your right foot all the way to the back of the mat and then
lower your knee down so finding that lunge remember to keep the back toes
tucked under so you’re ready to lift your knee
but let’s start by finding the balance find your breath
I want you breathe in alright so we’re in every ready we’re gonna pick that
back knee up and still so nice and low in the hips nice and strong for the
front leg lower the knee down nice and slow it’s a lot of work to lower that
knee really slow pick it back up and drop it down inhale lift exhale lower
two more inhale exhale last one inhale and exhale drop a tone bring your hands
to the mat and send your hips all the way back finding the length through that
leg I don’t know about you guys about this weight-loss huh these weight-loss
classes this past two weeks have been making me nice and sore so this feels
really good to stretch so whenever you’re ready though let’s use an inhale
we aren’t done today’s class has been back into the front knee planting the
hands on the mat step back into your downward facing dog walking your feet
together inhale your left foot up breathe here and three-legged dog awesome job you guys use an inhale look
between your hands exhale let’s send that foot through find the lunge inhale
look forward exhale bring your back foot to the top
of your mat inhale halfway lift exhale let’s fold I want you guys to step your
feet hip width apart we’re gonna take chair pose one last time but our feet
are gonna be hip-width apart and our knees are gonna be hip width apart so
they’re not squeezing together I just want you guys to feel the difference so
bend the knees drop the hips and then inhale lift the chest so a little
different breathe don’t draw the knees together keep them
away from each other awesome work phew those quads one more
inhale exhale straighten the legs as you fold forward inhale let’s lift halfway
up again exhale plant your hands we’re gonna step our feet all the way back
into downward facing dog use an inhale come into a nice high plank and exhale
lower yourself all the way down onto your stomach so we’re gonna be reaching
back for one foot we’ll start with one foot but and then yes I will go further
from there but reach back for your left foot if you can get it if you’ve got a
tower stop you can make or you can use to help your arm be longer so you can
get your foot grab it you can stay on that right forearm or you can rest the
chest down think I’m gonna stay on the forearm but idea here is to engage the
hamstring or strengthening the hamstring today so I want you to try and lift your
quad off of the mat and to do that think about pulling your foot or pushing your
foot into your hand towards the back wall nice job squeeze your glutes
squeeze your hamstrings stay for an inhale and then exhale relax it down let
go switch side so bring your left forearm to the mat reach back for your
right foot and then try and lift the knee and lift the quad off of the mat awesome job you guys take another inhale
and an exhale to release all right you can do one foot at a time once more or
you can grab onto both feet and come into full bow pose we just did half bow
pose we’re going to do a full if you can grab both of the feet so same thing well
a little different actually we have to lift our chest we’re going to lift the
chest and then you’re going to push the feet into the hands and try and touch
your toes to the back of the wall or back of the room and lift your knees
maybe even your quads off of the mat breathe awesome you guys let’s take
another inhale and then exhale relax down if you were doing one side
let’s switch if you’re doing both we’re going back up one more time using inhale
lift everything up breathe awesome job you guys lift the knees lift
those quads if you can take another inhale and exhale relax drop the chest
let the feet go rest a cheek or chin hmm and slow down the breath if you feel in
that a little bit of love in the low back just Rock the hips side to side a
little bit here nice you guys so we’re just gonna turn over onto our back so
you can simply just roll over once you lay down have your feet planted on the
mat and then extend your right leg up into the air we’re gonna hang on to the
back of the quad find some length through the legs so you can actively
pull the toes towards the forehead stretch you through the calf stretching
through the hamstring you can slide your hands further up the leg if you have the
space to do so I’ll see you guys alright so kind of
loosen up your grip on that leg a little bit
you can still hang on to the back of the leg but we’re gonna kind of leave the
stretch behind and keep that leg up in the air with some effort with some
strength so you can take that left leg if you want a little bit more and slide
it out nice and long on your mat make some scissor scissor shape with the legs
I want you to flex both of your feet keep that leg nice and active nice you
guys take another inhale and then as you exhale you can start to bend that right
knee bring it all the way to the floor and then we’re gonna search side so the
left leg is gonna come up into the air starting with that stretch though so you
can hang on to the back of the leg or the calf but just think about pulling
the toes towards the forehead wherever you need to be to feel stretch I see
guys so starting to let go of that leg holding it up there with that nice
strength we were building in our legs today straighten that right leg if you
want a little bit extra draw the belly button back towards the spine and then
remember flex both of your feet awesome Rickey guys one more inhale and then
exhale gently gently bring that left foot all the way to the floor and then
bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall out wide placing
your right hand on your belly button and your left hand on your heart
letting the eyes close let’s take one more full breath together
inhale and exhale Oh somewhere today you guys enjoy enjoy the rest of your day
and until next time namaste

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